The Holy Mother in Egypt

In 1968, an apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared to over 10,000 Egyptians, both coptic orthodox christian and sunni muslim. Even the infamous Gamel Abdel-Nasser said he experienced this Marian Apparition.


My grandparents and my dad lived in Cairo for years, but they left Egypt before this miracle took place. I really wish they could've seen it. Pray to Mother Mary, brothers..she is our Holy Mother.

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Blessed Mother, pray for us!

Inb4 the Baptists shit up this thread

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I've always heard about this apparition but never in depth, thank you OP.

O Holy Mother, pray for us!

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Those who hate our Blessed Mother are doing the work of Shaytan. Only someone blinded by demons could hate her. Mother Mary will pray for us and guide us to righteousness. We've been warned already by her that Christ's arm has grown heavy from the anger directed at this world's horrible sins. Those that deny the truth deny their own souls.

There are many apparitions to learn about, this one is especially impactful to me because my family has a history in Egypt, and because it was so recent that there is no mystery to its details.

But what is the proof that the shining apparition was Mary?

The 'proof' per se doesn't come from the photos released, it comes from the fact that over 10,000 witnessed the event and were able to document it with their eyes in greater detail than a 1960s amateur camera could. The Pope of Egypt and his bishops and priests all confirmed the event as a true miracle, as did Gamel Abdel-Nasser and the majority of present muslims

Very intresting, i think im really gona pick up C.S Lewis's book on Miracles. Just got done reading about the holy fire pillar miracle in Jerusalem, now this. The ladder though im not sure if it was divine, or demonic. But for me i think this nails the coffin just about on die hard materialism, and pure naturalism, and these philosophies are just dead ends honestly if anything.

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As much as i am partial to it's possible veridicity, isn't it strange that for a event witnessed by so many people, we only have a pic from a blurry newspaper clipping saying it was witnessed by so many, and despite being claimed to have been seen by thousands, tens, hundreds, millions even, it's not in direct popular memory, or a lot of people saying "i was there and witnessed it"?

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Well obviously the event did take place. If the communist loving nasser was so persuaded by it to improve relations with Christians in his country. Unless i just take the position that all those people just hallucinated the same thing, which would unironically be a bigger miracle in its self on that claim, then just accepting an apparition of marry, or of some sort appeared. Divine or Demonic. Tbh, i just learned about it today so it was interesting to see. The only thing im not sure of in this case is whether it was divine or demonic.

why would a demonic apparition want to strengthen the faith of so many and be used as Christians as proof of the supernatural?

Well, yeah.
The coptic pope approved it, so that's the biggest claim of legitimacy, in my book.
That's the odd thing, the big numbers of people claimed.
For such a large event, that some accounts say was attended by more people than Woodstock, i don't see almost any first hand accounts.
The fact that whatever it's mentioned, the only thing posted ad-nauseam is that paper clipping doesn't help.

Actually, an enormous amount of Egyptians and visitors to Egypt have reported their account of what happened when they visited the Marian Apparition. It's not just a few small accounts, I thousands of people have talked about it

Then link these thousands of accounts.

Then link these thousands of accounts

I'm not Catholic, or even Apostolic, but as Christ said when the Pharisees accused him of sorcery: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?"
It cannot have been a demonic spirit if it strengthened the Church.

If i lived in 80 AD, i could ask christians that saw it in living memory, yes.
And this was for an event that a few hundreds saw, not way more.
Not that the apostles werent incredulous at first, as well.

Anyone have photographs of Our Lady of Zeitoun? Are there any actual photos showing her face, or was that a painting by one of the witnesses?

Rome never said anything about it, so perhaps is word only allows local veneration.