Brit/pol/ #2199: Right Hook Edition

Chemical warfare teams test for nerve agent at the graves
Chemical warfare teams are testing for deadly nerve agents at the graves of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal's wife and son
The two sites are about 200 metres apart with Alexander's at the front of the cemetery.
His son Alexander reportedly died of liver disease in Russia last year, and was cremated, although mystery still surrounds the exact circumstances of his death, while his wife Liudmila's death certificate says she died of cancer in 2012.

Government ‘could offer concessions on immigration’ in EU negotiations
The government could be on the brink of offering the EU “concessions on immigration” in the next round of negotiations with Brussels.

THOT wog attacker to be released next month
Katie Piper posted a cryptic message on social media asking for 'protection' as it emerged the thug who left her scarred for life after throwing acid in her face could be freed next month

Men clad in black climb onto Iran’s embassy in London, take down flag
A group of men in black attire have scaled the façade of the Iranian embassy in London and have taken down the flag. The banners displayed by the men suggest a radical Shia group was behind the stunt.

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Nth for people actually wank to this

took your fucking time

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Some people said Sarg'n false flagged himself with the antifa thing and I didn't think it was probable but now that he's claiming those timid "we'll all just stand here while you hit us" antifa guys hospitalised two security guards I'm suspicious.

They hospitalised security but didn't throw a single punch at Sarg'n or his friends? Hmmmmmmmmm

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When and where is this bongo from?

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What's that Anglicans?
There is MORE than 2 genders?!

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the best was when the liberalists were beating up antifaggots and they just took the punches


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john paul memmies are superior to cuckis memmies

Literally none of them threw a punch. I could buy that they're just soft upper middle class college kids LARPing but if they're trying to say they put security in the hospital then I don't believe it adds up at all.


that sure isn't the remington factory, probably kilamanjaro or someother turbo richfag company


Feel sorry for the fish though tbh.

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They cap and ball? I really want one from that period too as well tbh.

im not a girl though

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Me neither don't think women can fish tbh.

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cant wait to see this video tbh

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Top kek.

Ta lad

It isn't easy making a thread and scoffing a chicken & mushroom pie at the same time tbh

*Eats a chip*

yeah but they can be converted to cartridge

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The white race desperately wants Sargon to save them but to him they're nothing but an annoying mosquito.

The white race is just a broader, less defined category, denying its existence with "no ethnicity is real but not race" is just the application of the continuum fallacy. European culture also exists as a broader and less defined culture, denying it is a thing is just applying the continuum fallacy to culture.

defeats you in intellectual debate

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reminder the idea of a huwhite race is purely a Yank phenomenon and only serves to dilute the races of Europe tbh.

he is just being a hipster

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but defining white correctly (eg. strictly northwestern, non-slavic european) means we get to troll wops and spics etc. with YOU'RE NOT WHITE

this is a Celto-Brythonic board, lad.

Careful, lad, it's not the night shift yet

ask snackgone what happened

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No you idiot it's not. It's how people throughout history that had contact with multiple races viewed race.

Anyone can see that Swedes are not the same as the Irish but anyone can also look at an Irishmen, a Sweden, an Ethiopian and a Nigerian and figure out who is more like who and it's not a close call.

why do they both look fookin smug over who can give the best blimp rides?

kek lad

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because they both know how thicc they are


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taig on the right

There was a theory that Homo-Erectus fucked an ape then Africa was born.

I this just a theory by David Duke or was this proven?
I swear I saw a study a while back and it got the leftists sweating.

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Race denialists of the ethno nationalist variety give way to the means of their own falsification. They embrace the continuum fallacy that their opponents can equally apply to their ethnic group.

"Blue doesn't exist because there are different shades of blue"

British ethno nationalist/Hope not hate

Yeah he was off by quite a bit. Opinions of dead men don't beat genetic clustering, especially when you're calling Swedish paste people "swarthy"

pretty sure this was meant as banter

That's where Aids came from.

iirc Africans have the highest % of the same DNA of our common ancestor with Chimps

and lowest % (i.e. 0) of the same DNA of the neanderthals

Ethiopians are Semitic.

Mummy's day tomorrow lads

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I just want you lads to know what you're talking about but some of you refuse to relinquish sentimentality and LARP.

You don't have to become mega mutt Evropa because you acknowledge a broader categorical scheme exists, in the same way you don't have to deny "human" as a broader categorization scheme to differentiate your race/ethnic group/family from others.

Great "gotcha" lad, the liberalists and Jewish Trump supporters would be impressed, I guess they don't cluster more closely with Nigerians now, they're basically Saudis and no one will see them as niggers just like everyone sees the average 30% European American nigger as white.

She gets a pass for tweeting one of my videos to Tommy which he consequently shared

/ourspies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)/

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I'm probably the least anti-e-celeb person here besides 22 but be careful to not be blinded by flattery.


Niggers are a different species tbh

when you doing a stream with Brexit Party about Enoch and Mosley, lad?

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This tbh

Accidentally broke nofap

No I acknowledge the fact that Pakis are human and still hate them. There is no value judgement necessary when acknowledging facts.

You're just dumb people. You act as though your preferences hinge upon denying reality which leaves you weak.

"I have to deny genetic analysis and mountains of scientific data to show preference for my ethnic group"

Do you also have to deny your ethnic group to show preference for your family? Are you all drooling chav niggers?

How did you accidentally do that?

Did you fall on a discarded fleshlight?

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Were you in that stream?

Complete opposite of what I expected when I posted it here, was actually half decent.

I didn't mean to do it

He's doing another one right now with a GERMan talking about Dresden

Naughty lad….

*smacks you*

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stop watching make up whore videos

he had some decent guests tbf
i dont think he had a clue who are Oswald was tbh, perfect redpilling material

I don't like her anymore
She deserves to be publicly whipped for her thottery

bit gay tbh

oh, and the portuguese cuck in the chat that thought the persians were arabs

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And why would I mind if a Paki actually identifies as a Balochi or a Nigerian as a Biafran?

>Absolute nectar

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What software do you use to make you vids?


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stealing my (You)s


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 atm, was using creative cloud in the Summer.

cheers. I asked because I found a decent torrent for Vegas Pro 14 and I might start and do some OC.

Vegas looks good as well, messed around with it once but I'm just used to Premiere Pro at this point. Should go for it mate, Vegas is really easy to crack.

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Italians btfo.
How can Anglos even compete with superior Flip navigation?

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mfw one of the Isle of Man lads got me to get After Effects

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Imagine going on a date with a 4/10 catlady and then getting publicly rejected in a national newspaper

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Has the video of tommy being attacked been released yet?

can't wait to see the thot get


Nothing yet tbh
I'm keeping an eye out for any YT notifications from him.

Dravidians haven't done much.

only thing Indians ever did of note was throw elephants at Alexanders phalanx

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