Is it lawful to be Christian and into bodybuilding...

Is it lawful to be Christian and into bodybuilding? I enjoy working out and I'm thinking of packing on some serious size now.

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Vanity has no place here. Leave with your sinful narcissism of the flesh now.

Why is being healthy and strong vanity?

We aren't talking about having strength or athleticism, we are talking about looking good. What is the purpose?

I wouldn't say that it is "unlawful" to be a Christian bodybuilder, but it is not beneficial.
1 Corinthians 10:23

If you are being a bodybuilder for your own amusement, then this is not unlawful as long as you don't commit other sins in doing it.

Bodybuilding doesn't necessarily mean "looking good". Pure semantics.

I'd say it's alright. Getting strong and doing more good work in the name of our Lord.

These bods are as much tools of witness as your words are.

As long as you keep your focus on the Lord, and not on yourself I think it's fine.
Think of it as expressing God's glory through the feats of strength your body is able to perform / the size you are able to achieve, rather than doing it in order to change people's perception of yourself or to look good and impress people (which would fall under vanity as another poster pointed out)

Keeping this in mind I see no issue with it in a Christian context

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense my friend

There's nothing wrong with being athletic and healthy to glorify God, but there's something about buying a lot of high protein food to bulk up, rather than buying food for the poor, that seems to make extreme Schwarzenegger style bodybuilding incompatible with Christianity.

I would add two things to this:
1. It is not expedient to gorge yourself on food, both for weightlifting and the soul. You can only gain about 500grams of muscle per week or so, anything else will go to fat.

2. Concentrated whey protein is the cheapest form of protein available. Next are eggs. Hospitals have their own forms of powders they give to people when recovering.

So, are manlets demonic?

works of the flesh do not glorify God

What? No. I said tool, not a prerequisite for Christenhood. That said, look at soyboys…

Seems fine as long as you don't become prideful

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Got a scriptural citation for that one?

Pooh off yourself, heathen. Who are you, so ridden, to preach of pride?

really don't understand this aversion to weightlifting, fitness and bodily health from this user.

What are you trying to say? Be specific.
You realize intentions matter a lot?? A person can pray with very petty and vain intentions, a person can lift weights with very noble and good intentions.

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I do strength training
Working out keeps me focused and jacked. I deadlifted 450 at 175 bw; it raises test and makes you a man. Need to counteract the soibois and feminization of the church.
It's not pure vanity; but people respond to you more positvely the bigger and leaner you are; helps with evanglization.

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No one claimed it did.
Now stop making excuses for your sloth.

For what purpose?


Purpose gives meaning lads.

This is all completely unrelated to christianity.
What next? Are we going to start threads about our favorite origami techniques?

Take your hobbies to a corresponding board, go back to /fit.

Stop using the Lord as advertisement for your products!

It's about being big. That's why at the bodybuilding competitions, they wear as little clothing as possible.
Weight lifting is one thing, but bodybuilding is vanity. Honestly too, I would advise helping elderly people w/ yardwork, picking up metal scraps and farming to get your workouts in. I still go on a run every now and then but I try to make most of my energy output actual physical labor, not meaningless

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Christianity encompasses human life. Asking how this hobby can be properly embedded in the Christian life is perfectly fine.

Guys, guys, guys! You're all going about this the wrong way! If you really want to get this thread locked, and have all discussion of bodybuilding/fitness/etc. de facto forbidden on this board forever, there has already been proven and effective system devised for this very purpose!

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Step 5: Counter their passionate and reasonable protestations to your unreasonable views by calling them "idolators" of the hobby of bodybuilding/fitness. Condescendingly, tell them to stop acting like children throwing a temper tantrum, and that not always getting your way is part of life (even though you just got your way through the most underhanded and whiny manner possible!)

Step 6: Be sure to add a layer of sanctimoniousness by claiming that you "Are just concerned for the souls of fellow Christians." Don't forget to say that you will pray for them/pray the rosary for them, so that you can be especially holier than thou!

Whats your dead lift at now?

You should get outside more often.

You'll be reunited with your body on judgement day, so why not make it stronk and capable?


Bodybuilding as a sport and hobby is a top-tier activity.
Bodybuilding to be merely a bodybuilding showing off is vanity.
If you want to do that at least become a strongman which curbs the vanity of the bodybuilding culture by looking bulky.

Riddle me this. And it isn't about exercising. He is obviously on test in that picture, maybe something else as well. Why is he taking something, especially in the position that he is in, that will obviously increase his libido?


If you lift for many years you can look like that naturally. Plus he looks short which helps.

If he's on anything it could just be low trt doses for health/mood/energy reasons. But who knows?
His size isn't out of proportion or anything.

Is this a code word for steroids? If you don't have a prescription and its illegal otherwise, nope.

Still the same. 170 now and pretty good shape, getting lots of mires.

I didn't write these articles; I worked out before I came to the Lord and then read them. Really was asking the same questions as OP and these helped.

We follow Christ in the resurrection, so we will be risen in our own bodies, just as He was.

By "spiritual body", they mean a body fully united with the spiritual will of man, free from the effects of original sin.

If it's done with the intention of being healthy, disciplining yourself, or becoming strong to help others, exercise is commendable.
If it's done with the intention of looking good, attracting attention, or something similar, it's vanity.


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also repent

did adam have a physical body?

We're made in God's image and likeness, might as well train our bodily temples to peak physical condition.

Yes see genesis 2:7
Most people think that spirit is the same thing as soul, it is not. Animals/beasts have souls, and not spirit see ecclesasties 3:18-21, revelation 16:3, genesis 6:17, and 1 thesselonians 5:23.

In anycase you might wanna aspire to be sinewy rather than buff

It depends on the intent. Why do you want to do it?
Bodybuilding has the goal of aesthetic, and thus often vanity and self-centered.
Nothing wrong with lifting for strenght though, it will also develop a fit and nice body but only as a secondary benefit and not as the main goal.

Of course letting the body decay into obesity is sinful (sloth).

no, but that's an interesting idea. thanks.

being big and strong is much more useful and helpful

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Powerlifting is fine so long as you don't train for hours on end/have any delusions about your goals/have it as a big expense in your life/you care too much.

Bodybuilding as a natural is practically nonexistant and a very vain pursuit, yes you are better off just doing strength training. Bodybuilding on drugs is unfjustifiable not only as a christian (literally sterilising yourself and taking decades off your life for the sole purpose of worshipping your own physical body) but at any rate, seeing as the pay off (be larger and stronger for a shorter time frame, appear more intimidating/likeable to a SELECT group of people, naturally masculine men with big bones, lots of fast twitch muscle fibers, a far healthier mentality and a decent BF% will always one up you) and for that you sacrifice your whole lifestyle, social life, time, and yes, wallet.

My bad tbh. I still think becoming strong is a good thing, so long as you don't value yourself and your body over God and prayer

can still make big progress naturally

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Nah youre fine. Every man should strive to be fit and as for bodybuilding, it can be a hobby. What was it Socrates said? It is sad if a man lives to old age and never see the beauty of his human body. You can also celebrate God's creation by doing it, dedicate every session to God and theres no way youll falter! Always be humble about it.

if its for vanity and purely to attract women then yes, however if you are doing it to be ready for the trying times ahead then its not at all
Who be more fitted to defend a family from an invader, a soylent or a well toned and disciplined man

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bodybuilding < powerlifting

that statue isn't meant to show a phisically strong cristian but, as most martyrs, the way this particular saint died. Saint Bartholomew was skinned alive, that is not a cloth wrapped around him, that's his own skin.

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Bishop Barron says yeah.

I don't see any reason it would be unlawful, our bodies are a gift from the lord and it's only fair that we take care of them and enjoy them

Don't indulge in vanity, i.e., looks and so on. Otherwise vid related

Yes /thread

Please don't. Do you really want to spend hours torturing yourself and eating synthetic supplements just to look like a muscle mutant? That can't be healthy. Just work out normally and your body will grow as much as it needs, there is no need to go beyond what it natural.

For health reasons and for the usefulness of the strength and for mortification, yes. Even for simple enjoyment of it it can be licit.

For vanity, no.

If you lift to bloat your ego, yes. If you lift for health it's okay. Also, no need for protein shakes or whatever supplements and excessive work outs for christian lifters.

Thanks for the info, I was wondering what was going on with that statue.
Blessed Bartholomew, intercede for us.

That's creepy af.

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