Brit/pol/ #2197: One Punch Edition

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in wopland

No deal on the cards as UK ministers left fed up with stubborn EU

UK to seek exemption from US steel tariffs

Our Brexit negotiators must not betray the fishing community

Iraqi Who Arrived in UK as ‘Child Refugee’ Built Parsons Green Bomb to Cause ‘Maximum Harm and Carnage'

Bercow accused of bullying female secretary until she was signed off with PTSD

Labour MP's Brexit claims ripped apart on Question Time

Did Trump Say Goodbye to Cohn With an anti-Semitic Dog Whistle? Twitter Says Yes

‘Malevolent’ Moscow targets UK energy infrastructure with tanker of gas to help beleaguered Brits

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First for death to normies.

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Do tastefully shot photos of women in their knickers even count as porn anymore? Seems downright quaint now.


For her

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for him

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I couln't wait for the latest Gratten or Littlewoods catalogue to be delivered. I flicked straight to the lingerie sections.

Great times.

Paul Golding

He lit the spark
He showed the way
His name will be in songs some day

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i know she has a kid because shes messaged me before what do lads

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what did he do?

killed no one

But I return with haste, to where my love does lie

he showed the way


How many public servants do we need to hang?
a l l o f t h e m

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It's funny tbh, back in the 50's-60's, Bettie Page doing BDSM photo shoots was straight up outrageous, now nobody bats an eyelid if a girl gets fucked by 10 guys on camera.

Lad she looks like a potato.

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Not anymore.

She's cute.

Bin it!

Porn should unironically be illegal


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That isn't enforceable.


Ugly tbh

Yes it is lad

not the point

Calenders of women in their knickers, straddling tyres, are baste and hwite though.

What are you going to do? Ban video camera's and phones?

Tasteful nudes should be permissible but anything harder including anything showing fannys should be banned

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I just remembered I still have a few copies of Mayfair from the 90's in the loft


That'd be based

enforcing a ban on the production of porn would be easy by criminalising those who make it, those who consume it and encouraging a culture that shames it

for her

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never seen or heard of STEVE hitting any pakis why would he hit the wog?

maybe because he knows wop police don't care about wogs and gypsies?

Babies know how to float naturally, you can dunk them underwater and they'll right themselves and float face up, spreading their limbs out.
God I hate normies.

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cant babies breathe underwater or something at an early age



think its that they can hold their breath for ages

No but they know instinctively to hold their breath.

Every day mate.

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Cromwell was right about football

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for him

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is there anything worse?

xenophilia is one hell of a drug

keek, no. They get their oxygen from their mummy

jumbo wew

I've often wondered if nightclubs and busy (normie) pubs, pay extra for a police presence on a weekend, or is it left to Tommy Taxpayer to foot the bill.? Having said that, I'd love to be a copper on double time to watch slags fall over.

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Do the works of Gil Elvgren count as porn?

Doesn't work lad, the dick is mightier then the sword and the pen.

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Ruby Ridge?

you mean…a bouncer?

Babies screaming is natural, but I agree about the yanks.

It'd be a laugh but then you remember you're basically on cleanup duty, you've got those lot stumbling along but then you've also the ones who are almost comatose.

waco too




Waco lad.

never forget

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They shot the dog and his son as well tbh.

i meant more about how its natural to dislike a baby screaming

just like the yank accent

They deserved it, tbh. They were probably racist.

tbh anyone who doesn't live in a state owned house should be shot for obviously being racist, homophobic and a nazi.

Anything natural about it would be to trigger a reaction in order to protect the baby tbf


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No I mean the police that are out in vans in town centres on a weekend. Bouncers have no jurisdiction outside their own minds.

That's all public money, same with all the ambulances that have to be used to deal with the drunks.

The fact that they felt the need to state that means it's definitely human.

did she died?

drunks should be charged for their healthcare tbh

wew, takes me back

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Why aren't we allowed to let these people choke to death on their own vomit on the pavement again?

Islam doesn't believe in reincarnation


ye that's the point of it :^)


What do Britain First even do? They seem less dangerous than NA.

Most serious alcoholics are usually skint and/or give little fucks about paying the hospital bill.

Instead, a solution would be to remove half their liver and fit a gastric band. Also an optional method would be to use hypnotherapy to try and convince drunks that lager or spirits taste like sucking on Dianne Abbott's skid marks.

walk about luton and agitate the locals


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It's a slightly more tame NA

fresh carver

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making illegal the process of making money from porn should be the first step tbh. kikes would be well peeved.

What in your opinion, is the greatest modern example of hypocrisy?

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Its Mother's Day on Sunday

That's right! 2 Women's Days in One Week!

Is Father's day even a thing?

Degnerate image boards thinking they can preach morality of any kind.

get her something nice lad

Not for niggers tbh


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It's in the same week so they can make the transition; replace Mother's day with Women's day. Mother's day is seen as encouraging parenthood which is unacceptable.


Zig Forums approved mothers day gifts :
okay thankyou

25-year-old man from Mali married a wealthy Swiss thot and immediately became a millionaire

>both took part in the wedding ceremony while only the girl's mother was present.
>At first, the girl's mother refused the union but finally realized that the girl's happiness is all that matters.

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