Brit/pol/ #2206: TV Licence Edition

Telford MP: BBC not standing up for white working class

UK should set date for everyone to speak English

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

UK forced to pay BILLIONS for US ineptitude as new F-35 jets still can’t fly

Bercow says 'bollocks to Brexit'

Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras

Two women are arrested after 'mass brawl' breaks out at pub's Mother's Day strip show

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1st for thermonuclear war with Russia

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Oh the irony


First for visiting the Pentagon

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Not much point me doing this seminar prep work then is there

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I remember first year wew

can the mods or BO please sort it out ok thank you

^ fake and gay


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If you're the type who just rocks up to transcribe whatever the one fucker who's done the prep work says then I'd love to set your house on fire tbh

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/BigBrain/ discussion

Will I get a date with GCHQT if I download this lad

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*slowly slaps open palm with weighted end of club while looking at you*

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nah its not even the osprey i wanted to upload which was about the teutonic knights but Zig Forums is a cancerous little shithole of a webpage which tells you its on 100% posted but doesnt actually post anything until you upload the smallest file in the folder to check if it works then (and it does)

Nah I was joking lad. Im normally the one who does the reading and answers the questions when no one can be arsed.

only following the teachings of Christ, kiddo

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We should just not go to the seminars lad. That'll teach the cunts.

there is a second muh russia now wew. war tomorrow tbh


Hey Mister Pope, check out this sweet ring.

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One time I decided not to answer the questions and the room was silent for a good 2 minutes before the lecturer asked what I thought personally top lel. I dont think the rest of the class like me though because Im really arrogant and try to correct the Lecturer on her Latin grammar smh.

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*hurriedly learns Russian*

Is your lecturer a milf?

God Bless Schlomald Blumpfenstein may he crush the enemies of the Children of Israel

Im not watching this but I wouldnt be surprised if it promotes Sharia law.


Sharia law is fourth wave feminism tbh

Of course its different for cnn they are allowed to watch as for us we don't give a shit about what cnn thinks and shockingly police doesn't either. Britain went to drain when they were attacking Polish pedes working in UK, same based people who helped to defend Britain during ww2, from there it was a downward spiral, go Poland!

wtf i want to go to war with russia now

Nah shes a jewish turbo dyke with a problem haircut. Literally heard her say oy vey beneath her breath the first time she gave a lecture. Academia, even within a 'top' university, is cancer.

A century ago women wouldnt have been thought capable of understanding the classics. Now I'm the only lad in the class.

Lad what?

tbqh the lad that always tries to do that is a cock
even those that do read in advance hate you

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go to bed westie


Tbh I am a cock

That sucks, but moreover are you studying a memi degree?

completely agree
inshallah womyn

yank trump supporters talking about when britain 'went wrong'

its just turned 5

Yeah I am. I thought the fact that it came from a good uni would balance that out. Maybe so maybe no. Everythings fucked anyway.

what do you think?

go to bed

Lad have a can of monster to calm down then try again



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Right that's it son! Enough of your bollocks! Put your hands in the air where I can see them

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Man, it's just depressing what's happened to our brethren across the pond. Why won't they MEGA? I had high hopes after Brexit, but the UK just seems to keep progressing down the shitter. Perhaps it too late for them.

MEGA sounds good tbh

There are only two afterlifes.

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we dont identify with our government as much as burgers do. Our country doesnt reflect them.

heaven and hell

Every time I shuddee

never has since 1066




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im starting to hate yanks so much

Careful lads it's one of those artificial inheritence things

This is probably the most that will happen.


are they wrong

what are we going to do to correct that impression then.

our police arent gunless compared to guncrime levels



Yeah, america has rape gangs and far worse gang crime than us, and despite 2nd amendment has done nothing to stop gun control, far worse demographically as well

Unironically the worst Americanism, considering how their entire country exists thanks to French foreign aid.

meh blimpf is making moves and at least trying

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If enough white men banded together they cant arrest all of us tbh

yeah and im one of the only people on Zig Forums who still defends conwald rump tbh

give me a place and a time nigger ill be there

good afternoon my fellow semite


Yanks need to stop pretending that they know how the world works.

I mean the EDL and FLA are spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) but they can gather quite a crowd when they try

why dont they just mobilise their full force go down to every city this is happening in and join the local lads to fuck the police and pakis both up

We’d rather die than enlist’: Ultra-Orthodox Jews clash with police over military draft
Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews have blocked roads and clashed with police in Israel, protesting military drafts. Footage shows protesters being dragged away by law enforcement.

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you tried


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ill ave undred fags

Stopped reading there

Why do people do this?

Oxbridge is literally the only place thats better, and I refuse to believe anyone from here got there.

I'd take her out for some english lessons

She's wog meat lad.

unironically got a tension headache from reading that

tbqh she probably moved to turkey because there are less pakis there