Brit/pol/ #2202: Lords of the Sea Edition

'Girls must be saved from going through this hell': Call for public inquiry into Telford sex scandal as it emerges up to 1,000 children as young as 11 were drugged, beaten and raped over 40 years

Up to 1,000 girls abused over decades in Telford

Services at one of the country's busiest train stations Manchester Piccadilly have been ground to a halt after protesters stormed the tracks

'Punish a Muslim day' letters probed by terror police

PETER HITCHENS: We're goading Russia into a 'dirty war' we CANNOT win

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dal dooG

reminder that we have to earn our inheritance

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Blub blab

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You mongs. She isn't a tranny. She's a Polish lass. My gf is Polish, so I have some inside knowledge tbh

perfect face tbh


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*flees on land where it's safe*

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Good lad

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thanks lass

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Good lad

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Oh you poor, poor lad if you think it's bad now you're not going to last another 5 years.

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for her

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Who is she? Meg?

A country deserves the number of jews it gets

We actually have a really small amount of Jews, about 1 in 250 people.

can't wait tbh

London needs nuked.

wow what a great room

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for her

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White racism on the rise?

From that description, never watching ever. How can you watch shit like that?

dal sknahT

Blab blub

Good lad, even beachmasters cower before the mighty sea cows

Thanks lad

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Missed this one smh, thanks lad

its almost night time

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Pro-Kurdish demonstrators have caused delays and disruption at major railway stations in London and Manchester.

Police were forced to close Manchester Piccadilly after people stormed the station and climbed on to the tracks.

Within hours, ==King's Cross was shut down== to stop protesters getting on the tracks. Both stations have reopened.


Diversity makes us stronger.

It is a tranny


Hope you gutted her lad

Been hit hard with the blackpill today lads

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think we all have lad

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I admire the degree of technical competency that some late war artillery crews had
I remember seeing one video of a large German artillery piece firing at a target, and they were getting a shell off every 1.5 seconds or so

Pretty freaky

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politics is a playpen, get local lad. the richfags will never stand up for us and we don't have enough power to dictate things beyond local.


dating polish lasses is literally the same as joining NA

Got any context on that?


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cheers lad

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tbh if we do have WW3, the first week or so before we run out of phalanx ammo or f35s or carriers or Typhoons, before we run out out of the special suff, will be absolutely mental

is that a British ship?

That's what I have done tbh, these days I only ever focus on family, friends and my local area

Another name for haruspicy is 'extispicy.

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Not 100% reliable though is it, especially if the crew is asleep

They are shooting mortars out the sky.


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me too tbh, it feels good to belong somewhere tbf

It's one of these automated guns shooting down whatever it is that's in the sky

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Full moon tonight, lads. Beware of the doggo man

War has come a long way.

Did you know the French have a nuclear missile that they can fire from their regular fighter jet? It's meant as a standoff weapon or to be used to area deny, kinda crazy tbh.

Anti-missile/arty defence called CIWS

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funny day for it to hit that view count tbh, is this a sign lads?

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Once during Operation Gas The Wogs Praise Israel, an Iraqi Silkworm got through the Phalanx of an Iowa-class ship, was luckily distracted by the chaff fired and murdered DEAD by a based B-R-I-T-I-S-H SAM
Say thank you America

I was asking in the other thread what a civic nationalist was

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It's a sign

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tbqh every civic before 2002 is patrician

lol no its not, it's final quarter

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smh don't ruin it, lad

local uprisings when?

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but lad

I still remember the last auto chat where some user told me that wagon body shapes hurt rigidity. What did he mean by this?

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we must satisfy out lust, it is time

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smh lad only the woggo man fears the doggo man

doggos are baste and redpilled

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Would you eat dog if the chinese offered you some?

i love her lads

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A 92 civic lsi vtec will carry you for a quarter of a million miles in style, comfort and speed.

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Someone who thinks that no matter who you are you can be British by putting on a top hat and drinking tea.

That or someone who wants to make a oceanic nation made from Honda Civics

when Essex and I meet up and sail up the Thames tbh

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Death to traitors

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you're both buggered in the head

wouldn't be surprised tbf, the frogs are very good at doing stuff on a budget


dehumanise yourself

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3-door tier plebs

ok… what is *not* a civic nationalist?

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how did it become such a munter smh

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If I posted this would you all get vanned?

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that's not how ontology works lad

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Not a chance, lad. The idea of eating dogs disgusts and offends me. I'd sooner eat the chinese themselves tbh - neither a dog nor a slant are human, but a dog has a souls and is capable of things like loyalty and empathy, whereas a chink is just a clump of cells that has been hardwired to seek out resources and bring them back to the hive.