Are Owls demonic in some way? Are they linked to something occult?

Are Owls demonic in some way? Are they linked to something occult?
I'm starting to think so. I'm an orthodox russian christian who refuses to even read about the enemy so I don't know about the invisible world only the word of the TRUE God Jesus Christ hallowed be his name above all names. I know that in my heart of hearts that God protects me always but I'm starting to see owls wherever I go. I'm starting to worry as they seem to follow me with those large eyes…those haunting small beaks…I've done no communing with the invisible world but I am a Truth seeker above all other things and what I seek is the truth. so please, I ask, help a fellow out

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No. God made all birds. They are goodbois who eat mice.

No animal is inherently evil, though evil spirits/people often use animals for their own purpose (snakes are a major Biblical example). It’s superstitious to hate God’s creation because of what Satan and his worshippers do with it

If pigs can get possessed by demons I don't see why owls can't.
But as a species they aren't cursed.

Can anyone who knows of the invisible determine if it's a symbol to some censored ?

This, OP. You are most likely haunted by demonic owls. What do you think could be the reason for this? Have you sinned recently?

My last sin was looking at a girl in my class. I have a thing for african girls and I had thoughts of having mocha children with her. I know I was in the wrong and that is a lot of sins (pride, lust, envy) and I just feel terrible.

How do I rid myself of these demon owls?

Owls themselves aren't, and I'm no expert on this stuff either, but I know there are occult groups which take the owl as their symbol because it corresponds to Minerva. If you've ever heard of the bohemian grove, they're linked to that as well I think.
Its probably pretty surface level stuff, and by that I mean rich people larping as wizards or something, so the real threat isn't owl worshippers.

I'm not sure if this is true for Orthodoxy, but in Catholicism if you're tempted and resist it its not sin but virtue. Simply having a thought pop into your head isn't sin, but fully fantasizing without resisting it or acting upon it is.

Find a babushka from your church who knows the secret words, she'll know what to do

That seems like black magic. I'm deathly afraid of touching anything that even smacks of that. Is that authorized?

I still feel bad for it…but maybe I have too much pride in thinking I am worse than others

no and yes.
the current owl fetish of the elite comes from alex jone's "big break" they let him in to show it out in California.

It's just freaking owls, dude.

That's a grave sin however, which you need to confess to your priest. Especially as she was another race than you.

Big break out?

Oh hi Zig Forums. She was another human.

Are you the guy sageposting owls in old threads? Trying to get a creepypasta going or something?

This reminds me of the pigeon thread we had a while back

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I loved the pigeon thread

Owls are creation of God and therefore good in their nature. Sure some of them are assholes but most of animals after fall are.
As for usage of owl symbols by demonic, masons and occult dudes like them. Night, wise predators and stuff.

I did too. I hope that OP is out here somewhere.

All of creation is from God It's actually a sin to take something that is a good thing from God's creation, and see it as something evil, this is a big part of what the Masons seek to do, take something spiritually positive and change perception of it to make it an evil thing.

Just pray on it, and chill out, they're birds, don't fall too into this weird perception you have or it will just get worse. You could even make it a positive thing, if you're worried about it just pray when it freaks you out, go through Jesus prayer and all.

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When I was younger and more of a conspiracy theorist I delved into this quite a bit. There's a huge crossover with Owls and UFO/Alien related stuff. If you're like me and think that anything involving aliens (that isn't made up bullshit) is actually demons or something then you can make that crossover. I agree with everyone else in this thread that owls are just animals and aren't evil, but there is the possibility of something else disguising themselves as aliens. I know this sounds fringey because it kind of is, but here is a little article that sums it up:

Yeah, they are totally demonic, bro.
Hoot Hoot. Oh, shit. Hoot Hoot.
Keep running.
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Owls are gonna get ya.
They will lacerate you harmlessly with their mouse claws.
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You are at the brink of extinction.
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Owls are routinely maiming and massacring humans.
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Can't stop the owl.
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But seriously, they can't help that they can't have nicer, more svively eyes so you get those huge piercing peepers and they need to turn their heads to see in some direction.

In fact their eyes are so damn big and fixed that you can see them through their earholes.
Imagine being a birb at night that sits in trees and has to look at tiny mice in the underbrush.

Owls just wanna eat mice, bro. They want to live.
They get hungry, they don't have a grocery store.

Fu¢king gnostic

Ironic, since they're known amongst falconers as being exceptionally stupid.

How about that…
Just like occultists.

I want to have a pet owl or pet crow. I think theyee cute

Bohemian Grove, the place where all the world's leaders gather once a year and commit "play" sacrificial rites.

This is what happens to you if you aren't vigilant, you start thinking certain species of animals are evil. Please grow up OP

The owls are not what they seem.

Really? That's funny, they've always struck me as smart probably due to "wise owl" memes and the fact they frequently look quiet but intense. Can't always judge by appearances.

Don't listen to him. Folk superstition and secret rituals are not Christian