Brit/pol/ #2207: Nuke us pls Edition

Telford MP: BBC not standing up for white working class

UK should set date for everyone to speak English

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

UK forced to pay BILLIONS for US ineptitude as new F-35 jets still can’t fly

Bercow says 'bollocks to Brexit'

Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras

Two women are arrested after 'mass brawl' breaks out at pub's Mother's Day strip show

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Smh lad the song has nothing to do with Metal Gear, it was released years before Cuckjima used it


I know, mods ruined this board.

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Managed to record one of those coded broadcasts. Comfy and spooky at the same time.

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nth for just end my/our suffering now

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We could have stopped this

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we propoos
a noo masheen

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and super male vitality


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This is what Britain will look like in 2019 and it's beautiful.


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Don't think I'll bother having a shave tbh

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thought about it but whats the point anymore smh

as long as it doesn't turn into a hipster beard.

Was it midnight Russian time or midnight Brit time?

Off to bed lads, give me a shout if (you) get nuked

GMT the only time that matters.

UK obviously


Can't wait to get to heaven after the explosion lads
Do you think my waifu will be there

What will the British cyberattack consist of?


Nah lad you're a filthy degenerate, you're going below

I'm going to need it for the nuclear winter if I'm lucky

UK time. May has her Horlicks before clocking off for the night.

Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Want to rage, lads?

[spoiler]Take a look at this entire leddit thread:[/spoiler]

Does anyone except Russia clearly benefit from Brexit?

Some business who want to tear down workers rights and avoid the tax avoidance legislation.Diaster capitalists.

I somehow doubt Putins pals would be very happy when EU regs kill their money laundering scheme in London.

Brexit is a battle in Russians war on western capitalism and the west doesn't even understand it's at war. We are more than arrogant and naïve.

Russia wants the world split into bite sized chunks that it can bully easily. A united EU poses a threat to them. They want to dominate eastern Europe, have a rump EU with France and Germany and the UK seperate.

Yes tbh

DDoS attacks on Russia's favourite gay porn sites.




Probably messes about with the LSE or our sacred cow, the NHS!


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Unironicly reported and filtered

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What if you can't resolve everything with bricks and feels?

Never comply with a woman's ulitmatum tbh she'll own your balls forever if you do

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I enjoyed watching the faggot btfo him tbh.

wew, a blast from the past

Wait for Putins nukes then

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Closing down Russia Today


Cracked open a beer as seen as we'll be dust in an hour

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t. Russian bot from a troll factory

What's your angle, huh Putin shill? It's laughably obvious you're on the Russian payroll to destabilise the West and the EU.

U wot?

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oh look, it's the dickhead that saves other peoples filenames again

Hope you've got your bugout handbags packed

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Might have a cheeky energy drink tbh, don't want to miss the fire


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I've got work tomorrow, so I for one welcome our coming annihilation

I can't help it lad, the app does it

Brb going to murder my housemates and take their food

She looks Russian. 6/10.

*dies before the nukes go off so i cant see all the normies get btfo*

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Literally fuck off. Britain isnt leaving the EU anymore since the people have woken up to your Russian lies.

How much time against modern ICBMs have we got in order to reach safety?

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About an hour in the western hemisphere

Why would you want to?

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how new r u

I'd like how the supermarkets aren't as busy

just put some sunglasses on so the flash doesn't melt your eyes and you'll be fine. Nukes are mostly a memi

Old enough to attend Brit/pol/ meetups.

Fucking yanks every time

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If you haven't been to at least the most recent two then you can't claim such a thing tbh

you're all mongs

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its not her that is going to do anything lad

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Just heard three loud whooshing sounds over my head lads

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Yeah but lad she's fucking relations on top of all the anti Russian shit

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We are all wishful that we will be freed of this cursed place. Let us LARP

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That's your ma airing out her fanny lad

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no they will get more sympathy and bennies

She's dead. Should I be worried?

That'll be my jokes tbh

ICBMs aren't really even a factor, there's probably a bunch of WMDs spread about the UK just waiting to be unleashed and they must at least have a nuke in the embassy, just like Israel does.

On a mall island?

Nah they're fugged. Kek

unironic best case scenario

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Lads how do you stop yourself wanting to drive a lorry into middle class remainer luvvies?
They constantly talk endless reams of shit about how there's no benefit to Brexit. They stuff their fucking mouths with the shit the Graun eeks out daily over the catastrophe of Brexit. It makes me want a second referendum so we can smash their stupid little faces into the pavement again, break their teeth and leave them dead metaphorically smh GCHQ….

So sick of it all. Sick of the posturing and the arse licking up to the EU. Sick of the fact that they somehow think their opinions have become more popular because Brexiteers can no longer be arsed arguing over a two year old referendum.


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Now we're fugged

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Lad fuck off no ones cares, it's like your knickers in a twist over Zig Forums being full of commies

cant wait till old pricks like him die tbh

May is such a numpty

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I hope we will be able to help him with that