You know real christian girls dont put out another reason atheist are better


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Once again, atheists confirm that all they live for is bodily pleasure.
A thread died for this.
Repent and mortify your flesh, user.

what did i do listen to limp bizkit and look at people in the state your god sopposivly made them.,
with a sex drive
the bible is homophobic

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atheist chick rule cause they put out and pay for dates

yah right so gorge washington and abe lincon and einstien where what about trump

God did not make us to fornicate, as the vile pornographers do. Nor did He ordain us to view such sinful things.
As the Holy Scriptures say:
Mark 7: 20-23
1 Thessalonians 4: 3-6
Galatians 5: 19-21
Ephesians 5: 3-7
The sex drive is meant for the confines of marriage, which God ordained as between man and woman (Matthew 19: 2-9, Mark 10: 6-9)
If by "homophobic" you mean "recognizes that sodomy is an abominable sin that should in no way be tolerated," then sure. It's homophobic.
But hey, let's encourage sodomites to act up despite the massive suicide rates and diseases among them and that's even in irreligious, sodomite-friendly countries like Denmark.

I'd rather take advice from the Holy Scriptures that advise us to be celibate if it's our calling before than from some Mormon.

you cant proove that stuf
so i dont have to feel bad

plus sodomy is the hottest sin

You have your pearls. Whether you're serious or trolling for replies is debatable.
May God have mercy on you, and may He bless you to repentance.
You also need to work on your grammar. Are you in high school or something?

the story was true your just a cry baby cause you cant screw who you want to even thaugh you propobly are gay in one form or another

you just think your more moral for not acting on your ugers spoiler alert your not and you cant proove the bible

tell me this dont rock

Top tier argumentation, my dude.
You sure showed us.

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Also, Limp Bizkit is hot garbage and nu-metal is trash.

yah but you acutually cant proove my life style is bad and that crazy stupid cu,nt was right about anything


that girl would check my pc for porn and boss me around your bible says a woman cant do that to a man and she made me do stuff like go to church and the bible says wemon cant be incharge of men

I don't need to prove anything, because you're not here to actually listen to any arguments.
You're here to gloat about how great your material pleasure is.
If you had come in the spirit of truth-seeking, I'd be more willing to share, but you're vain and think you have it all.
You'll die one day, user. Meditate on that.

Firstly, assuming anything you say is true, she shouldn't have bothered dating you to begin with.
Secondly, God's law comes before the marriage state (which you weren't even in btw).
Thirdly, I'm leaving the thread because I don't think I can handle anymore poor grammar and boasting.
Again, may the Lord bless you and bring you to true faith.
I honestly hope to call you brother one day.

i beat you with your own logic

"made me"
Yeah, okay. A woman can call a man out for sinning and ask him not to. Also porn is adultry and adultry is a reason a woman is allowed to leave a relationship.
I am sorry you have to work at burger king user. Good luck and God bless.

ey man porn is not adultary

eh and i am a mangr

You still haven't made a case for, atheism, or any case for materialism, naturalism. All you've unironically said in your ban evading troll post are. *I hate rules, and i can do whatever the winnie the pooh i want*. Here's your (You), but just incase though, you may be still in highschool, and it is summer. Have some vids.

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When in doubt, double down

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OP, didn't you post this yesterday? Or two days ago? If you need to talk, we can

I mean you made it to this board buddy, you must know you need Christ in your life, no excuses also apologize to this gril if she's real, dumbass

*dabs on this tigga*


Don't fall for the bait, my brothers and sisters.
Don't forget to sage