Brit/pol/ #2209: Where's The Bloody Evidence Edition

UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Russia warns 'Our response will not be long in coming' after Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 of Putin's spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), CANCELS all contact with Moscow and calls for international SANCTIONS

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

PMQ Verdict

770,000 People in UK Don’t Speak English, Govt Announces New Crackdown on Sharia Law

Telford abuse: Victim numbers 'sensationalised' by neo-nazis

Schools may be forced to make pupils mix with other ethnicities and religions to help promote tolerance

Walsall to pilot integration project ensuring children from different backgrounds mix

Householders’ FURY as bins to be emptied just once a month

Cash-in-hand payments for tradesmen could be banned under a crackdown on tax-dodging proposed in the Spring Statement

TTPW sues Tinder

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Yeah, we're going back for Germany after Britain is fixed lad.

Oh fuck off

Forgot what I was going to post.

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Doesn't this same logic also mean that black people deserve to live in poverty?

I wonder if all his work has been BTFO now that he has entered the astral plane.

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I'm annoyed that the slow periods are now still somehow occupied by all the shitposters but none of the good ones.

Not I guv

But then what's in that for us, and why should we help them to get there?


Now see the famous media-atheists try hard to be spiritual about it in their eulogies, despite not actually believing in anything ("His passing has left an intellectual vacuum… a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime"), nihilists that they are.

Kek, yeah. They are just fucking obsessed with gotchas

muh meritocracy

Ask someone with Alzheimers anything.

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Quality posts as always lads. Keep up the good work.

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You’re a disgrace!' Fury as Corbyn refuses to condemn Russia and even says he does not TRUST Britain’s security services’ evidence that Putin is to blame for spy nerve agent attack

Erm….wtf I love Corbyn now?

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how old are you

corbyn the RT state broadcaster total communist

At last I finally see… The Liberalist way…

I guess he sees international policy for what it is.



sounds reasonable
Their arrogance is immesurable

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If we lose the ability to pay for goods and services with CASH, then we have finally been totally amputated from control of our finances

Corbyn and Macron will unironically save the world tbh

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BASTE radtrad wife beating and adultery

Can't believe I'm siding with a fucking commie here

also refuses to condemn telford - illusion broken, corbyn is not my friend anymore



Reminder that none of this would be happening if he was still alive

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I remember a rumour in the past that he and Parrot were fucking the same Arab groupie and had got her pregnant. Seems very plausible now

No one is 100% straight: Study says sexuality is a 'spectrum' and all of us get aroused by men and women


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Parliament. Whitehall and the Establishment needs clearing out like the rat's nests they are or we are lost quite frankly lads

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the rat is nests

whoever claims to be straight should be put in that magnet machine that turns you into a cuck

The thing with that oil drilling commie is that it's his job to say whatever the opposite of what the tories say. He has never been a decent politician, just a crusty old protester and agitraitor.


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Copper caught browsing Twitter for h8 speech by based cheddar

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I replied to the post in the top of that image you mouth breather

Russiabot is having trouble with the translator

for once he's saying what I'm thinking

He probably showed them pictures of Bailey Jay in his prime and used signs of arousal to get the results he wanted for this (((study))). Smdh.

lmao turn it off please
and he does it


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too many chink coppers nowadays

our coppers get bullied by niggers and children all the time it's pathetic

You m8 are a fucking brainlet


and all they can do is whine about muh hate speech

What are you even talking about


No. What are you talking about you useless cunt?

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pretty efficient though I must admit

Homoseuality IS a mental illness.

Experimenting with chucking one up another bloke for keks is like saying "Yeah user, I dabbled in a bit of the old paranoid schitzophrenia but it wasn't for me so I gave it up"

A decent women would settle that. It's natural & healthy

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This is an example of a 3D printed house.

People are going to be encouraged to live in these in the future, they'll make it out to be cool and hip to live in a micro-house and say it's better for the environment.

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I aint living there no way

How are you supposed to raise children in a house of that size? smdh

V, Nice

Would like to see that happen to Amber Rudd tbh

Based Lord

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But because of all the immigrants shlomo bought in a normal house now costs £600,000 on mortgage. But this one is 3D printed and only £50,000. It's all you can afford.

why on earth would the government allow you to do that lad?

Literally fucking why? It wastes space so it's not even economically viable.

Be still, my pulsating dick.


By stringing up the politicians, stealing their houses and placing this dolls house in the garden. Simple

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Welcome to my world

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scared to go to get my haircut incase they cut my sideburns tbh

Looks cool. Makes people feel better about living in a shed.

just tell them not to

Was just on

How many of you lads look like this?
Be honest

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if only smh

>they lop my cock off

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Morrisons delivers 17% rise in profits on back of surge in local food sales
Fourth largest UK supermarket says sales of local suppliers’ food has risen 50% in two years

I miss him, lads. Why doesn't he come back?

I have both too much and too little self respect to wear a bow tie.


Thanks linksposter

Tbh I had a similar situation today, saw a girl outside Gregs with these thicc muscly memi thigh wearing yoga pants
Could've busted a nut right there tbh

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Oh god no

He looks like a magician you can book for a kids party

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