Brit/pol/ #2203: Daftyism Rising Edition

BBC pretty much ignores Telford childhood grooming scandal

Shropshire MP renews call for inquiry into child sexual exploitation

Brexit: Older Leave voters nostalgic for 'white' Britain, says Cable

London mayor Sadiq Khan warns big tech on hate speech

Theresa May is likely to announce that the UK believes Russia is behind the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, a senior Conservative MP has said before Monday morning’s national security council (NSC) meeting

PETA protest at Crufts

A nun begged Katy Perry not to buy her convent — then collapsed and died

Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers

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Yeah but monitoring what, shitposts?
I doubt anyone here is stupid enough to publish any plans here, so any monitoring is for nought.

Steady on lad fuckin ell

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Good lad


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One thot rallying thousands of feckless fucks compared to a few dozen lads all of whom have the potential to be lone wolves, would seem odd not to make at least some move against us.

I worded it poorly tbh lad; granted they can't sling us out, but they can still nab us and sling us in a cell

Online porn age checks delayed in UK

panic over lads

Optics. One lone lad going off is going to be a positive for the government because they get to make out that the right wing is more of a problem then we are.

maximum wewlad

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Its not about what we're saying but what we have the potential to say. Anyone on Zig Forums is by definition a potential terrorist to them, if any lad on here did break and decide to tell the board about his ebin plan to kill a politician tomorrow they would know about it. If they shut us down, that lad would be a Tommy Mair, planning his actions entirely alone with little contact with anyone else.
Secondly chans function as a machine for testing and executing psyops. Zig Forums just became aware of the fact in 2016 and briefly used it for their own ends. Various third party actors have been feeding memmies and shit through here and 4cuck for most of the decade. Zig Forums is'nt large enough for that but i've said this before, I think when the Tories realise the only way to compete with the corbyn daddy-cult is to create their own version of drumpf's 2016 campaign we will see Zig Forums OC popping up in strange places. Every great board has its moment.

As for Zig Forums specifically. I doubt there's any active monitoring, but I'd be surprised if they did'nt collect the IPs and history of everyone who posts here and add them to some kind of list authorising further surveilance.


They'd probably only shut this place down if they saw actual evidence of us beginning to use the place as an organisational tool for daft antics rather than just shitposting all day calling each other faggots tbh

But if one of /arelads/ actually did something then I reckon they'd have put enough planning into it to not get caught, meaning that they wouldn't have anyone to blame. If one of us went and stabbed a dozen pakis and vanished they wouldn't be able to go "oh this is clearly right wing extremism rising"

so you're saying we need more shitposting to mask the daftiness

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Lad if a bobby can't shoot one black thug without getting called a racist then do you really think the media isn't going to spin 'a dozen pakis' getting stabbed as evidence of da eebil waycists rising up

It's buried I cant even find anything.
because the BBC fuck kids

Reminder burning at the stake is a quintessentially British form of punishment.

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Agreed lad, I'm just curious what level of surveillance they have on us; are they spying on us every minute of the day through our phones, or do they know next to nothing about us as individuals.

You're all my pals tbh

t b h

If there is anything to be learned from politics since the Cold War and maybe earlier is that any crisis can be spun into a positive for the establishment.

shitpost harder faggot

Calm down there fruit loop

I prefer the rope tbh, it's the cheapest and most effective option second only to beheadings. Burnings require new fuel each time, rope is reusable

I think they most likely collect your IP and put you on a list of 'potential terrorists' or 'extremists' authorising them to collect your data history and any messages you send online. Zig Forums is'nt important enough for active surveilance I agree.

I've no doubt that they'd spin it, but without evidence they could not charge us in court.

Remember that time when Torfag user turned up in Zig Forums and said he'd distributed sweets in muslim areas he'd injected with brotosauruscum?

Lad, think about how many people we need to burn. We'd never recover from the sheer amount of deforestation that bringing back burning at the stake would cause.


"We're so great!"
"You need us now more than ever!"
sick of it tbh

So are saws

Then the media will just do the govs job for them.

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What about the rounders bat?

I'd just like to take this opportunity to apologise, whoever you are

its more retrospective tbh
you do something, they collect your phone look through it, raid your house, then use that "viewing right wing material" clause to add to the evidence to put you away and motive

Just use a metal stake

And that's what it all hinges on, them knowing that it was (you), without evidence they cannot pin that.

Is Nicholas Wilson /arelefty/ like Galloway?

That clause is utterly insane. Still blows my mind that people aren't aware that we live in a communist dictatorship with a democratic front of jewish politicians.

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This tbh, I always thought there was safety in the fact that there must be so many of us searching so much inane shit that cataloguing it all would be too much effort

This makes more sense

Nah I would imagine they have machines that automatically scan the history and flag up naughty things tbh

these last 48 hours are blowing my mind.


I posted the link to it infact being pro Kurds that shut down the trains, after this girl was moaning from being stuck, no one has replied or commented on it, no one wants to point out that middle eastern conflicts from mass immigration are destroying our country.

And according to this Tommy Robinson and Generation Identity are right wing, so theoretically if you have ever watched a video about either of them you are fucked

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What's even better is that with a shared internet it'll be jumbled up by even more inane shit, "where to buy poison" next to amazon orders for One Direction tickets just looks odd.


Mosley was overrated tbh lads, he has nothing on tommy robinson

time to delete my youtube history. tbh if I did anything daft Id probably delete myself and trash my computer not that I really have anything to hide. This is the level of paranoia they are instilling in us, actually normal people, isnt that right GCHQ?

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What's righter than right wing? We must be at least righter than right wing if based Theresa, based Tommy and based Lauren, based Brittany and based Generation Identity are right wing

Speak for yourself mate

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Paranoid about what? Being patriotic

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Yes, they are making this a crime literally.

tbh guys i thing socialism is way overrated, communism was way better

Paranoid about being caught for wrong think and being publically crucified by the media as an example

just like a whole bunch of retarded shite on youtube so when gchq looks at it they can't post your liked videos because every other one is a danceing pig

I know right, 32 county socialist republic now!


This tbh
I don't care about myself but the amount of shame I'd bring on my family for being outed as a racist weirdo would be worse than any judicial sentence

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That's why you bridge the gap by searching "how to poison a One Direction fan and steal their tickets".

Speak for yourself, lad. I don't care what titbits the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) can find out about me on the internet. I don't use a VPN or anything like that tbh. If they ever actually try to arrest me for something as inane as "viewing wrongthink online" I'll beat the police officers to death with my bare hands just for wasting my time. It's insulting. If they want to arrest me, they better have the decency to do it over a real crime.

mods please delet leaf flag
it was clearly a mistake

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Kill me now.
Being a national socialist, I class myself as an unironic enlightened centrist but these fags are so left wing that they'd probably see me as off the charts right wing.

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The normalfags are actually outraged about what's happening.
I lurk some brexit groups on facekike and loads of boomer normalfags are really pissed off, some of them even calling for total revolution and hanging of the entire government. the fire rises tbh

Im not talking about you lads obviously. I talking about people in general. No one wants to speak about this when its in your face and shutting down your trains.

Based congressman never heard of Thomasching Jefferchong

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It was a shoddy example based on how Christmas shopping buggers up my usual amazon recommendations; what was once mostly outdoor equipment is then ruined by kids toys and normie music

tbh I just want to know how much they are actually tracking us, I mean if they're tracking us irl as well then I'll start taking back alleys so I can ambush GCHQT

There's grumbling, lad, and there didn't used to be. Give it time and it'll get louder.

Im not normal either

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It never ends

I wouldnt be paranoid until youve been charged with something tbh. Then youll know if you are under suvailance, because they are shit at it.

The only reason that it's easy for people like us to get blackpilled is because those whites who have an IQ higher than 115-120 don't associate with the vast majority of the populous and only associate with who could be described as intellectual aristocracy; university graduates etc - we all know they are essentially just ZOG puppets, brainwashed by higher education. The average working class individual, who makes up the majority of the populous, doesn't think like this. At worst, they pretend not to be "racist" because they bow to social pressures, give them justification, encouragement or confidence and they'll tell you that pakis stink.

why blackpill lad?
life can be pretty good once you accept Christ into your life.
The only reason you feel torment is because you know there are absolute rights and wrongs.
just follow your instincts and you will end up at Christ's door

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Basically everyone in the UK, outside of little faggots who went to uni to get brainwashed, is racist and they're just scared because they're socially not allowed to be racist things. When they do express racism, it's always through some retarded lens, because they don't know how racist they're actually allowed to be

Huge if true

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wew this would be nice

>muh (((iq)))
I'd rather an island of deano serfs led by an esoteric groups of big brained bois than an island of fart-huffing "intellectuals"
Choose your fighter

I've never blackpilled tbh, I find it fucking pathetic, it's the pussy's version of nihilism enfused with the laziness and fecklessness of a little cunt.

i t n e v e r e n d s

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The only solution is to fix the world

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Don't be a quagmire, lad, I wasn't 'muh iq' posting, I was just saying that "intelligent" people associate with """"intelligent"""" people who are more often than not brainwashed imbeciles.
I'd rather have the FLA than every university student in the UK.

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I know what you meant mate, my point was who gives a flying fuck about eejits willingly deluding themselves? If their high IQ leads them to associate with complete fucking spackers then it shows how bloody irrelevant IQ is.


Lads, what if GCHQ don't v& us because we're patriotic and they know once SHTF we will inevitably be the ones who save Britain?

GCHQ is progressive as fuck

Its extremely relevant with regards to general ability to live a successful life and not starve to death in snow after civilization collapses because you're too much of a mong to farm and it's also relevant with regards to susceptibility to brainwashing:
Such is life


Lad the working masses don't have the IQ of a pikey tbf, they're not dim.

God forbid he tell you to change diet to heal your fucked metabolism

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