I want to stop being gay, but don't know how

I was born gay and I have always been gay for as long as I can remember.

I've tried to do everything to be interested in women, but it's impossible. It's not like I'm prison gay towards men, I spend lots of time with women and try to connect with them, but it's pointless. All I can make is small talk and become friends, but I can't connect emotionally.

With men, it's different. I can talk to a new guy I meet for hours on end and never run out of things to say.

I've never had homosexual sex, but I'm probably close to it. I'm at a point in my life where I really need to be with someone.

tl;dr: I don't like women and I like guys, watdo

Any solutions to this?

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How do I accomplish that?

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1) realize that a religion that doesn't allow you to follow your natural sexual preference doesn't actually liberate you in any way
2) ???
3) Profit

* Also, realize that there is a wide academic and a growing societal consensus that being gay isn't somehow morally wrong

That's because you're mentally ill.

That's because you're both faggots that lust towards one another.

Recognize that you're a mentally ill faggot, repent, and go to church.

Or you can just keep being a deviant, it's your choice.

Faggotry is an explicit sin in the bible. You can go against that if you want but it won't do you any favors. Watch this by the way:


In my experience, and I do share your experience, lady chastity is far more preferable to romantic love anyways. Paul says the same likewise.
Once you get into the rhythm of living according to the 6th commandment, and most importantly, living according to the Great Commandment, the ability to follow God bought with his own blood, then sexual concerns tend to fade into the background. As St. Padre Pio said, in the race of salvation, the faster you run the less tired you feel. If you aren't living according to the 6th Commandment, repent. If you aren't living according to the Great Commandment, repent and start jogging in the spiritual life. Pray a the rosary faithfully and daily, do some spiritual readings of the Gospel, the wisdom of the Church Fathers or the blessed lives of the saints, examine you conscience and, as Paul says, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. The spiritual life is not something to be halfassed, but once you tackle your purfication in whole and not in parts, and if you do so in love, you will have God and inertia on your side. God bless you in your efforts.
also in;b4 someone tells him to neck himself. Or violate the natural law and commit spiritual suicide as above.

Correct, hence my first post

Find a masculine woman

Don't listen to this faggot telling you to give up on the creator of the universe because He doesn't approve of you getting your rocks off. Don't listen to society telling you that sexual 'liberation' is the end all be all to happiness.

Sex will not make you happy.
Converting to heterosexual and then having sex will not make you happy.
Finding your joy and meaning in Christ and His perfect love is the only way to true happiness. I suggest mentally accepting that you will have to adopt celibacy and refocus your energy into spiritual pursuits. Pray, fast, seek the Lord, seek council in Godly friends at a devoted church. If you are Catholic or Orthodox, consider monasticism.

As somebody who is happily married, let me assure you that finding 'that special somebody' pales in comparison to the love of Christ. I'd die to protect my wife, but if I had to choose between her and Jesus, I wouldn't even hesitate.

God obviously knows what's better for us, people are trying to turn sins into rights.

I've read that gays are very promiscuous and spread sexual disease at a faster rate than heterosexuals.

lol it's kind of funny that the (I assume) atheist who posted before you was nicer than a supposed brother in Christ…

How is this a mental illness?

I'm talking about men in general, not just homosexuals.

I have nothing to repent of, same-sex attractions are not sinful. Acting on them is. I go to church weekly.

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So your advice is to not be christian? Why would you willingly deny the love and forgiveness of god? For butt sex?

I don't understand people on this board that have excuse after excuse for why their sexual deviancy is ok.

Thanks so much for your post! I'm going to save this and try to follow it. God bless you.

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Temptation and disordered appetites are not sins, otherwise you would be irredeemably damned yourself.

The thing is, if a religion keeps maintaining the same outdated societal views, that can actually be a gateway to discover it's better to drop religion alltogether and free yourself of its influence.

Yeah it's absolutely not like you are in a privileged position as a straight guy telling him 'you will have to be celibate just because of your sexuality'. Hypocrite.


Thank you for being so encouraging, user. God is good. I'm Catholic and I always assumed that I just have to get married and have kids.

I know what you mean about the love for Christ, I can feel it when I'm a my lowest. :) God bless you and your wife.

I don't think I would be a good fit for monasticism, though. I tried to look into diocesan priesthood, but got kind of nervous during the process because they don't allow homosexuals into seminaries, so.

I'm scared of being alone.

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Reality isn't always "nice", faggot.

Because you want to put your penis inside of a mans asshole, rather than procreate with a woman and have children, like your ancestors have successfully done for thousands of years.

Ok? You still want to have sex with them, right? That's wrong.

Lol, then why even make the thread, queer? You already know the truth but you want justification for your degenerate thoughts. You want to be a hypocrite, suck dick and love Jesus at the same time rather than accept the fact that there is something wrong with you. Get help.

He said he's "probably close" to acting out on his faggot desires. Temptation is not the sin, but he'll soon move past that.

Ok, now this makes sense.

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Even if God exists, how do you know so sure He cares if it's guys or girls you fancy?
The identity built around the concept of "LGBT" nowadays isn't synonymous with just "being gay". People in ancient Greece, for example, didn't build their whole identity around what sex they were attracted to.
But aside from that, the most important point is: If you know of yourself that you won't be promiscuous, you also won't suddenly change into a promiscuous person just because you "give in" to being gay. Who cares if a statistically higher number of gays are promiscuous than straights? It doesn't mean you will suddenly be too.
I mean, that's fairly logical considering STDs spread much faster through butt sex. If you're not stupid though, you know to take the right precautions no matter if you're gay or straight.

Are you an atheist, user? Were you a former Christian that also had same-sex attractions?

The Bible and apostolic tradition make it pretty clear that engaging in homosexuality is sinful.

And yeah, you're probably right about the other points I mentioned. Thanks for being so nice to me here, by the way.

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Okay. :/
I can't change my feelings. I try to, though. That's why I posted this thread, to look for possible solutions to homosexuality, not to get justification.

You assume so many bad things about me that I feel more like shit now than before I posted this, lol.
Who are you to say that?

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No He didn't. He would never purposefully do that to you. You were brainwashed by modernity and (probably) enabled by your parents. Your fist step to recovery is purging that lie from your brain RIGHT NOW!

You have a mental disorder. Once you realize and admit that there will be professionals waiting to help you return to normal.

Until than: eat more onions and purge soy from your diet.

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A libertine approach to sexuality is not new, it's been tried many times before and unsurprisingly each time it fails. Religions, even from an atheistic point of view are the accumulated knowledge of generations of lived experience.

Homosexuality is not heterosexuality but with the same genders. Sexuality is a bogus concept, but I won't go into that to keep this post short. Homosexuals rarely have monogamous relationships, it essentially doesn't exist. The gay lifestyle is an empty, hedonistic one, full of drugs and casual, anonymous sex. It leads to depravity and spreading and strengthening STDs. It's less of a lifestyle and more of a death spiral. You haven't "liberated" yourself any more than an alcoholic has or a morbidly obese person has or a pedophile has or a thief has. Sure, you could come up with some trite academia wank (which you no doubt fall for, considering your talk about boo-hiss privilege) saying that the alcoholic/pedophile has liberated himself from the oppressive socially constructed norms that prevented him from slamming coors-light/eight year olds all day. But asinine progressive babbling doesn't change anything. All you are promoting is unraveling healthy mental barriers that prevent you from engaging in pathological behavior.

You do realize that God himself ratifies this stuff on a regular basis right? Christianity is not an ideology, it is a reality. The miracles at Fatima, the miracles at Lourdes, the miracles of St. Padre Pio, the miracle of Lanciano, the visions St. Faustina, the visions St. Teresa of Avila, the visions St. John of the Cross, the miracles of the Holy Face, the miraculous gifts of the Cure of Ars, the visions of St. Ignatius, the visions of St. Thomas Aquinas, all of these attest to that truth. You the veracity of those graces, all of them, simply cannot be debunked, and as such the authority of the divine institution to which they were granted on this matter is absolute. The simple fact that God's creation, laden as it is with every conceivable manner of disordered appetites befitting a beastly nature, was made for love between a man and a woman specifically. The physical makeup of us rational creatures, capable of grasping the divine wisdom and love, attest to that.

The idea that homosexuality was condones in ancient greece is a recent invention. There's no proof for it other than a vase showing a gay act, and people reading in homo-eroticism where there isn't any. Considering we have open propoganda campaigns to "queer" fields, any of this sort of revisionism should be waved away for what it is: revisionism.

>faggot user
>anime post

Also pic related

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I wasn't brainwashed, though. I'm from a very conservative region and from a very conservative family. I had these feelings before I even knew and before I had access to electronics (some people claim that homosexuality comes from watching porn).

How can a psychologist help me overcome homosexuality? I'd try it out, though.

Thanks for the advice, user!

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Yeah, i'm an atheist, and no, I'm straight, I guess that's two reasons not to listen to me giving advice on this. But I'm just giving my opinion so whatever.
If you take everything in the Bible to be literal and an absolute commandment to be followed, wouldn't it also require you are stoned for wearing cotton polyester clothing?
I also think it'd be simply unhealthy to suppress your natural sexuality, but coming from a christian perspective you might disagree
That's no problem user, hope you find a way to be peaceful with who you are.

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Guess how I know you haven't read any greek literature?

This is obviously a lie. I've heard plenty of stories from gay men saying the opposite. It's obvious you're trying to trick the OP.

OP, you may have been born with some innate homosexuality, but it is something that can be increased. This is something that you probably know if you've spent enough time around the gay "community" and heard them slip up and admit this type of thing.

They get a pleasure from depravity, they like forcing people to have to deal with their degeneracy. Considering things like the "art" of a man with a whip in his ass, or the gay "couple" searching for christian bakers to harass to participate in their sham wedding.

It's not impossible to live a chaste life, plenty of people have done it. There's no shame in it, especially when engaging in your sexual desires makes it ~100% certain that you will fall into a bad crowd. It takes strength to do that in the face of social harassment which will try to take away your dignity and make you into a prancing faggot in pride parades.

Into the trash it goes. The progressive stack is bullshit and has no bearing on the truth value of a statement.

Yes you can, plenty of men have before you.


I've known people like you in the past before I came to Christ. Anyone that would openly admit to wanting to have gay sex is more than likely already doing it, or already made the decision to do it soon. Now you're just looking for ways to justify it.

You have to understand, even most atheists are disgusted by you. Any normal man sees you and feels instant revulsion. There's a reason for that, and it isn't because of "societal standards" or some other retarded secular justification. It's because faggotry is INHERENTLY wrong.

Your pope recently claimed that it's ok to be gay and that we shouldn't judge gay people, so it doesn't surprise me at all that there are faggots within his ranks.

100% truth

See, you're living in denial. You WANT to be a faggot.

You need to do better.

Why should we take you seriously again? You're obviously trying to pull OP into making a bad decision– fags in a bucket.

With Christ, friends, extended family, and a good church, you need never be alone. A wife is a very special person who can't be replaced by friends, but again, nothing like the love of Christ. Too much value in modern culture is placed on sex, though. Being celibate is difficult, especially in this sexually charged society, but the urges will pass, and the struggle is worth it…and far easier if you accept that it will always be a struggle. God may grant you your wish to become heterosexual (pray for it daily, as God wants us to ask Him for the things we want). However, you should brace yourself as though you are called to die celibate, as God may have a higher purpose for you that requires it (and trust me, when that higher purpose is revealed, you will wonder why you would ever consider giving it up for something so simple and temporal as sex).

No because that is the Law of Moses and Christians are not bound by it. I would hazard a guess and say that you like to approach the truth rationally, as a science, correct? In that regard, if you want to understand us, then I would recommend you read up on St. Thomas Aquinas, who is considered the greatest theologian of christian history period. Nobody can come to the truth if they don't perceive it as such, and sadly since the Enlightenment the philosophical methods of inquiry that had serviced the learned word for years were gradually abandoned for speculative sophistry. The man of philosophy is treasured rarity nowadays, the man of virtue even less than that, and the man of piety, true piety, even less than that. Don't be like most men.

I don't even know him. He should know for himself if he will or will not turn promiscuous, no? Do you think the homosexuality is some kind of poison where you suddenly don't have any capability of independent thinking or acting anymore? I thought the notion of free will was pretty essential to christians.

You don't even need to hold any particular political view to understand how hypocritical it is to tell someone: "you will need to stay celibate forever. I don't, because I'm straight, but I wouldn't care if I had to stay celibate, believe me!!"
And it's not just about "butt sex", I'm also talking about finding love with a person who means something to you.

Yeah it's called a wife faggot

No u.

Again, just stop trying to rationalize your degeneracy. God would NOT ever make you that way. If you are serious about trying to purge the sodomite thoughts from your brain, you have to believe us when we say you were not born that way.

If you do go to a psychologist and that person trys to convince you that being a sodomite is okay, demand you get your money back as that person is a liar or brainwashed by modernity aswell.

Go to your Church and try to make friends with some of the women there, so you can gain experience talking to women. Im sure some of the older women will give you pointers on how to woo women as well.

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OP, there is probably many different causes of homosexuality, I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who are actually born that way. There are also people who have been sexually molested and there homosexuality is a response to that. Then there are people who are prison gay. There are people who watched too much porn and went down the path of increasing fetishistic urges. There are people who have some combination of the above.

I say all that to say that if you were born this way, that it's unlikely there will ever be some "cure". Your best option is pledging your chastity to Christ. Like I said in another post this is not a shameful thing. It sounds like you are looking for companionship– you are not going to find that in a homosexual relationship. You might find superficial companionship, and people who will help you orgasm, but you will not get the deeper fulfillment that you are looking for. Chasing after lust will leave you depleted. You would be chasing after fool's gold.

Overrated and hateful to people who choose to remain single. You're only phrasing my opinions this way to try to invalidate everything I say to drive this person to Sodomy when he obviously doesn't want it. I am attempting to offer him comfort and guidance towards a life far more fulfilling and rewarding than one in which you find """love.""" You are an awful person who defines the quality of life of a person based on whether they can get some form of """""married,""""" an idea born of Greek paganism and not compatible with Christianity.

You cannot just magically turn someone straight.
Good job trying to get someone to permanently winnie the pooh up their life by not only repressing a perfectly natural desire, but also forcing themselves into something unnatural to them.

It's okay, you've made a lot of good points! However, this statement isn't completely correct:
Those are part of the Old Testament laws, which were only delivered unto the Jews.
Yeah, I'm just really confused about it. I'm very young and I just want to be happy and spend my life with someone.
You're such a nice person, I hope the same for you, too.

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In a bit of a hurry OP and don't really have any advice to give you. But hang in there and keep working on strengthening your faith in Christ. Remember that you can overcome your sexual desires:

Keep on trying user, keep on praying and hope eventually you find a woman that you can have a relationship beyond just friendship. In the meantime remember that God loves you through all your faults and urges.

So natural that they catch aids and die

So natural that they have to wear depends as they get older because they've destroyed their anus.

So natural that they indulge in drugs and alcohol in order to numb the shame they feel from their degenerate lifestyle.

That's not what hypocrisy means at all. Of course you can get advice from people who don't have the same problem as you. Someone who drinks beer telling you you should avoid alcohol because you have alcoholic tendencies is not a hypocrite.

It's obvious you don't have the OP's well being in mind.


"I'm sure I won't get addicted"
-Every Addict

I was under the impression OP doesn't belong to the category who wants to remain single.
That seems to be oversimplifying things, seeing as OP stated originally that he's "close to it". It's clear he has conflicting desires. The only reason that he doesn't want it, seems to be that it's sinful according to the Bible. Therefore I'm asking him to consider whether a dogma written two millennia ago - that proclaims consensual love or sex between two adults of the same gender is a terrible crime and will get you into hell - should outweigh his natural want to follow his sexual orientation.
I didn't even mention marriage dude

>wanting to winnie the pooh men in the butt is a perfectly natural desire

Remove thyself, fedora. OP didn't ask you. No one asked you.

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Oh no, I'm just very deep in the closet. I don't really tell anyone about my situation, except now online. :) I don't act gay IRL or anything like that, I've become good at pretending to be normal.


I'm kind of nervous to go to a psychologist because that will appear on my record, won't it? I don't want it to affect my (future) career. Do you think it would be better to just make an appointment with a priest and talk about it?

I already know a lot of women, but there's never any connection. I get butterflies when I talk to men, but nothing when I talk to women, haha. I can try it, though.

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That's a lot of words for a couple of snarkily presented logical fallacies. Let take a look:

It's old therefore wrong 🙄. Yep, makes perfect sense. Euclid wrote "The Elements" in 300 BC. I guess that means we have to get rid of math.

Naturalistic fallacy. Do I even have to explain this one.

Once again, clearly you have an ulterior motive and are not arguing in good faith. You do not have what's best in mind for the OP.

Guys if he's born with this disorder that means that he can't take a wife, and Paul explicitly states that it's better we don take a wife anyways because it detracts his attention from God, and if he wants to take a partner to the detraction of his attention to God, the solution is not for him to go against scripture and the apostolic tradition. God is calling for him to love him fully and he will repay that love a thousandfold, there is no reason to to encourage OP to seek another love that he can't even have. As always, the solution is God's love, and I'm sure he'd rather not see everyone in this thread succumbing to their baser instincts and venting their wrath at each other. Edify your brothers and at all times do so in patience.
"You know, my dearest brethren. And let every man be swift to hear, but slow to speak, and slow to anger. For the anger of man worketh not the justice of God. Wherefore casting away all uncleanness, and abundance of naughtiness, with meekness receive the ingrafted word, which is able to save your souls. But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if a man be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass. For he beheld himself, and went his way, and presently forgot what manner of man he was. But he that hath looked into the perfect law of liberty, and hath continued therein, not becoming a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; this man shall be blessed in his deed. And if any man think himself to be religious, not bridling his tongue, but deceiving his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Religion clean and undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their tribulation: and to keep one's self unspotted from this world." -1 James 1:19-27

You are delusional.

Yes it is, I find it strange that you don't even understand what i mean here. It's not about "getting advice from people who don't have the same problem". It's about the fact that, as a straight guy who doesn't have any religious dogma blocking his natural orientation, you put yourself in the position to tell a gay guy he should stray away from what is natural to him.

Sex addiction isn't exclusive to gays.


I dont think going to a psychologist will be on any public records as that would go agianst their client confidentiality policy. I hope you go through with this OP. Ill be rooting and praying for you, as will the rest of us on Zig Forums

ignore the fedora, it doesn't belong here

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Again with the naturalistic fallacy. And no I didn't "put myself in the position" God calls on us to help our brothers and sisters. Telling him to commit sins is not helping him. If I made posts asking if I should sin he should likewise tell me not to. But because you clearly are dead set on applying the mindless oppressor/oppressed framework you will only see it that way.

You have no interest in helping OP, you just want to justify your animalistic pleasure seeking through consensus. No matter how many people you trick, the reality will remain the same: gays have a shallow, empty life because they inevitably fall into giving into all their sexual urges.

So what? It's far more common in gays, which is what we are talking about. You're mindless and clearly stalling.

Kill yourself faggot. You have a better chance of God's grace by doing that than by living as a faggot.

Eat shit retard.

Gay people catch aids more often because anal sex causes more bleeding. In addition to that, gay people are more likely to have more sexual partners, which makes them more likely to catch aids.

If you have 1 wife and she's not a whore, it's virtually impossible that you will catch aids, or any other STD.

Shoving penises and objects into your anus will stretch it out, and if you do this often over time, you will eventually start shitting yourself.

I used to work in a drug store and would often see older gay men come in and buy adult diapers. Some of them were no older than 30. Pathetic.


eurad.net/en/news/consumption_data/New study: Drugs and the Gay community.9UFRnMXr.ips

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I'm wondering if it's worse to believe in fairy tales or suck dick.
can't be sure tbh.

It's worse to be a snarky fag.

You sure you weren't influenced in any way? Did you ever tell anyone about it other than this here thread?

Reminder for christanons

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I guess that's true.

He didn't, lol.

He called homosexuals to repent and upheld the ban for them in seminaries.




I'm just trying to explain my side to it, but okay, I will try.

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OP, having these desires doesn't make you bad, acting on them is a sin though. We all have sinful urges, but we shouldn't act on them.

Unfortunately because of the culture we have right now, people will (at first) be unwilling to accept that you would prefer to be chaste because you don't want to sin. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can help be a positive force in the culture, showing those with homosexual urges how to still live a devout life.

As I said in another post, the companionship you think you would find in "accepting" your homosexuality is not there. I hope (and know) that you can find it somewhere else.

I wouldn't put any stock in "cures", at best they'll just make you want to pretend you don't have these desires. That sort of repression is not mentally healthy. There's no need to lie about your desires, but you should not act on them.

Ah, my apologies then.

I understand that. I'm sorry for having to be a dick, but you need to hear the truth. The atheist degenerate in this thread is trying to lead you down a path of ruin. I've seen it happen to many people in my life, I was nearly one of them. Society tries to normalize so many wrong behaviors and fools you into thinking that "It's just how you are."

Talk to your church leaders, I guarantee they've met men like you before and will know how to help.

Thank you so much for your advice, anons. God bless both of you. I'm so surprised and happy that you guys took the time to help me. I'm saving all the replies here to read then whenever I'm struggling.

Thanks, I'm glad I could be of some help.

You sound like a good kid, and I think you'll be okay. I won't pretend it will be easy, but I don't think it will be so hard as you might expect. We all have our cross to bear, and this is yours. But the good new is that Christ is always with you, and we are all out there praying that you will avoid temptation in whatever form it comes in. (And I hope you do the same for us)

Homosexuality isn't very well understood. You will come across other Christians who will say dumb things about homosexuality, there were even some in this thread. Just remember that they have good intentions.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
- Philippians 4:13

Why so many deleted posts?
What's happening?

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Each one of us has been born with a sin condition with specific weaknesses such as:
- for some, the love of money
- for some, the lust toward women
- for some, the lust toward men
- for some, conceited pride
- and so on.

The point: the tendency towards "being gay" does not set you apart as unique from all the rest of us in struggle against sin.

The answer: JESUS CHRIST. I do not know what it is like to have that kind of attraction towards men but HE DOES; upon the cross He took our sins upon Himself.

In His grace He condemns our sins (and sin condition) FOR OUR SAKES.

And unlike us, Jesus Christ, was not overcome by any sin- HE CONQUERED IT ALL.

Have a heart-to-heart honest prayer to Him; He will listen.

Fedoras gonna fedora

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Confession and Eucharist: the anti-thesis of all sin, the shield of the righteous, the very Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ and the Blood, Body, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord, which was poured out for you and for many, OP.

Well, that's an issue I've never encountered, but I don't think you were born that way. Oddly enough you might have luck finding out why you are gay, and maybe that knowledge will cure you.

This happens to people who've had sexual issues and allows them to move on and heal. I'm not saying this will work for you, but clearly you want some resolution and an escape from sin. Remember, there is no "gay gene" you were not born with any sexual preference, and its entirely possible for such thoughts to lose their grip over you through the action of grace.

Therefore, my suggestion to you would be to choose a new activity which exercises the virtues, such as joining a local charity or something of that nature. Something that will divert your spirits upward towards God by doing something for Him, maybe that might bring the required inspiration to be given the knowledge of why you are as you are.

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You're so easy to spot Zig Forums, also you never mention God or His grace once, thus you are revealed as a mean spirited ideologue.

In fact, reported

I love my neighbor by confronting him in the harshest way possible so that he fully understands what he is doing wrong. If I truly didn't care for him, I would be like the atheist in this thread and enable and rationalize his incorrect lifestyle choice that would eventually lead him to ruin.

Being "nice" does not help people, especially homosexuals that are caught up in their disgusting faggot culture in this sick, secular society we're currently living in. They need brutal honesty in order to break out of the brainwashing.

People like you would tell him "it's ok man, people make mistakes dude, just try to be better", rather than SHOWING them what happens when you live a faggot, degenerate lifestyle and calling it out for what it is.

If you actually read through the thread, you'll see that I eventually apologized to OP for the harshness of my words, but he needed to hear it. I don't see why that would bother you as a Christian, everything I said was the truth, even if green frog meme photos trigger your emotions. There is nothing "Mean Spirited" about telling the plain and honest truth.

Confirmed for triggered

C. S. Lewis remarked that in the war we were told that careless talk costs lives. I don't think that you have the pull you think you do when you decide to crusade on OP for being gay.

It used to be common sense that you catch flies with honey more easily than vinegar. What kind of fisher of men are you, that doesn't bait the hooks to draw them out of the world?

You need to wake up and get over that hellfire preaching bug

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Faggotry is wrong, and most faggots themselves know that they're wrong, which is why OP made this thread. I will not be "nice" in order to save peoples feelings. This incessant preoccupation with "niceness" is what lead us to the ungodly world we currently live in.

Faggots can be saved if they find christ and repent their evil ways, and stop purposefully committing sin, just like the rest of us sinners. You can bring up your theologians and use silly metaphors but God's word is God's word at the end of the day. Anything else is false.

You might as well not be Christian then, Islam seems more your speed. Why stop at hurling insults and hurl stones? You haven't added or detracted from reality, OP is a faggot, yes, but he is repentant.

You on the other hand are among those Christians so called who belong to a blacker pit in hell than New Atheists, because you make Christ loathsome to everyone, even though you ought to know better. Remember Matthew 18:6 and don't drive away the faith of God's spiritual children.

Please just ignore this dude. There is a small number of people on this board that follow the teachings of one fringe pastor (Steven Anderson) basically just as an excuse to be uncharitable trolls and a-holes. They will tell you to kill yourself, call you names and say it is impossible for you to repent. Just keep in mind these people do not represent historical Christianity, they represent the innovations of this one baptist meme pastor operating out of a strip mall. Historical Christianity does see homosexual behavior as a serious sin but does not see homosexual desires as something that puts you beyond redemption.

I hate the heretics who horde religiosity by destroying it in others with their obvious bald faced sinfulness.

The very idea of revering a warlord pedophile disturbs me, so no.

Calling a faggot a faggot is not an "insult", it is the truth. Calling them secular terms like "gay" or "homosexual" is a way of justifying an incorrect lifestyle. Perhaps I should I should simply call them sodomites, that would be more accurate.

Who is "everyone"? People of the world, non-christians? Those that willingly choose to disobey the word of God? We should not change our beliefs and our truth to accommodate non-believers, THEY need to change their beliefs in order to follow the true word of God.

Any actual Christian would not be bothered by me calling faggots faggots because that is what the ARE. They are literally desecrating the body God gave them in the pursuit of sinful lust, and you tell me not to be "mean". They need TRUTH, no matter how much it hurts their feelings.

Never once did I tell OP to kill himself, I told him to repent for his sins and truly find Christ, and I also told him to speak to his church leaders, because they would tell him exactly what to do to get over his affliction of faggotry.

Steve Anderson does not believe that faggots can be saved, which makes him a heretic. I have nothing in common with him, and the fact that you immediately would lump me in with such a man shows how confused most Christians are these days when it comes to the word of God.

I haven't read all the posts here just some of them but it seems to me from your posts that you might just be effeminate. Just being able to talk to other men better isn't the same as having sodomite lust. And being low T isn't the same either— that's just the world telling you something that isn't true. I think God will protect you from sodomite lust if you believe in him. If I'm wrong and you do have that lust already, then maybe I just wasted my time, but it was worth mentioning.

OP recognizes his mistake, no need to hammer him over the head over what he already knows. Give him advice on how to change, but you're no inquisitor to judge.

OP, I think is fairly onto something. If you're willing to share, have you been molested when you were young? There are lots of studies that show (at varying percentages, but all of them high) that many, many gays were molested as children.

I'll be praying for you… If chastity is your path, take it - your companion will be the Lord. If you find yourself healed and attracted to women again, then that's wonderful too. I wish you the best. Please stay true to the word!

Fair enough, I am a sinner just as much as OP or anyone else.

Still, people these days need to truly understand the depth of their sinful ways, and being nice about it would risk them seeing it as "not a big deal", which it certainly is.

Let's call them sodomites from now on, faggot isn't an appropriate word for a Christian, it's a curse word, and you can't get around the fact that cursing is sinful.

I suppose you're alright, you did apologize to OP and this one issue seems to be close to your heart as I was reading through your earlier replies.

Sexual shit is everywhere nowadays, seems like everyone has something wrong with them in this regard and they stupidly celebrate it. But God really can reveal the reasons why one is hung up on a certain sexual issue, often it happens in childhood sadly that people get winnie the poohed up.

Fair enough, I was raised in a household where calling someone a "faggot" was seen as fairly normal, perhaps I am wrong for this.

Indeed, and that's essentially what I was trying to explain to OP. I'll try to be less harsh and judgemental from now on because I can see that it isn't entirely helpful. But I still think we should call out sodomy for what it is, a disgusting, damaging perversion.

Oh it's possible to tell people how astronomically they winnie the pooh up in a placid manner.

I think that's fair, hey I still love to curse even though it's sinful. I try to kick the habit, but then I stub my toe and say winnie the pooh or whatever.

Yes, and that way disturbs them far more deeply

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>God is not in complete control of his creation
>God is as much a victim of the creation as you are. Poor God. If it's hard for you, imagine how hard it must be for God watching all of us go through this
>The Book of Hebrews is heresy

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It's harder to dismiss if it's cogent and logical and non-hysterical. God never raises his voice.

See, I had no true Christians around to do this for me and I spent many years doing the wrong things, many things that I am not proud of. It took many horrible life events for me to eventually bend the knee and beg Christ for forgiveness. So when I see someone like OP that's just totally mislead it angers me, because I don't want to see someone go down the negative path that I went down myself.

Thank you for showing me the error in my ways, God bless you.

Yep, I was a bit of a disaster area too

Also (pic related)

Sounds like you're preparing the ground for your fall into homosexuality.

You need to decide whether your love of Christ is going to be the defining foundation of your life, or your emotional needs are. Faith is choosing the first and enduring the rest. No, a life without intimate emotional connection is not easy … but then, frankly, I think we in the West make far too much of how happy and easy life is. It's not, but our music, our television, our movies all scream that within a two-hour period all our life-long anxieties and problems can be solved.
Embrace a little more Russian/Finnish depressive attitude we need to Yoda thinks. Little less Oprah, little more Dostoevsky, little more Tolstoy, me thinks. Little more Kierkegaard.

But, hey, the alternative is to embrace the bacchanal of (((the gay lifestyle))) . . .

. . . happiness now, or happiness for eternity, this is your choice, OP

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( Upon reflection, that sounds awfully miserable and loveless. It is all about whether you love God, truly love Him, that you are prepared to endure anything – even an intimacy-free life – to live in obedience to Him and His commandments. Refer this video . . . The Christian Community SHOULD be all about supporting your choice to love God over even your own life. This shouldn't be about miserably hiding in a stone monastery in the desert, it should be about living your faith amid the heathens who don't know much less love God … for (((They))) will know us by our love for one another. We, the Church, are not good at this.)

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Take that stick out of your ass right this instant user, Wrath is a sin as heinous if not more-so than sodomy.

OP, I will tell you something that you and everyone else here can consider. You likely have an incubus attachment, an agent of Baphomet and his all-corrupting essence. These things are rampant among homos. If you truely don't want to continue this path, find a pious believer and/or a pastor/priest you can trust, repent, and cry out to the Almighty and ask the holy angels to remove this thing from you so you can turn your back on this path forever.

Upon reading this, you now know precisely what is doing this to you, which gives you power to fight against it. The choice is yours.

Actually OP I did some impromptu-psychology with my 130IQ mind God blessed me with since i wanted to know how i became such a winnie the pooh weirdo sexually.

I discovered that there may be genetic factors that make you more prone to degeneracy, like the gene that makes you more prone to addiction, but it isn't actually set in stone by your genes. Most of your psycho-sexual development occurs from the age of around 8-11 where the brain begins to identify what is attractive, this is usually where shit can go wrong and you can get hard from the idea of sticking carrots in your pants. No one know how shit goes wrong, our best bet is the brain associates a sudden sexual urge to some environmental stimulus and then retardedly decides that's somehow attractive. Its still not set in stone at this point though, more like set in -alsmost-dry clay. The last stage is from 13-20, when we become sexually active and begin-to/finish maturing sexually. Around this time the brain is still succeptable to some pavlovian programming, but most attractions are quite hard to unlearn. As they are repeated some associations become set in stone through their repetition.

Since most attraction/response is a product of pavlovian responses to envirnmental stimuli, then for most paraphilias it is theoretically possible to reprogram physiological (and consequentially phychological) responses to stimuli via several different methods.

Not all paraphilias work this way, and due to the current political climate research is heavily lacking, but it is possible, to a certain degree, to change what one is attracted to/normalize attraction. Homosexuality specifically is more complex that a paraphilia though, so there's more to solving that puzzle than just "mastrubate to pictures of women daily".

sauce [mentalhelp.net/articles/paraphilias-causes-and-treatments/]


Raising a family is not for everyone and sex shouldn't be done for hedonism and outside of marriage. You don't need to be attracted to women and raise a family to be Christian. Do what you are able to.

Just don't. You don't need it. Ignore the Freudian psychology retards, they know nothing and have created a cult against chastity. Get away from other faggots as they are, for real, mostly perverts and you're vulnerable. Follow my advice.

We're not all so lucky. That, and its not for everybody. It looks nice on the surface, but its not all sunshine and rainbows (heh).

If you can't have a normal attraction, then just avoid temptation to begin with. I've got over 9000 fetishes and counting, and I've learned that the best solution is to just not engage with it to begin with, hopefully this solution extends to homos as well.