Brit/pol/ #2205: Breathe In Some Novichok Gas Edition

Pompeii shitposters from Pompeii.htm

Emoji flags still not here - jocks BTFO

The Beeb still pushing their Bregret memi (but not getting any (You)s)

(((Ben))) & (((Jerry)))'s branch out from ice-cream to political commentary

Muh Russia, Muh Russia, Muh Russia

Some thots get pissed at each other, idk

DNA tests can now predict IQ - science outlawed because of hate speech

Beating the jerries at their own game: British breweries tackling German-style wheat beers

Austin, Texas, is BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW texas&src=typd

Look at this Russian jew who co-operated with the US government to avoid prison - isn't he wonderful?

@CarolineLucas competes with the abused girls of Telford for victim status

MYTH BUSTED: There IS such a thing as "British food"

The Beeb covering up all the noncery going on

Brexit referendum found invalid because it turns out some old people voted

Sadiq Khan thinks he's relevant

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), Muh Russia, etc.

Some nice bread and circuses to distract you from the nonces

Katy Perry literally kills a nun in cold blood

"When I grow up, I want to be Rodrigo Duterte" - Donald Trump, age 71

Porn safe for the time being, thousands of nofaps ruined

Bagans baganing

Kurds accidentally protest in wrong country, very embarrassing

Muh Russia, spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), etc.

Bookkeeper of Auschwitz dies at 96

Probably true tbh


Hey rabbi, what'cha doin'?

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It won't save them.

Good morning reminder that baganism is atheism 2.0

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at least we get nuked at midnight

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genuinely laughed, that's proper self-parodying nipster baganism.


Oh thank God, I was tired of waiting.

Ignore "pan-europeanism", he obviously means European nationalism in general smh not sure if real, kind of awful if it is

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Godwinson and Metokur vs Liberalists

>I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars

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I don't know if she's some sort of esoteric parody as she just spews utter bollocks.

Our police are a joke.

Did I fucking miss the part where they published proof that Russia did it.

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the eternal boogeyman.


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It's too late to go back on it, it's on every front cover.

I'm in a journalist killing mood right now.

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Blimey, based big thread. That's a lot of news.

Tbh it was them but who cares it's just a traitor

why go all out like this so fast smh

I don't get why we even put links in the OP no one reads them

I don't even care who fucking did it, I'm fed up of being dragged closer to war with Russia for the sake of fellow white people

Wew I dont know why they didn't just say they were coming here on holiday.

To hide Telford.

>"I don't read them so nobody reads them"

tbh their behaviour reminds me of the gays who went out of their way to cause a commotion and then cry "aaaah homophobia :((((" and antifa crying "victim!" when they go to start trouble.

Lad why would anyone read them, we are able to look at the news on our own, smh it's almost as bad as reading the thread from before you post in it

Bit far fetched to say they took out Ken Dodd just to cover up Telford dont ythink

>"why should we have discussions about the news in the threads when you can just go and read about it elsewhere"
Let's never post articles nor have discussions as kardashianposter doesn't want that, we can just go into the article comments section instead.

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I meant them having it on every front cover

Some people come Zig Forums just to get the headlines tbh

smh it's almost as bad as reading the thread from before you post in it
Y-yeah, you'd have to be a complete weirdo to do something like that, ha ha.

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Lad… At best you ctrl+f 22st and ctrl+f (you)

Its possible that Alex Jones might be coming to speaker's corner this Sunday to support Tommy!

We don't discuss links in the OP only the ones posted in the thread, if anything it stifles discussion.

That seems a very odd use of Zig Forums I doubt people do that.

I know, why would anyone read through others inane shitposts


This place also acts as a giant filter for crappy articles, people don't want to trawl through a dozen articles about celeb toes just to find a relevant news article.
Also think of how many of us wouldn't have heard about Telford if it weren't foe the threads, seeing as most outlets weren't publishing the story.

*charges towards you*

Good idea lad, those are the only posts that matter after all.
>messed up my greentext smh

I like to see what shenanigans people got up to while I was asleep tbh. It's entertaining to read while I eat my breakfast, and the thread usually isn't very fast at that hour anyway.

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Speak for yourself, I've seen OP link discussion plenty of times.

How; you're not forced to read them, it's there for people to read if they choose to, and they can start a discussion if they choose to. You're just making shit up now.

What a silly debate.

Next time just have no links,a picture of a scone with jam and be done with it.

fuck Dunblane and every fucking buzzfeed roastie cunt fud under the sun

Why don't manlets just wear getas?

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They wear heels instead

LADS someone post the pic of sarcuck next to the traffic light okay thank you

For every 1 example I can show you twenty where people don't.
Links posted in the thread creates discussion and talking points, ones in the OP go largely ignored. Therefore create less discussion whilst expending more effort.

are you going there to take measurements?


A group that expects a certain standard of quality from the actions of its members is harder to infiltrate and subvert tbh. Removing barriers to entry, lowering the quality of discussion, and encouraging new members to join in without internalising the group's cultural mores is Internet Community Subversion 101 tbh. spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) like to be the ones to control the discussion, and making the new thread is a part of that, even though it offers no control over what goes on inside the thread.

tbh lad

Generally speaking, links posted in the thread are new. Links in the OP have often been posted in the previous thread, and already discussed.

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OP links are daily updates. People who later discuss them in a later thread might have missed them earlier in the day. There are people who come and go from Zig Forums for weeks or months at a time. If a Zig Forums user returns after weeks of being off the site, the links in the OP, along with the numbering system, also serve as an archive, meanong we have reference points that can be found in a reasonable amount of time for those out of the loop.

Remove yourself Lancashite, you fucking mackerel.

From what I notice they are generally new when from the time a person creates the thread. We certainly don't discuss the amount of links we have in this OP, but if we do have links and they are older surely they should only put the ones we discuss in so we can filter out the stuff people don't care about rather than this spam.

we're going to have to put Brexit on hold and work with EU partners while these external threats are dealt with

Too many links fam

People generally don't do that which is the point.
Or you could use the date of the thread, it's a very odd way to catalog these events and OPs usually miss happenings and fast paced discussions due to them not being make at the same time as the event.

Dating threads would be too logical smh

No but there's one near work that's similar.


>"I can post proof"
At least every other thread has at least one user talk about an OP link.
How the fuck does it stifle discussion in any way? How the fuck can the main links at the top of the thread go ignored? Stop chatting bollocks.

Except they do, which is why I post them in an OP. There are posters who only come on in the evening who'll have missed the earlier articles and discussions, this gives them the opportunity to see them as well.
Stop making excuses for your own laziness.

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Nothing ever changes.

It's more than the usual number of links, sure, but calling it spam is an exaggeration. You can easily skim through the headlines posted in less than a minute, to see if anything piques your interest.

I may have gone a bit overboard tbh.

Zig Forums already does that tbh.

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Lad come on even you are cleverer than that.
people complain about links being reposted etc.
You mean like they are now?
Let's see you back up that claim
Then surely they should be filtered rather than spammed if they come home from work tired.
Stop making excuses for your autism

Doesn't help when Ctrl f ing the catalog

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Well you know what they say one mans spam is another mans effort post
I was meaning when you search using the catalog, if it does work then links aren't needed for reference and if I'm wrong I've got an improvement.

>"haha you didn't ask checkmate"

There hasn't been any complaints outside of that. In fact, those complaints fucking prove that people do read through the OP.

>"haha checkmate"

>"stop making excuses for your autism"
I miss the days when "hurr autism" wasn't the only insult on the 'net.


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Why would you like to be adopted by boomers?
Revisionism is fine now

Look at this thread no one is talking about any of the links
To partially sate your autism
that started an hour into the thread stop being disingenuous
Putting so many rather than three or four good ones in is, it buries the more topical ones.
Top argument there lad


Fucking d r o p p e d before I even bothered, a shame since I was looking forward to it.
At least we have the Paul movie coming out next week.

Fucking wew


That Francis really gets on my nerves sometimes. It's almost like he's not even Christian at all.
smh lads it's a woman being good at things. I guess we've got to spread rumours about her for 2000 years now.

Notice how these films are always popping up around Easter, when Christians celebrate Christ's resurrection.

>directed by Garth Davis, who recently dorected (((Weinstein Company))) film 'Lion'


All you've done is made shit up, the only person agreeing with you is yourself, and your complaints are all about yourself and your lazy link reposting. "I don't read the OP therefore nobody does!", "no-one reads the OP but people complain if the OP links are reposted!", "no-one likes OP links but I'm the only person complaining about it!"
Are you trying to win some esoteric "worst poster on the board" award.

The Paul film will be good.

They were such catty bitches in t'olden days

Catholics aren't Christian, go to a Catholic Church and watch how they act with statues of Mary.

Holy shit is this a brainlet film


I know, lad. I probably should've included a :^) face, but I've been trying to wean myself off them lately. I use it way too often tbh.



Can't see that link in the OP and even if it is it the post happens during the discussion, therefore is invalid.
Anyway I've got to go to the shops but you can try to think up a new argument and hope it works better than your previous ones.

explain the incident between UK and Russia to me

regards serial idiot

counting down tbh

He's been right on the nose today for a change :^)

made up shit to enforce the artificial split between russia and the west


Russian Austin Powers used some totally groovy powder on a double agent and now nothing significant will happen

You may feel he is right but sadly he can't reply to my points hence he is ignoring them.

Speaking of bad films.

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Did a double-take at 0:53. It sounded like Nige was naming the jew right in the middle of of the european parliament. was a bit disappointed when I realised he said "the shoes".

*starts chewing spurdo gum to fight the cravings*

May making shit up to cover up the aeful job she's made of Brexit.

If only
*smacks lips*
there was some sort of
*shuffles about*
medium, like the OP
*grabs dick*
where we posted links
*makes rap album*
to recent events
*eats chicken wings*
then discussed them.

Too bad we don't have anything like that on Zig Forums

Holy shit he's onto something
Smh maybe we should stop using the OP for boring relevant news hyperlinks and start posting links to current and topical affairs

watch it you cunt

Guess what retard?

Wew, the mental gymnastics that some people put themselves through to justify their addictions…