Brit/pol/ #2210: Pathé Edition

UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Russia warns 'Our response will not be long in coming' after Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 of Putin's spies, CANCELS all contact with Moscow and calls for international SANCTIONS

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

PMQ Verdict

770,000 People in UK Don’t Speak English, Govt Announces New Crackdown on Sharia Law

Telford abuse: Victim numbers 'sensationalised' by neo-nazis

Schools may be forced to make pupils mix with other ethnicities and religions to help promote tolerance

Walsall to pilot integration project ensuring children from different backgrounds mix

Householders’ FURY as bins to be emptied just once a month

Cash-in-hand payments for tradesmen could be banned under a crackdown on tax-dodging proposed in the Spring Statement

TTPW sues Tinder

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Steiners famous last words.

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shit memi tbh

What does he have against those poor innocent NEETs?

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How do we save the white race, lads?

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not exactly an OC wave lad

what the hell is this

Matthe Heimbachs sexts :joy:

what's this?

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr what did they mean by this?

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The whole Heimbach Affair is just proof Joe is Never Wrong

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At least Matt Heimach is doing something productive in the real world - Steiner

*feeds your holes*

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They're shaming white women for not liking interracial sex smh


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how does one feed your wife up the bum? is it cause she's fat so everything has to relate to food?

he did post about mummy gfs a lot… and heimbach was with his stepdads wife

He is a sick and twisted man.

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ancient anglo pasttime

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Happens somewhat often in aus tbh but hippies do it when there's a race in a forest and stupid crap like that

L-lads?? Did Godwinson lose?

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feel bad for him tbh


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impeccably based as usual

one, women are property

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not quite how it works, but they are property yes

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really is 2016 themed night isnt it

Nah we are mis-

Never mind, it's 2016 night I guess.


the better man won bins learn to live with it

'Have you seen blood in the moonlight Will? It appears quite black''

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I just broke it off with the cougar lads. I could tell she was developing feelings for me and I never intended to commit to her so I basically just explained that to her and broke it off.

Fixing that and some other things are my priorities right now. There's no point in trying to find a gf when I still have so much shit to un-fuck.

Is Godwinson crying to himself in bed rn?

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may as well make it official

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Some women came up to me and started licking my face and said she wanted to have sex with me.

What did she mean by this?

Searching @suptharding on twitter is restoring my faith in the normies tbh

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i think she was telling you to stay away from her lad

WTF lad. How old are you?

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Deleting this one, editing the other one.


it's worse for younger lads tbh

this one was first

15 years of wanking


Hairdresser was kicking off when the news came on the radio. Was saying how come Theresa May is so concerned about a one or two Russians running around offing each other when she will happily let in thousands of pedos, rapists, and violent criminals etc.
BASED hairdressers tbh.



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Wrong way around tbh

I'll permaban tbh

with a thousand tiny steps

Thread fucking fixed for the umpteenth time


It wasn't my fault

We had a nice thread last night tbh.

fucking hell. These thread transitions are stressful

for fucksake lads

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mods are bastards tbh

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Based nice work fucking stupid Papist faggot

>"I can't refresh!"

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Cui bono? Russian envoy to UN asks about Salisbury case, says Moscow ready for open probe
Vasily Nebenzya said the UK dragged this case to the UN rather than addressing a relevant international body in the Hague because it is scared of a professional probe. Most of the UK's claims are in the form of "highly likely," Nebenzya said.

Fire rises

The fact that we're not showing any fucking evidence makes us look far more fucking guilty, what the fuck is May playing at.

when the telford scandal eventually becomes unavoidable mark my words discussing it will be put down to 'Russian bots'

Facebook bans Britain First as free speech row erupts on Twitter

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webm related do not be the least bit worried topkek

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Suicide is the only option now

She's not a very tactical leader is she?
More of a fumbling cretin tbh

This tbh. I don't know how these cunts think they can get away with it. It's obviously a load of bullshit

They must think we're all so fucking stupid

smh, what did we expect


ahhhhh leave him alone

im sure hes working class himself and puts on his poofter accent

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Godwinson is life tbh. Seeing the penny drop when he started to get mauled made me very sad

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he probably fucked her kek


Why would you not just let the dog do it's job? For fuck's sake.

godwinson is being punished for rejecting The Lord in his role as Prophet

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thick coats and chainsaws tbh

How many times did Are Nige did her?

Godwinson brought this on himself by being anti-nofap tbh

work now. Don't bully Godwinson smh

Well if May has nothing to hide, then she has nothing to fear.

Just like our wonderful police state keeps reminding us

Seriously what the fuck is going on tbh? It's fucking insane right now, they're acting incredibly fucking childish over this incident.
>"he did a bad!"

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fucking hell, we're done for

how heavy is he? could Godwinson beat your average cockney in a street fight?

(The Fire is rising)

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Still can't believe you're aren't welsh and instead drive in snow

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