How can someone watch this and not be terrified? Hell is real and we must do everything in our power not to end up there


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Unironically the most learned biblical scholars alive today

Hi Peter

weren't dimond bros triggered by her for some reason?

go away. we had thus trash thread sevwral months ago

Looks like they think her revelation was false


I still like the divine mercy chaplet though, I can't see any harm in praying it even if it wasn't Christ himself who created it

Hell is unavoidable for some, me included, even if you believe in it or not, for God, people like me are trash.

i hate to sound like a noob or like a broken record but…

do you actually have any evidence?

how do you know that dogmatic religion and ideas like that are not something like extraterrestrial mind control?

All my life has been shit for no apparent, logical reason, freaks like me have their life turned in to shit and in the end in suicide, jail or something like that, is just the way I make sense of reality, there is no such thing as luck, God controls it all.

Sister Faustina foretold that Divine Mercy would be banned and then brought back. Lo and behold it happened. So John Paul II was the true Pope. And they are of course assblasted.



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btw, i am not necessarily against roman imperialism as long as it is reasonable and does not do crazy things like take away human rights and stuff like that

The reason is that God wants you to find salvation, and gives you the means with which you can ensure that you will persevere until the end. It's a gift that you can use, and use powerfully.

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The Koreans have some sick minds

The only rights are the God-given rights.

That's an oxymoron–there is no such thing.

Bro even "Pope" Michael is more credible than those tiggas

The prayers are legitimate and orthodox, although a bit sentimental for some (a friend of mine likened it to a knock-off Sacred Heart devotion).

I think the issue a lot of trads have with it is the politics behind it and how this obscure devotion was "pimped out" to everyone by St Faustyna's felllow countryman, Pope St John Paul II.
Also, some weird things in the diary stick out, such as St Faustyna apparently saying that the Lord told her a fellow nun in the sick ward didn't deserve communion (when St Faustyna was accidentally given two hosts).

Sheol is a real place.

But sinners sleep until the end times.
Walk the earth for 1200ish days before being tossed into the fire to die.

I really don't care what padre pio said.

I've heard it described more like an absence of God. Basically your soul is sort of left drifting in a cold lonely dark void until the time of judgement. The Fire and Brim stone is mostly used for a thematic description. I can be entirely wrong though after all we only know of one person who has actually been there.

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The Dimond Brothers are the foremost experts on biblical prophecy

Uh I've got some bad news for you bros