Many of you on this board are lukewarm heretics(yes you too mods)

I cant believe how many of you commit sin by taking your memes too far. For example, how many memes have I seen that are supposed to be "anti heresy" but how come in those the saints are presented cursing and saying swearwords which refer to the most obscene things, such as sexual intercourse etc.

I have also seen memes where the Most Blessed Virgin Mary is presented as an anime character. I have even seen pictures where our LORD JESUS CHRIST is outright blasphemed by presenting Him as some funky meme persona(including on the board banners).

I dont understand how you people think this is somehow okay. There is no doubt about it, you lack fear of God and youre committing sin when you engage in this sort of memeing. The faith is not a joke, not even in 2018 ANNO DOMINI.

PS: nothing wrong with memes, but I personally wont meme at the expense of the saints and martyrs or God forbid with the Blessed Name of our Lord

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Memes shouldnt exist anyway. They are graven images.

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Don’t bump OP’s stupid thread. What are you doing???


Was an accident. I tried uploading but it didnt, I even checked the catalog and I didnt see it there.

Oh I guess my message here is just STUPID then. I would be glad if someone at least provided their shaky argument against my completely reasonable concern.

But I dont doubt thats going to happen because youre just lukewarm heretics infected with the plague of modernism.

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stop tossing words without understanding their meaning
Also, nice picture encouraging smoking and drinking at the same time, destroying your liver.

Or rather smoking at all

Well, let’s start out with your hypocrisy. Don’t piss and moan about profanity when you’re uploading memes with profanity in them as well. Piss off

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Im a sedevacantist, KJV is an incomplete Bible that was ripped of precious God inspired books by the protestants.

But maybe I should walk off to /KJV/, perhaps the people there have a heart with more fear of God even if they are theologically lost.

Drinking wine is sin only if you drink to get drunk. Besides its evident from the pic related that its strawberry juice or something of that sort. Im not defending smoking, but if youre ready to attack this meme for a fake cigarette then youd better be ready to attack every single cardinal in Rome who smokes.

What profanity did I post? The 2 pics with profanity that I posted in the OP were examples of the exact profanity I was accusing this board and its users of

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Don’t post it, dumb fu¢k. That’s like complaining about pornography on Zig Forums, and then uploading examples to prove your point. Bumbling MORON.

I refuse to listen to demons talking thru men

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I dont care, I'm Orthodox. And it still encourages smoking, according to your logic, while ignoring the important part of the post
Also, let me guess, you're that Romanian LARPer, who was crying in other threads that there were chairs in the church, and people walking in with sandals? People like you are the reason why some people think of us as roleplaying. Curb your autism.

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Nice meme BEGOME

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Oh boy ;s But know what ? I agree regardless. The board's quality has been free falling for a long time now, precisely since tutor abandoned the board for matters of faith and family (which I fully support, don't get me wrong) and the two Euro mods simply can't be here all day, not even the biggest portion of it. Your concerns, however, are just going to be met with insults and ridicule - with the memes and attitudes you despise so much.
If you're serious about your faith, you leave the board. Everyone serious about their faith should be doing that, me included. Once the Rosary thread dies it's time to leave.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Mercy upon us sinners.

He's most likely Orthodox already, a Romanian one, who may be the same person who opened this >>>671042 thread, judging from the pictures he uses.


No I wasnt that person.
Also I refuse to listen to advice from schismatics who allow adultery by divorce and "remarriage".
The fellowship on this board is absolutely amazing. I can truly feel the love of thy neighbour. This is why false ecumenism shouldnt be practised with schismatic heretics, because they will not humble themselves before the heavenly authority of the one true Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church and will insult you like a demon posessed heathen.

The so called traditional catholics arent traditional at all. They dont believe the same things that catholics for almost 2000 years believed. They believe the Vatican II apostate false church, which is not the Church at all. How can they claim to believe the same teachings when the past few popes have rejected the core dogmas of the Church?

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Just me or the devils are working overtime to divide up this board lately, stirring inter-denom bickerings left and right.

No I wasnt that person.
Also I refuse to listen to advice from schismatics who allow adultery by divorce and "remarriage".
The fellowship on this board is absolutely amazing. I can truly feel the love of thy neighbour. This is why false ecumenism shouldnt be practised with schismatic heretics, because they will not humble themselves before the heavenly authority of the one true Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church and will insult you like a demon posessed heathen.

The so called traditional catholics arent traditional at all. They dont believe the same things that catholics for almost 2000 years believed. They believe the Vatican II apostate false church, which is not the Church at all. How can they claim to believe the same teachings when the past few popes have rejected the core dogmas of the Church?

Youre right. I dont feel like staying here anymore. I was going to leave here eventually, but I guess I should do that right after this thread dies. I just wanted to point this fact out to all the lukewarm people here who are committing sin by posting their worldly memes. I know most will hate this, but maybe theres someone who will listen and at least I warned you people.

God bless you sir

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oh alright then, I messed up again with duplicate post


Ah, so (you) really are a sede. Well…that really says a lot. Also, no, I did not insult (you), just provided a logical observation from (you)r posts that reeks with autism.
Also, one that criticizes memes, (you) really seem to base (you)r faith and opinions on memes too while also being member of a literal meme denomination. And dont even know meanings of the words such as, "demon possessed", "heathen", "heretic", "modernist" and so on. In fact, I'll just assume that (you) are a LARPer that wants to sabotage name of sedevacantists. The saddest part is that (you)r points about profanity in original post is right but it is completely ruined by (you)r autistic temper tantrums.
Here's my last (you) to (you). Have a nice day, friend.

Using “profanity” is never declared a sin in the Scriptures, but bearing false witness is. Thanks for the second display of hypocrisy

So believing in the uncompromised catholic teaching of 2000 years instead of the altered teaching of the modern "catholic church" is being part of a meme denomination? Well if thats what you think it is, Im ready to take that. At least I dont take my faith as a meme, unlike many of you people seem to, based on the the meme culture Ive seen on this board.

He would not use obscene swear words. Thats enough evidence that you shouldnt do it, my man

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Depends on what you mean by profanity, if you are talking about the definition in ezekiel 22:26
Then yes that's a sin because of God ordering us to be holy, that is seperate, in 2 timothy 2:16


It's called art, last time I checked we aren't muslims that can't even draw a silly sand man.

I've never seen someone sea lion this hard and this badly… actual sea lions are more polite and don't start the fight.

(note- sea lioning isn't even wrong if you're not the one starting s#$t but… you probably shouldn't follow them into their house)

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I’m talking about “curse words.” Such as f**k, sh*t, hell, damn, etc. basically all of the words that man arbitrarily decided were “bad.”

Based on what, exactly? Who defines an “obscene” word, anyway?

Huh? Why was my file deleted???

OP is right though now that I think about it relating to pictures as exodus 20:4
The "any likeness of anything" part seems to include all pictures and selfies, don't "make unto thee" said graven pictures/"images" or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:.

Oh, (((you))) are back, I see…

I think you missed the whole point. It's art, anyone can draw whatever they want, as long as people don't worship it and claim it to be God Himself it shouldn't really matter. Because when you start to claim that we can't do art of people, that's when you become a second-degree islamist.

Well those words can be ==used== badly depending on the context. First let's look at the Bible's usage and definition of cursing in 2 samuel 16:5,7-8
This "Shimei" "cursed" david without saying any of those words you mentioned. Also see job 3:1-9
Here Job wishes evil upon the day he was born saying "Let the day perish wherein I was born". So cursing is to wish evil upon something. Now back to the so called "curse words", you can bless someone using the word "hell". For example, I bless and wish for your soul not to go to hell. You also can curse without using the word "winnie the pooh", such as an example of: I wish for you to rot inside the dirt. That was just an example, I do not truly wish for such a thing.

If you're talking about this, I totally disagree. It's a perfectly respectful and beautiful picture which just happens to be drawn in the Japanese manga style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, unless you believe anime/manga is inherently bad, which is a ridiculous opinion.
Occasionally I see a pic posted that seems disrespectful of Jesus (that one of a muscular Jesus ripping himself off the cross comes to mind), but not often

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Seriously though, why don't you just become Orthodox?

because theyre not catholics, theyre schismatics. Orthoprot

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But you're a heretic though.

No, orthodox are the heretics. They left the Church


sedevacantists are the true catholics that remained in the Church as a remnant, while the vast majority left it by believing the heresies of Vatican II and its antipopes

No, you're just a heretic that acts like a muslim when it comes to art. Thanks for your input though.


Nowhere did I condemn art. Nowhere did I say the Church cant have art. Quite the contrary Im defending the sacred art used by the Church because many people here are mocking it, by mixing profanity with sacred images of the saints and Christ. If anyone alters the sacred art in a way that associates it with sin then they are committing severe sin.

But if youre referring to the anime drawings of Mary and Jesus then youre just stupid, that stuff is nonsense and is meant to appeal to the effeminate weebs.

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1 corinthians 3:4-7
1 corinthians 1:12-13

Okay bro, I mean you're not making a single argument about what's wrong with it. Just that people you don't like like it ('weebs'). And the people who like that art are effeminate, but traditional Catholic art of Jesus like pic related are always totally super-masculine!

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you just indirectly called the Sacred Heart of Jesus art effeminate for the sake of winning an argument in favor of anime? Do you really want to go to hell?

Cover the beard with your finger and tell me he doesn't look like a woman in that picture. I'm not sure how me disliking this one work of art is supposed to send me to hell. Did the art come directly from God? You're entitled to your opinions about Christian art and so am I.

That isn't an accurate depiction of Jesus since the hair isn't white in line with what revelation 1:12-16 states. It is decietful.

In all seriousness, that doesn't look like a women to me either. Not that it matters because all it is, is a picture.

Then all of it's evil, there's no in between here.

Revelation is full of apocalyptic imagery, it's description of Jesus isn't supposed to be an accurate description of what he looked like on earth. He was only 33 when he died, it would have been odd if he had white hair. Judas wouldn't have had to kiss him to identify him to the Romans, he could've just pointed out "He's the only young guy with completely white hair".

I bet you get fooled by traps all of the time

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Behold, your Lord, your God

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< it's description of Jesus isn't supposed to be an accurate description of what he looked like on earth
Are you saying that the book of Revelation of the Bible, the word of God that cannot lie according to titus 1:2, is lieing? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. romans 3:4

God is in heaven and not in a graven image upon the earth. 1 john 2:21-23

no true christian can deny that the Shroud of Turin is an image of our Lord Jesus Christ

he is no true Christian, he is an infamous hafizposter that pollutes this board with heresies. He was banned several times already, but evades it constantly.

(((They))) who took physical red blood samples never found the john 19:34-35
Jesus came by water and blood 1 john 5:6-8
And thusly it could not be the same Son of God's red blood and water blood which we should wash ourselves within in revelation 7:14
Obviously it is not the red blood as then our robes would be scarlet, but rather the water blood. But said (((researchers))) in (((babylon))) found none of the water blood.

Agree with you on this.
Anime fags should be burned at stake.

My brother was wearing two types of fabric yesterday. I nearly beat him to death.

Actually it was the Pope who excommunicated the Patriarch of constantinople, and then he "excommunicated" the Pope.
How could catholics be the schismatics if we were the ones who kicked you out for being retards (not as much as prots).

Kys prot

Well, there's only one cure for that - turn up the heat.

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your pope loves the prots more than catholics. Whos the prot here?

Nice sourceless claim.
Either way you guys deserve love as well.

Im the sede. Do I still deserve some?

Of course. We must pray for everyone in the world to repent and join the Catholic Church, the only One that saves.

You see I pray for those who believe the false doctrines of Vatican II and the apostasies of the antipopes too. God bless you sir

This entire thread is a mess. You can post if you are able to have a civil discussion and abide by the rules, but don't post if you can't.

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That face looks way more masculine than the rosy cheeked, narrow jawed cherub in the pic I posted.

Nothing wrong with that image though. And if anyone claims there is something wrong with it, let them be anathema

No, it's not lying, it's not intended to be taken literally. Look up 'apocalyptic literature' online.
Died a second time? What do you mean? Jesus only died once. His physical body was 33 years old when he dies, of course he pre-existed as a spirit before that.
>Third have you not considered that in the days of Jesus' walking on the earth that white hair was a common thing? And that perhaps the (((modern day fake jews))) in (((babylon/fake israel))) are all liars who lie about what Jesus and the biblical jews actually looked like?
Seems unlikely. There would be some mention in the historical record about people's hair colors changing so dramatically. Hair going gray and then white has always been associated with aging.
"The glory of young men is their strength, And the honor of old men is their gray hair"
-Proverbs 20:29

Not really your place to declare people anathema is it? What makes this one work of art so special that anyone who dislikes it is damned?

Lol what? Have you actually read the documents?
I agree the language they use is a softer one unfortunately but they still reaffirm the bimillenar dogmas of the Church.
And before you sperg out with muh satanic mass, keep in mind that liturgical changes have no dogmatic value.
You guys are literally prots who can't obey authority and interpretate the stuff by themselves. Sure some popes post Vatican II were not very good, but bad popes existed in every single century (perhaps except in the 19th century and in the first 4 or 5 of course).
Everytime there's a council there's always butthurt retards who schism from the church.

Who to blame then? I blame the (((winds of change))) and the spirit of Vatican II, not the council in itself (the council is only shit in liturgical and disciplinary stuff not dogmas).
It is true the Church is infected with modernists that it winnie the pooh hurts and the excommunications aren't being applied for most cases.
But the church will never fall. Saying the Catholic Church isn't right anymore is just being like Luther who too believed is church was right.

I'm who should I belive?
The Catholic Church with 2000 years of unbroken succession or some random dudes who say some random council is false? It happened so many winnie the pooh times. With nestorians, old catholics etc just to name a few.
Why should I belive in you and your friends? Might as well become a Baptist.

I have read parts of it and I saw enough to conclude that this is not the Holy Roman Church talking with heavenly authority

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So in your opinion a Christian shouldn't talk with people of other religions and befriend them in order to put them in the right path? Hello Judaism.
Conveniently lefts out the part where it says that people who don't aren't Catholic are going to hell just like the people who refused to listen to Peter and Paul.

Also nostra aetatis still reaffirms the Church is the Truth. Don't know what's your problem. Because it doesn't say plainly that tiggers who aren't Catholic are going to hell and their religion is fake and gay? Although this is true I bet you would convince lots of them to become catholics.
Did Paul go full autistic when talking with the pagans in Athens?
Acts 17:16
Now whilst Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred within him, seeing the city wholly given to idolatry.

Of course he was mad and hated paganism but it didn't make him to behave like an autist
Acts 17:22-28
But Paul, standing in the midst of the Areopagus, said: Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious. For passing by and seeing your idols, I found an altar also, on which was written: To the Unknown God. What therefore you worship without knowing it, that I preach to you: God, who made the world and all things therein, he being Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands. Neither is he served with men's hands, as though he needed any thing: seeing it is he who giveth to all life and breath and all things: And hath made of one, all mankind, to dwell upon the whole face of the earth, determining appointed times and the limits of their habitation. That they should seek God, if haply they may feel after him or find him, although he be not far from every one of us. For in him we live and move and are: as some also of your own poets said: For we are also his offspring.

In my opinion the problem with you guys is lack of humility.
You close yourselves in your closed cult in the name of "tradition" instead of going out and to do charity to your neighbours for exemples where are sedes doing missionary work? Or helping people in shitty countries and teaching them the faith? Or support men and women who sin, who got pregnant before marriga, who came from prostitution rings etc. Why aren't you guys saving those souls or trying to like a regular Catholic?

Faith and works are needed, not autistic ramblings about a council that didn't change any dogma.

Honestly, I agree. I think a lot of the people who came here from Zig Forums are just the inverse of a cultural Christian. Instead of being secular liberals, they’re right-wing ‘race realists’. Just like cultural Christians, they’re only Christian for the sake of their politics, or because it resists muh degeneracy and is from based Europa. I love this board but let’s be realistic, there’s a decent population of meme ‘Christians’

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This thread is complete garbage and cancerous retardation. I’m done with this abomination.

See you tomorrow, sedememer

then anderson shouldn't exist

its a non-christian and his lackeys 'trolling'