Brit/pol/ #2201: Death to Traitors Edition

'Girls must be saved from going through this hell': Call for public inquiry into Telford sex scandal as it emerges up to 1,000 children as young as 11 were drugged, beaten and raped over 40 years

Up to 1,000 girls abused over decades in Telford

Services at one of the country's busiest train stations Manchester Piccadilly have been ground to a halt after protesters stormed the tracks

'Punish a Muslim day' letters probed by terror police

PETER HITCHENS: We're goading Russia into a 'dirty war' we CANNOT win

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Many such cases!

Sad! (sick)

Not enough bodies. Tree would collapse under the weight and we'd have to find another one.


Plenty of industrial cranes left behind from Carillion.



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Good lad

wtf I love gardening now

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I thought you already loved gardening lad?


top wew

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I guess westie must be an Anglican

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you are fake news

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I do lad but now I've even more reason to redo the garden.

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can anyone watch that godwinson vid where he infiltrates the liberalists? honestly can't finish it, it's too awkward

based libraries

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You know what to do lads

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doesn't joe make that exact point in the 2nd one himself though?

all immigrants using the free phone to get free houses and benefits or charge their phones in the outlets, fucking ruins the library atmosphere smh

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Off fishing lads

What did you say? Gender is NON-binary?!?!''

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Good lad, enjoy.

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Yeah it wasn't even that awkward. He could've went full Sam Hyde and got booted out but didn't.

boring forced memi lad

aching all over from shooting rifles from a prone position all day
someone give me a massage? no gayists though.

gib pls

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Gloucesterlad's great great grandma

Sorry lad I had to filter you

she is butters get a grip of yourself

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Maybe he's a spy like monarch
Maybe he is monarch
Who knows

Found me and Westie kek

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Fair enough, couldn't handle him following Sargon around like a sexual predator filming him tbh

Why is it me-

you fucker 😂😂😂

Are these the liberalists? Either way that photo is amazing, every face is uniquely strange and if I was approached by any one of them I would fully expect an elder scrolls esque side quest asked of me.

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explain the joke

To be fair that was the point of the event for everyone involved regardless of intention.


Anyone got the wews cap of him saying the alt-right would be dead if it weren't for gays and trannies?

He's somewhat correct, you've done your bit for ethno nationalism.

If that's true it should be dead

all gays and trannies should be gassed

Settle down big guy

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Sorry to post a Zig Forums link but look at the state of Germany!

I mean you could do yourself in right now, nothing stopping you lass.

I think some are, it was a free speech event with Generation Identity

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Does anyone know of a good monastery, preferably well-hidden among high mountains?
t. peter hitchens

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London Free Speech Rally for Brittany Pettibone & Martin Sellner Being Political Prisoners

why would i do myself and why are you calling me lass i'll drink from your skull

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The three lads there look more normal but that blonde thing is horrifying.

Does anyone know what happened after Russian nobles stopped being Oikophobes in the 1800s?


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t. Wristlet

this is what happens when middle class and jewdents organise politically

I've said it before, it's the chavs that we need awaken. Once they have a purpose they will be an unstoppable force - the challenge is trying to give them that purpose

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Good day tbqhwyl

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What you waiting for lad?

I'd be like a rat up a drainpipe. Get on it!

But it's mummy's day lad I need to spend time with mummy.

French Brexit adverts banned from London Underground

This is an incest free board lad

it's like a reddit meetup

Im sure Generation Identity and co will be called far right again by the media. They are going to shit themself if they ever dare to report on an actual far right rally.

They are conducting themselves as completely normal and non extreme. Looking forward to the lies

I always expected Sargon to be tall, he has the kind of body that would look at home on a big guy.

But it seems he's below average height? Looking slightly ridiculous because that big-guy body is shrunken down proportionately. The same way a midget would look freakish if you scaled them up to normal size.

pretty funny

It is a reddit meetup

I expected him to be 5'8. He may be shorter.

nah that's these chaps

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isn't she sargons?

pack it in, you're butters too

saami niggers

I think Sargon stated his height was 5 foot something but he might have added two inches
Government do not give one single fuck

skin colour is no indication of ethnicity! biggots btfo

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Sargon's already stepped into the streets. What have you lads done?

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The one in the straw hat was there to argue with them tbf

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Why the fuck is this being protested here

the sad thing is using (correctly) "political prisoner" to refer to those imprisoned and abused under hate speech laws is something which I've long thought ought to be done but these mongs are associating it with alt roight yank fags

She's 5'6 and slouching while he's standing straight.

What do you think lads? 5'6, 5'7 or 5'8?

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Twitter are hiding this tweet…

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jej, looks like half the people there were there to do just that

5'3 until proven otherwise.

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Currently laying in bed next to my sleeping pregnant wife and studying for the ham radio foundation license exam.

How's your Sunday evening lads? want to take you all out for a beer tbh

polysyllabic nonsense tbh bring back anglish