Brit/pol/ #2198: Songs of faith and devotion edition

Spy poisoning: Military deployed in Salisbury as police investigate graveyard
Police believe Sergei Skripal, his daughter and a policeman may have been "contaminated" at the former spy's house in Salisbury.

Government ‘could offer concessions on immigration’ in EU negotiations
The government could be on the brink of offering the EU “concessions on immigration” in the next round of negotiations with Brussels.

Parsons Green: Suspect 'told police' he made Tube bomb
The man accused of planting a bomb on a London Tube train admitted to police he made the device, a court has heard. >Ahmed Hassan was arrested the day after the bomb partially detonated on a District Line train at Parsons Green on 15 September 2017, injuring many of the 93 passengers on board.

Men clad in black climb onto Iran’s embassy in London, take down flag
A group of men in black attire have scaled the façade of the Iranian embassy in London and have taken down the flag. The banners displayed by the men suggest a radical Shia group was behind the stunt.

Inb4 h tbh

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What's that you say?

There are MORE than 2 genders?!

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for her and for mummys

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Good laddo.

What's this about him having fisticuffs with some antifa or something lately? Post vids.

Shouldn't watch this stuff tbh, I'm sure it can't be good for the soul.

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lel, cheers lad though he's most likely spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

celtz wuz ere furst, scum

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it's the most absurd thing I've ever seen, completely baffles me tbh.
even though i find it funny, a small part of me knows full well theres a whole dark underworld beneath the surface where the nonces et. al are somehow involved


Heimbach lost some weight tbh

yeah he actually looks pretty based in that video

nanigh all

Good night, sweet dreams!

g'night lad

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kekked at the absurdness of it tbh. The levels of those animations though is something else and seems really dark and sinister to me, like a substitute or gateway into sick fucks who like kitten stomping or abusing children. The same essence is in it.


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i have a lockable coal cellar

Good lad, good night

It's as creepy as Elsa Gate videos

for sure, vid related
I wonder if we could somehow get it banned from jewtube like the elsagate stuff?

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is elsagate banned now?

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I don't love her anymore, lads.

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What do you think?

Why are girls so cruel and psychotic? Why do they hurt people for fun?

What happened?

munter tbh

She keeps fluctuating between kind and nasty. I don't care anymore.

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Sounds like every other woman tbh.

good lord, black panther was shit - got 1/2 way through and stopped watching
literal WE WUZing all the way through, terrible acting and because it was a cam, whenever it was dark all i saw were teeth and eyes

Wait for the dvd/hdrip version. We will watch it together as Zig Forums

Aye that'll be a laugh

take the mummy pill lad

its boring, really boring

women don't really become bearable until they are in their 30s IMO and then they don't have the same amount of fertility as thots

just like the QT is boring as shit, yet our banter makes it come to live tbh

t. Brainlet

When is the last time you watched the QT?


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Attilio Fontana has promised to "defend the white race"


Shit tests are normal, nig nog.


Night has fallen.

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good lad

its friday lads why aren't you out having fun(tm)?

seeing a moral mummy brightens my whole day tbh


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I had my share of fun today tbh

*nocks an arrow*

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I'm old. I don't have the bone density to cope with fun anymore







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How is this related to stomping?

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I'm just browsing Laibach's twitter feed.

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*performs dance to rid the land of white devils*

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*has no empathy for you*

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Big white chief have no song in his heart

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no ginnie posting

*defeats you and puts you on reservations*

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A lot of people don't want to accept "race realism" because they seem to feel that it threatens their pretense of total autonomy. Even people that aren't offended by the racial aspect of the conversation itself eventually begin to start using phrases like "I feel like" "in my opinion" and other faggy nonsense. It's all so tiring. They have all of these empty sentimentalities and they just want to leave it at that.

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bit drunk chums
giz i a hand

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I know that feel lass

They'll fall back on "I'm just not good at expressing my points" or "You're just better at arguing than me but I know what I mean"

Brainwashing the youth is the only real way to make change for any ideological group aside from allowing them to be totally separate from society(not realistic)

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I feel sick if i even attempt too
the words are too long

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Spoiler that.

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whats wroing with it my boy?
i hate her
i hater her with all my being
absolutelye disgusting slagg

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exact;y my feelings exactly when i founde out she was a slag
i want to beat her with my belt so bad

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cant stop fookin listenin to this lads


ever since i heard it at the 50s disco ive bbene hooked
its so damn fucking good
almost as good as a sledgehammer going through jessica clements skull right?

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ypi cgpmma gonna deny me yous any longer boyo?

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