Brit/pol/ #2208: Telford Edition

Telford abuse: Victim numbers 'sensationalised' by neo-nazis

Telford MP: BBC not standing up for white working class


Schools may be forced to make pupils mix with other ethnicities and religions to help promote tolerance

Walsall to pilot integration project ensuring children from different backgrounds mix

SARAH VINE: If equality comes only at the cost of men feeling depressed and struggling to cope, it's not worth it

Cornish pasties could lose their protected status after Brexit as minister admits 'there are no cast-iron assurances'

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

No British outlet will work in Russia if London shuts down RT

Backlash as Treasury suggests 1p and 2p coins and £50 notes could be SCRAPPED as part of moves to become cashless society

Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Richard Dawkins Suggests Eating Human Flesh to Overcome Cannibalism ‘Taboo’

Thot threatens Kasseem

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Who wore it better?

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> My dear Kepler, I wish that we might laugh at the remarkable stupidity of the common herd. What do you have to say about the principal philosophers of this academy who are filled with the stubbornness of an asp and do not want to look at either the planets, the moon or the telescope, even though I have freely and deliberately offered them the opportunity a thousand times? Truly, just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth.

Not doing yourself any favours there, Galileo.

They probably thought he was trying to pull the old 'ink round the telescope eyepiece' trick on them tbh



Jej. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and I'll put you under house arrest for the rest of your life.

This is your brain on civic nationalism

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t. reddit

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What about this list is specifically British?

"What happened next will shock you!"
Is it really so difficult for news outlets to have even a shred of dignity

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Nothing, you could change the flag to any western country.
It's Globalist Values.

Papists just can't handle the banter smh.

"if we keep rubbing chalk and cheese together then it's sure to work!"

After over 10 years spent on chans there is very little that could shock me tbh

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she has STDs tbh

>For the next decade, Galileo stayed well away from the controversy. He revived his project of writing a book on the subject, encouraged by the election of Cardinal Maffeo Barberini as Pope Urban VIII in 1623. Barberini was a friend and admirer of Galileo, and had opposed the condemnation of Galileo in 1616. Galileo's resulting book, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was published in 1632, with formal authorization from the Inquisition and papal permission.

>Earlier, Pope Urban VIII had personally asked Galileo to give arguments for and against heliocentrism in the book, and to be careful not to advocate heliocentrism. He made another request, that his own views on the matter be included in Galileo's book. Only the latter of those requests was fulfilled by Galileo.

>Whether unknowingly or deliberately, Simplicio, the defender of the Aristotelian geocentric view in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was often caught in his own errors and sometimes came across as a fool. Indeed, although Galileo states in the preface of his book that the character is named after a famous Aristotelian philosopher (Simplicius in Latin, "Simplicio" in Italian), the name "Simplicio" in Italian also has the connotation of "simpleton". This portrayal of Simplicio made Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems appear as an advocacy book: an attack on Aristotelian geocentrism and defence of the Copernican theory. Unfortunately for his relationship with the Pope, Galileo put the words of Urban VIII into the mouth of Simplicio.


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That image is causing me to become angry, to be honest.

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The number of unseen notifications at the top is fucking me off tbh

I'm always tempted to swipe right and if we match I can tell them they have to convert to christianity
probably a catfish tbh

shit forced memi

Wow Melanie Sykes has got swole

probably not even single, just a whore looking for entertainment whilst her husband is out collecting benefits and raping

Did you see hawking is dead lads

Absolutely haram

Did you see it in the OP lad.

Oh yeah nice work lad

you sound salty, Spike

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Thanks lad, I hadn't noticed those.

I wouldn't be able to hide my disgust long enough to send any kind of coherent message tbh.

We should gather the lads and go stone her to death. Her husband would probably thank us for it.

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At least the battery is fully charged. Thank God for small mercies.

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oh that's okay then. Maybe in some areas it's even white people doing it too. Natives commit crime also, therefore we should let in the entire world's criminals and rapists. (^:
I get the feeling they are trying to downplay this situation.

are land from space woah

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White heaven

sorry if I don't give a shit about this

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It's not. This sort of thing is happening everywhere.


tbf blowing money on funkos is also getting fucked in the arse

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I wonder who GCHQ tortured, cannibalized, raped and killed last night.

I wonder how many.


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I'm an actor starting out, just landed my first role in a movie where I only have 2 lines

why am I not getting paid the same as the lead?!?!

watch out Putin, lolberg party has a plan

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That's just embarrassing tbh.

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what about cancel brexit

But they still don't have any evidence that the Russians ordered it

Also that will make rich Russians bring their money back to Russia, which is what Putin wants.

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Best of luck with that, Vince, you fucking nutjob.

Who will Tommy Robinson punch next?

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A racist right wing BIGOT

tbf she is the main character

wtf I hate the patriarchy now

Probably why he hasn't nuked us.

Yeah. but she's not
That's all the normies care about, really.

Is literally every country trying to get money out of us?

normies will hear about these AMD flaws and think they're on par with Intel's Meltdown flaw. smh

Smith brought the numbers into the show.
I can't believe people are still crying muh pay gap, especially when it comes to the arts. You or your agent negotiates your contract and pay

Oh, for those who don't know, Meltdown probably can be traced back to Israel. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous agency which has attacked AMD's stock in their press release, and who discovered the vulns in AMD Zen CPU (technically, it's in the PSP, but whatever) are as well Israeli.
PMQs then May will set out her Russia plan i think

With such open borders how can she do anything about Russians entering?

I'm ok with this (((social engineeering)))

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hanging is unironically too quick and painless for these people.


The first line after the title is the caption on the video of one of the victims saying how she was sold multiple times a day, and yet "muh nazis r sensationalising it"
They deserve unimaginable torture.

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This show has really good writing

This is perfect tbh, the more the poofs whinge, the more people they'll turn against them.

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That's what the gibbet is for, lad.

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there's always hope, lads ;^)

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good lad

dont give them your IPs idiots

Lad it's PMQs not a bloody bomb guide.

I have a vpn lad


no, but autists ITT usually bitch about not wanting to use govt sites

funny how they don't show a pic of the people stood behind the table

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Embarrassing how dumbed down politics in this country can get. Maybe they were targeting the youth vote here.


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Lad, she shared a nigger with Rudd.