When the Internet Turned Atheism Into a Joke


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I read it then found TJ Kirk making a fool of himself on CNN in front of William Lane Craig. It was funny how quickly he backpedaled when the two theists agreed with him, almost as if modern atheism defines itself as an opposition to theism and individual theists, rather than a lack of belief in God.

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Is the author claiming to be a Catholic and has a completely fine attitude with a close friend remaining atheist because he doesn't want to "shove his views down his throat"? How cringy.

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I though the same.

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Apostolics shouldn't behave like Andersonites, case closed

Kind of related, but I troll on r/atheism and I constantly see threads about kids coming out to their parent about atheism. Notice I said parent, it is always their mother. They grow up in homes without a father figure which makes them hate authority i.e. God.
Just something interesting I noticed

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A lot of these atheists just never matured out of their edgy 15 year old self.

Fathers are unbelievably important to a child's development. A Swiss study from a while ago showed that if children attend church with just their father, then they are most likely to continue church attendance in adulthood, even more so than when both parents are regular attendants, but with single mothers it almost entirely disappears.



Also interesting someone did a study can't remember who, but he basically went through all the famous atheist materialist Freud, Nietzsche, i believe Hume, and their father figures, or more appropriate in most cases the missing father figures. Eventually updating his study to the modern fedora tippers, Dawkins, Hitchens etc.
The most interesting one was with The Hitchens. Both Peter and Christopher i think nail it down perfectly. So the story goes is that Peter/Christopher's Father was a navy admiral in the royal navy who served, in i believe ww1, but certainly in ww2. Well to make it short after the war Historically Britan was more or less bankrupt after the war and Peter/Christopher's father was canned as part of the British Gov's attempt to cut back cost. So their father ended up having to take an accountants job to support his family. What's interesting about this is how Peter and Christopher saw their father from different perspectives. Now Peter Hitchen remembered and saw his father in his glory days of being a navy Admiral, a war hero, someone to look up to to aspire to. But Peter Hitchens saw his father in a different light, as a loser, a failure, someone who got canned, and who ended up taking a desk job just to support his family, losing all respect for his father. I think there is something to be said about these pop figures that are pushed especially in modern times that have an interesting past. Regarding their father figures. Now i wouldn't base that being a disprover on non belief i take a more C.S Lewis approach to that in Philosophy but it's still something to note at. Got find the name of that guy who did that study though interesting read when i skimmed over it.

Someone wrote a whole book about that phenomenon. Nietzsche, Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, it's all the same story

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Its Paul c. Vitz. "Faith of the Fatherless, Psychology of Atheism". I saw David Wood using it in one of his videos.

I'm still edgy and I'm a cradle Catholic. Why do all these kids decide to suck up to kikes by hating on religion and going on bug chasing sprees? Being edgy doesn't make you a kike slave, it makes you a Zig Forumsack. There's something else going on.

Prelest is a though deal, man.
People who do that are just trying to avoid confrontation, to convince the person under prelest that he is in fact wrong is nearly impossible.

God wants us to call Him Father for a reason, it's a sign of authority.
To not know our father in Earth is to not know authority in flesh and bone. The Father is authority in the metaphysical sense.
Atheists (nominalists, to be more exact) lack Authority in the broader sense.

I hate the internet

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It was a joke long before the internet friendo

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