Brit/pol/ #2200 White Sharia When edition

Ex-Labour Council Leader: Party ‘deeply unpleasant’ and will ‘tear itself apart
Labour is a ‘deeply unpleasant place’ and it will ‘tear itself apart’ during the next decade, the former Labour Leader of Harlow Council has reportedly said.

UK being stiffed by botched EU asylum policy
The UK is being taken for a ride by the EU when it comes to taking in asylum seekers.

Trap calls former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe a 'fucking venomous hypocritical bint
She goes into schools to teach children as young as two to be open-minded about transgender issues.
But when she’s online, drag queen Lady Windsor Rose sends an entirely different message – in streams of obscene abuse.

Russia’s new hypersonic missile put through military tests (VIDEO)
A video showing a new set of tests of the cutting-edge hypersonic Kinzhal missile has been released by the Russian Defense Ministry. President Vladimir Putin earlier said the weapon is designed to penetrate any possible defenses.

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First for killing 90% of current Zig Forums posters and mods

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Best threead


Did I hear you right? MORE than 2 genders?!?!

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Fucking Tories in this thread smh



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This is the best thread tbh

Fucking noice

It's a motorist thing m'lad. You'll understand one day.

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I hope so.

Why do you fear strong black women?

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what a waste of a get smh

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based fella dragging that freeloader off the train
Should've put him on the tracks and gave him 50% of the fine.


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Decided to make a bowl of cream sauce to eat
no idea why
what a stupid idea

Mainstream legacy establishment media dinosaurs btfo

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PJW seems to think that small media cannot = legacy media, strange man.

does that mean he's gonna name the jew?

Why have you been obsessing over alt lite e-celeb homos lately?

No, it shows mods do their duties.

Never noticed that tbh.

I'll stop making new threads for a while. Give others a chance.

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Naah keep it up tbh, the other one was utter shite.

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Naming Globalists is anitisemtism.

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Based Nomi

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There must be justice when stomping goes wrong. Hanging is more dignified than electrocution

Won't be doing that again. Bigot Elephant

is that how you want to go lad?

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this fucking site

has kardashianposter DDOS'd it?

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Whole site is fucked again, thanks very angry person ddos'ing us.

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Posting is currently slow because servers are overloaded due to heavy traffic. At the moment there is no evidence that this is an ongoing attack.

damn they're so big

ahh glad I'm not the only one

no smh

'Kin ell
Newham has died.
I bet ofsted has gotten busy looking for quality reasons to post positive scores.


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What do you think?

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There are still 5% lad, look at the chart

I'm off to bed in a minute o two to dream of thots in uniform. Hopefully it'll be ok when I wake up.


won't stack up tbh, every Nation State will have clauses in their law and treaties that allow for "national security" exemptions.

whats the ratio in population vs detention?

It's fine lad he didn't gore the cow he was just playing rough

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I love him tbh

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smh humans couldn't handle rough play and k illed it smh

Didn't realise how big they are

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about 25% in general population to 43% of youth prisoners


so majestic


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Good lad

>>>Zig Forums11357586

Just your mum.

It keeps happening. The sort of shit we'd expect from third world countries.

Redpill me on Atomwaffen Division? Is there anything better? In Canada?

Did they shoot him? looked like the one copper was saying to the one with the gun "wew hold on no need to shoot lets just chase him away with our sticks." Killing an elephant is some seriously soul-darkening business in India

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Don't join honeypots lad. Get a small cell going with your oldest friends and practice with them for when SHTF.

Aw it's so cute. Look how playful he is and those ears

I just assumed tbh

They are just filling a market niche.

No mercy tbh

What if I don't have any friends IRL?


I used to speak to one of the guys that founded it, he ended up getting arrested for making a bomb, and his friend also converted to islam and went on a murder spree
mentally ill

Shouldn't keep an animal like that in a concrete box tbh

There is only one person he can trust.

Smh I'm laughing like a retard

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Okay. I don't think they like enough though. My best friend is a Buddhist Jewish German-Russian. His dad is a literal Satanist. He's cool but he supported Sanders.

This shit happened in Telford, Shropshire. A relatively white area of Britain.

another forgery smh

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then you're fucked and will have to lone wolf it or risk joining a smaller honeypot

True but you can minimize the betrayal or at least delay it by going for older friends.

fug, been a while