Was John Calvin a crypto-Jew?

There are some theories going around the internet that Calvin was originally called Cohen before he came to Geneva. I'm not sure if he was Jewish or not, but if he was a crypto-Jew, that would explain his obsession with following Old Testament laws and punishments. He also seemed to despise the concept of Christian liberty in acceptance of the "regulative principle of worship." That level of nit-picking resembles the fevered zeal of a Jew, in my opinion.

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Why start this thread without presenting any evidence? Dangerously close to bearing false witness.

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Just asking a question.

John Calvin was zealous for the Gospel as he saw it presented in his study of the Scriptures. The same can't be said for many of us today.

Never heard this, post more info.
It's probably bullshite.


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First link took everything from the second link, so no point posting it.

Second link cites a book called 'When Scotland Was Jewish', which I found here:

It uses this 'evidence' to prove Calvin was Jewish:
-Calvin's father was literate and well-educated
-Calvin learned Hebrew as well as Greek to study the Bible in it's original languages
-He favored universal literacy
-He had a beard
-He wore a leather headcovering in one sketch of him

Other 'evidence' the website uses:
-Calvin was not baptized as an adult and justified infant baptism (sorry pedobaptists, you're all Jews)!
-There are 5 points of Calvinism and 5 points in a pentagram (I guess that proves he was a witch, not just a Jew)!

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Trips confirm, it's a crank theory.

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Now I've heard it all. Thanks for the laugh OP.
If you're not being ironic, that will only make me laugh harder.
Anyone who took Medieval English would tell you the pentagram, like the inverted cross, was originally a Christian symbol (heard of the Five Wounds of Christ?) co-opted by retarded, edgy Renaissance occult larpers who found out that Greek Neo-Platonists like drawing pentagrams, who thought they were sticking it to the Christian culture, and who thought the pentagram looked cool.
What does it say about Knox?

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protestantism in all forms is a jewish religion, made by the jews for the benefit of jews, plain and simple. no group of people loves jews as much as jews other than protestants. plain and simple.

Protestants have always been supersessionists, the same as Catholics, until very recently, when a minority of American Christians latched onto this Scofield/pre-trib rapture stuff and Israel worship.

I wanted to see what others have thought. Notice how I never said that Calvin was a Jew. It's weird how when you ask a question, people assume that you're affirming the question. Just hide the thread if you think I'm being dishonest


You don't have to. You say things like:
We know what gaslight/poisoning the well look like user. Don't have to show us. Besides, what's wrong with following God's law?

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None of that is a necessary implication that he was Jewish. That's why I said IF he was a crypto-Jew. Again, if you think I'm being disingenuous, just hide the thread and quit wasting your time talking to me.

Calvinist doctrine, the american version in particular, is crypto-judaic.
It doesn't matter if he was an actual jew.


He loved usury so he was a spiritual Jew if not one by the blood.