Tourist from halfchan here...

Tourist from halfchan here. I recently came into possession of ~250 scholarly texts on the early church and church fathers and am trying to share them as widely as possible. Figured you guys would appreciate them. Enjoy.!2HhTlZBJ!jHF_eB114aXuksvKWP9Z1w

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thanks for the share, looks legit. have you thought about sharing them on too?

Wow, thanks for this OP!

How does it feel to be a tourist from halfchan have contributed more than 90% of this board's regulars already?

post on >>>/pdfs/

Don't have time for all of that.

You're welcome. Feels good man.

I very well might.


Amazing. Thanks OP!

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God bless you OP.

Thanks brother.

that poor doggo in the cage ;_;

it’s a waste of time, you could spend the same time reading the church “fathers” reading the bible instead.. ultimately the church “fathers” intuitively know if not academically that the scriptures are authoritative and not men.


Thanking you again for this

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You guys are so grateful I'm going to upload some of my other Zig Forums related stuff.

And here you guys go.!LepVAIQK!uh5LfnDIJlv9_3bwmAwczA


Thanks, really appreciate the epubs

This might sound kind of memey but having the additional commentary could become like the "Talmud". A good way to start a process of increasing IQ?

Thanks but I think it could be better organised. You've dumped everything in the mega folder but could have organised them apostolic, pre nicea, post nicea and commentary so we can better navigate through the texts. Anyway, thanks.

Hooray for piracy.


You know what to do



Shut up, protty.

I'm Orthodox.

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Call it whatever you want but at the end of the day, it’s merely copying and cannot be theft. By the way, have you payed for every song you’ve listened to and movie you’ve watched in your life? Hypocrite.

Wew. Look, I used to buy into the "ethical piracy/I'll just download this until I get more money" claptrap myself. Then I realized I literally had gigs worth of music, movies, video games etc. that I had not paid for. And the funny thing, is that when I did come into money, I tended to use it to buy things that on a psychological/subconscious level I felt like I did not "already have." Get the picture? Knowing human nature, I'm willing to bet money that more often than not, most so-called 'ethical pirates" end up in that trap. Upon this realization I promptly deleted and got rid of all my pirated materials, and funny enough, I began to actually buy said materials legally.

The simple fact is: when you copy something that you are supposed to pay for, you are not giving money to someone who has rightfully earned it. That's theft, and it's breaking the law. Plain and simple. Why are y'all so hell bent on rationalizing theft so badly?

Copyright = Right to Copy

If you're not the holder of the right to copy, then you are committing a crime if you copy it.

Yup, wew what a strawman! You know exactly what I meant.
Except if I had to pay for it I would’ve never watched the thousands of films I’ve watched and listened to the thousands of songs I’ve listened to (and no I’m not talking about the radio). I will not willfully help enriching millionaires and billion dollar companies like a good little pleb. I will however keep spending money on physical copies of books and help the publishers, in fact, in the past 12 months I’ve spent nearly a thousand dollars on books! I don’t pay for television, I don’t watch television and if I can’t watch films for free, I won’t purchase them nor will I go to the cinema and pay 3 days worth of food for a ticket + popcorn. I bet you also get angry when people don’t successfully get forced to tip, my american friend.

Except the “holy” copyright holders are thieves and do not deserve their money.

Sharing the Gospel was once a crime and opposing the LGBT mafia now is.

So, if you wrote a book or a song, you don't deserve any money for it? Fascinating.

The copyright holders are not always the creators.

No one should pay to hear sounds and no one did until recently in human history.


The "exposure" argument; as usual. "If I wouldn't have broken in and stolen that BMW and drove it around, I never would have known what a great car it was!"

The corporations….are….are corporationy! A-And-and they make money!!!!!

Then don't watch 'em.

Except you seem to think the "holy" book copyright holders are worth honoring…. but the "holy" T.V. and Movie copyright holders are not?

If they're so degenerate, then don't watch 'em!

The Bible specifically says to obey the law and authorities unless they go against God's law. (Romans 13) Paying a person for their book, or T.V. show, or movie does not go against God's law. If someone makes an ungodly book, T.V. show or movie - don't read or watch it!

Maybe, but the copyright holders are often responsible for other aspects, such as distribution, etc. that the content creator went into a legally binding agreement with.

Because making a living as a musician, radio host, etc. became something that is made feasible in the modern world via modern payment systems. Even in ancient times, for example. Viking era poets (skalds) got gold or some other honor for poems they composed and recited for a king. I imagine traveling minstrels got similar support, due to the value people got from their work.

do you check if every video uploaded on youtube has been approved by the copyright holder? if not you have to shut up right now. you can't claim that because it wasn't taken down that the copyright holder is okay with it - by that logic you can use a less popular hosting site and as long as it isn't taken down you can consume whatever you want by your logic.

Yes, I check if a Youtube video has been approved by the copyright holder (either it's on an official channel or there is a notice that the copyright holder has monetized said video.) If I don't see these markers, and it seems questionable, I don't watch it.

Wow. What is it with Christians on this site being so militant about being pro-piracy/anti-copyright?

Just so you know, authors of books couldn't care less if their stuff gets passed around for free. They don't even get much money at all to begin with.

I don't see a problem with sharing for free content that is difficult to access (like you need to be the student of a particular university to access it), or simply not available anymore, or that the creator does not make money from anymore because it's old and nobody buys it anyway.
I don't download things that cost money and are still easily available to buy, and I don't put online stuff I bought recently and that's still easily available either (but I might share with friends in private).

Yeah, it's technically illegal, but how much authority does the state have that we have to follow everything that isn't evil, even those things that are completely inconsequential? It doesn't mean you can just reject whatever laws you want as long as you decide they're useless, but my conscience tells me that art, theology, and religious scholarship shouldn't be kept behind a paywall for the elites to enjoy (if paying this paywall doesn't actually contribute to the creator/author's wallet). Some of us are really broke over here.
This is also why I download ROMs of old games: they are in 60hz (European games were in 50hz), I don't need to spend money on an old console, I don't need to hustle to manage to find obscure games, and most importantly many of these games aren't in the market anymore. This is also why I kept up a subscription to Tidal until recently - it's one of the streaming services that give the most money to the artists ($0.01284 per streal, while Apple Music pays $0.00783 and Spotify pays $0.00397). It's expensive, but if stuff actually goes in the artist's pockets, I'm all in. (I had to cancel this month though because I can't afford it anymore. Who needs music anyway?)

Because nobody likes it when their own sin is exposed. They happily run around screaming about the sins of others, but use any means, any argument, possible to justify their own sin. It's how the world works. We're the imperfect result of a perfect creation.

Yup, seriously? Copying something while leaving the original intact being compared to damaging your body through drug usage and fornicating for money? Seriously?
The original copies of the media I consume is left intact and not taken away from anybody, try again but for once please use your brain because your analogies are very immature.
And I reserve the right not to enrich them. PS: they also promote LGBT filth, so there’s also that
But I want to watch them, I can watch them without harming anyone so I will watch them. My conscience is clear. They’re not getting my money one way or another.
Absolutely, because they share great works of literature, philosophy and theology which healthily feed the spirit and the mind.
Correct and I’ve explained why.
I will watch what I like from what they share but I will not help them producing what I dislike by giving them my money. Take Netflix for example, do you expect me to help them? pic related
Big companies such as Netflix support what goes against God’s law so I am morally required not to give them my money.
I personally took no such agreement so I am not legally bound 😂
I am no king.

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As you said before: you know what I mean.

All sin is equal before God, and no matter how many times you keep regurgitating the "it's not a physical copy so it's not theft" meme, doesn't negate the original content creators/copyright holders being denied money you owe them, thus theft.

Everything else is literally: "They're evil, so it's okay for me to steal and consume content that I shouldn't be consuming as a Christian in the first place since it's evil." Again, they're degenerate? Don't support them! Netflix goes against God's law? Then why use their service at all?

You claim my analogies are immature, and yet you respond with blatant high school mental gymnastics like this? At this point I'm starting to wonder if you're even still arguing in good faith or if you're just resorting to trolling now.

So, the poor schmuck who worked as a cable grip for $8 an hour to help feed his kids doesn't deserve that paycheck because YOU have determined that the film he worked on was satanic? Do you have any idea how pathetic that sounds? I will pray for you.

Would you join the production crew of a gay porn orgy film “to feed your kids”? Do you have any idea how pathetic that sounds and do you expect me to believe you had no other choice? I will pray for you 😭

I try not to pirate, but you gotta admit that you guys are just being autistic right now… Am I also going to hell for jaywalking, too?

worst of both worlds senpai

Yes, all sin is equal before God. It's a basic Christian concept.

I. Did. Not. Compare. You. To. A. King. I used it as an example of recited poetry (sound) having value even back in ancient times, in contrast to your assertion of sound never having monetary/trade value until modern times. I'm not even going to dignify your other statement with a response.


Can't believe I forgot this. Are you seriously going to tell me there are no questionable book publishers? Penguin regularly publishes some of the greatest works of literature of all time. But they also do stuff like this:

Oh, so now you're saying piracy is thievery. I thought you were going with the "it's breaking the law therefore it's bad", which was way more convincing. But by all means, i'd like to see you make the case that copying a series of 1's and 0's is stealing. Also, you didn't answer my question?

Piracy is thievery. No amount of mental gymnastics will change the fact that you are breaking the law and taking money out of the pockets of the people who own the right to copy what you're pirating.

Read my earlier posts:

As for your question. Read Romans 13. If rebelling against lawful authorities and law is rebelling against God. What do you think?

You were correct, up until this point. If I copy a book, is the author now poorer because of me? No, because I didn't take any money from him. I'm not saying piracy isn't wrong, I'm just saying this isn't a good argument agaisn't it.

So, it is a sin? I'm worthy of hell because I didn't cross the street lawfully at the intersection, correct?

Yes. Repent and don't do it anymore. It's petty and trite in your eyes (and in the eyes of a lot of people) but it matters before God. Nothing impure can enter heaven, period. Not one speck of dirt can be on you. That's precisely why Jesus had to die for us. Because non of us are capable of this feat on our own. I am well away that there are probably laws that I am unwittingly breaking that seem petty to my meager mortal mind. All I can do is pray for God to reveal these things to me and grant me repentance and humility. Several Orthodox prayers (and other denominational prayers) specifically beseech God for forgiveness for any sins one has committed in ignorance or have forgotten about.

Almost forgot: We are worthy of Hell period. Not just merely because of jaywalking.

Man, you're worthy of hell just for being born. Might want to burn that into your consciousness right now.