Brit/pol/ #2195: International Thot Day Edition

UK government plans to build prison in Nigeria

Iraqi teenager ‘used his £20 school prize to buy the ingredients for Parsons Green Tube bomb’ – 18 months AFTER telling border staff ISIS trained him how to kill

The Great British fish swap

South Africa Gov’t Says It Will ‘Print More Money’ And ‘Make Everyone Rich’

‘Go back to picking cotton’: two lads wrongfully arrested after illegal immigrant captures banter on camera

'Snow hazard' warning as up to 10cm more predicted

Electronic tags and drink bans for domestic abuse suspects

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PlayStation Blocks Sale of Super Seducer

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reminder to hit your wife not your children


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There was a case where a Junior school in Swansea that didn't have a bullying problem with the kids had some dodgy cunt from the education board or whatever pay the school a visit.

The teachers were forced to put up 'Anti Bullying' posters in the classrooms. Not long after, the school had a bullying problem.

The gov't is using NLP on the public at a massive national scale. Same with this gender bending tripe.

nicely done lad.

happy women's day lads

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Think I'm going to be having nightmares aobut that second webm tbh

How can people keep pushing this shit? It's embarrassing on women's behalf.

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Liam Fox
a butterface thot
independent pakette
literally who: nigger edition
hippy nan

is this a politics show anymore?

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if you're going to tinder post at leasr get the resolution right

Thank fuck they were thumbnails lad.

sorry lads

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Lad its like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, we need to kill all thots to stop this menace.

do they deliberately put the shit lineups after the good ones, hoping that people would tune in regardless?
ill still watch it tbh, cant miss the potentials - pic related

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Thinking I might set up a new political party tbh.
Thots Out
Waifus In

cheers lad
where's their fathers??



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it's time to man up lads

The things with these women is that they would get attention from blokes but they won't get any support. The blokes are instantly put off by the coalburning but it won't stop them sleeping with them.
No amount of make-up, shapely legs, big titties, whatever will convince a lad to invest his time in said mudshark. They will stay single forever.
A prime example is Katie Price.

I'd vote for that

muh nhs

I'm watching for the audience and banter on Zig Forums tbh


I'd rather chop off my gonads and be a monk than allow any one of those thots to leech off of me


Do normies have souls?

is that abbo on the end?

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There's a reason we refer to them as NPCs lad.

I'd trade thottery for a million Oblivion NPCs any day of the week

Well said.

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top kek, based odin

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Just hard to imagine what these people even think about. Odd to think that I'm the same subspecies as they are


soon, lad. soon…

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you came to the wrong neighbourhood, shitskin

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It's the spirit of Richard III come to wreak his revenge on the kingdom that was once his

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*puts on warpaint*

The boars are going to war

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That first webm reminds me of the demon possessed women in the Rec movies. Legit spooky as fuck.

A boar is a decent thing for a flag tbh

This thread is already boaring tbh.

Fresh Punished Anglican

on church noncery

Julia Hartley-Brewer ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Lily Madigan in EPIC clash over Labour's transgender policies and it was BEAUTIFUL

Yeah but it seems like if they aren't a single mum these days they're doing everything in their power to become one.

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tbh some of them could be siblings or something

how else will they get bennies and a council house?

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just imagine channel 4 playing in their mind 24/7
adverts n all

I don't think they even plan that far ahead.

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I love heraldic crests tbh.

you virgins would be LUCKY to be even spoken to by one of these GODDESSES


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anglo boars > aryan boars tbh

fucking hell lad, how old are you?

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late 20s

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They're having white sprogs I suppose.

Pump & dump material tbh

I'd've loved to be able to study heraldry tbh

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It's like they are purposely drawing in the nonces or somin.

Fuck off is that real.

God I'd forgotten how fucking arrogant they become through online dating, a 4/10 acting like she's God's gift to the world.

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What the fuck is she even looking at.

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one eye on the streets one on the pakis

that's cool

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Thousand cock stare


you shouls start using POF - its awesome **
:^) **


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Too much tinder tbh

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Life doesn't get much better than this tbh

aside from the dyed hair that lass in the second webm is really cute

That 4th webm, he's like a drunk ninja.

her son was in the car as well

Did she die?

she ded

she's fine lad

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Nice lad
Islay whisky out of a snifter tbh

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Local church nonce burning when?

Whales are hippos that went into the sea.

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