TEDx: Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation


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And so the true nature of their insidious beliefs is revealed.
May this be the beginning of the end for these snakes, God willing.

archive.li/Pu1SQ article about her TEDx talk from The Stream.

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I'm not surprised tbh. It was quite obvious that something like that will eventually happen.
When you make morality subjective, everything is on the table.

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Zig Forums should start uploading mirrors everywhere, just spam youtube with this "wonderful" and "corageous" talk about "human rights".

It's normalizing, boys. We all saw it coming and now it can't be stopped.

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I'm not going to lie, she has a baby face. It's pretty ironic that it's her doing the talk.

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It's just another way of stating that pedophilia is no less 'natural' than homosexuality. In other words some people have degenerate desires that they didn't necessarily 'choose' per se, but that they still ought not to act upon.

First they normalize it, then they legalize it.

u wat m8?

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Just like

checked and keked

In the future SJW will be a fetish on par with Nazi uniforms for some depraved souls, Lord have mercy on them.

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But how many pedophiles are child molesters? That's a more important number

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What do they normalize after pedophelia? Is there even anything more or does society just collapse at that point?

Pedos need to be winnie the pooh shot

Zoo and rape probably

Necrophilia, Incest, Zoophilia is my guess.

Then maybe some sort of pride parade for each of them along side the occasional gay pride parade.

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in a few years there'll be snuff pride parades.


w-what's after those..?

God will destroy it.


Oh this thread got dark. Day of the Lord when?

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Only in fiction. Sexbots are still very taboo.

Where do you live? General consensus is they're acceptable in the U.S. The only real opposition is from women.

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Xenophilia if there's life out there and we manage to run into it. If its demons, someone going to be crazy enough to try something stupid with them.
Anthropophagolagnia probably if things get ridiculously bad.

Things are only going to even crazier from here on out.

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Walk around with a sexdoll and see if you're not labeled as a creep immediately.
Actually don't do that, because it's degenerate. But you get my point I hope. Unless things are truly that bad in the USA

Walking around having sex in public would label you as a creep, but that doesn't make sex taboo.

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Flaunting it is bad, just like any other flaunting. But… I mean, WestWorld showed how mainstream and acceptable the idea already is to people.

United Sodom…

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It's already habbening bois.


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As wicked as it is, isnt it a forbidden sexuality like homosexuality? That is, being biologically attracted to something a normal biological order would not have you be attracted to if it worked as God intended, but we live in a fallen world so it gets fugged. Point being, its no excuse to act on it, but from the sounds of it maybe she was trying to raise consciousness of that. Didnt watch video because family would wake up, not sure the tone and such. Its obviously as delicate an issue as it gets so its easy to screw that up. I want to clarify I am NOT advocating for pedos, obviously, Im saying that according to our faith it is in the same camp of forbidden sexuality as being le gay, is it not? Obviously exactly the same because we're talking about children versus consenual adult desires, but wouldnt be under the same blanket? I think how cruel it must be to be born gay, to have a forbidden sexuality, and think it is asking too much for them to be celibate their whole lives, and then I think of pedos who REALLY got screwed. So maybe if pedos are literally forced to be lifetime celibates not only according to religion but to society and all rational human beings, maybe it isnt much of a stretch to accept that gays are fated to the same. Normies wouldnt buy that though because of the crucial consensual aspect and how it doesnt have to do with literal children, but you can see my train of thought of coming to accept it from a biblical Truth perspective.

Obviously NOT exactly the same**** gotta love typos in the most crucial part of the text

Also maybe theres a sociopathic aspect of pedophilia, idk just spit balling

Moral cleansing when? We can't risk them spreading their venereal and memetic diseases.

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you just aint thinking hard enough

When can we shoot degenerates? Pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia… it feels like the time of the Judges.

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Lol Incest is already becoming normalized its one of the most popular Pornography tags I mean seriously its winnie the pooh gross. Im sure it will come before Pedophilia as well.

Truly we live in the latter days.

Sounds based

It would actually be rad if we went back to spreading monasteries into inhospitable wastelands and, through the grace of God, charged by the power of the Holy Ghost, make those places an oasis.

We have the technology to set up airophonic/hydrophonic cyber-monastaries in the wastes of serbia, the Northwest Territories of Canada, and other inhospitable lands, we may even have the tech to terraform it using genetic engineering.

flamethrowersquads when?

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Y tho?

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If this is the final thing on the list when everything else has been exhausted and is as bad as you imply, would it be a bad idea to google what it means
on the assumption you didn't make it up and the joke went over my head

I was thinking along the lines of those who would display such perversions/atrocities publicly with pride and without shame. When such things become "normal" and nobody thinks twice about it or simply accepts it as something that happens and there's nothing wrong with it. But yeah, no doubt it will come before pedophilia.

I didn't make it up. It's something that has, can, and will continue to happen until the very end. I can only hope it stays a rarity in civilized societies rather than becoming something commonplace like in Africa.

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Those quads are a pretty good argument, but realistically speaking that's going to get blown up by a supervolcano sooner rather than later.

Banning your ability to refuse sex if your of the wrong sort probably. Not wanting to have sex with men because you're not a faggot is inherently discriminatory and fags are such monstrous perverts that they'll happily get on board with being given carte blanche to rape you and your kids.

That atheism for you.