Brit/pol/ #2211: Hitchens Edition

UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Russia warns 'Our response will not be long in coming' after Theresa May vows to EXPEL 23 of Putin's spies, CANCELS all contact with Moscow and calls for international SANCTIONS

Russia demand nerve agent sample from UK

PMQ Verdict

770,000 People in UK Don’t Speak English, Govt Announces New Crackdown on Sharia Law

Telford abuse: Victim numbers 'sensationalised' by neo-nazis

Schools may be forced to make pupils mix with other ethnicities and religions to help promote tolerance

Walsall to pilot integration project ensuring children from different backgrounds mix

Householders’ FURY as bins to be emptied just once a month

Cash-in-hand payments for tradesmen could be banned under a crackdown on tax-dodging proposed in the Spring Statement

TTPW sues Tinder

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1st for women are an enigma.

You're a naughty goy.

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We need much more practical strategies for dealing with kikes. I have seen nobody offer up a game plan.

What's your plan?


Please DON'T watch this INSANE SUICIDE VIDEO OF A CUCKCHAN ROBOT if you're a good Christian boi.

*Failure to listen to this advice could result in eternal damnation

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I know of two existing not-quite-strategies:
1. The boycott Israel movement. Lacks targeting of kikes broadly. Kikes broadly must be boycotted (products & stocks, & in pensions, mutual funds, etc.).
2. The Open Borders Israel movement. An excellent idea. This is only really valuable insofar as it means niggers in Israel. This hasn't been expanded to include the idea of Open Borders Ghetto, so that all kike "communities" are flooded with niggers.

Why aren't we influencing kike elections?

< not spoilered

She has nice mouth geometry. Shame if someone should shotgun her anime asshole jaw off. Damn crime, that.


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No, that's not quite it.

*hides your post*

+1 morality

tbqf filter him.

Funny, satan worshipers are never happy, but wonder why :^)

If you believe in any kind of law, then you will never be happy.

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White or Japanese tbh. 23andMe in the mail.

Nice lad. signed up for ancestry dna tbh, just sent mine off this morning

It's been keeping me up, I can't court a partner despite my decent wealth, desirable skills and property.

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Lower your standards.

She came on to me.

Well that's not going to happen again, a mentally ill gal that's hot fancies you?

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I guess it could, but its how relationships are depersonalized with technology, it makes it harder.

The more I learn and work in IT, and the culture surrounding it, especially the corporate culture, the more I hate computers and the internet.

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Ah, tech. Tech people have shit personalities. They're ugly and unpleasant people. Work on your personality. Personality isn't identity. It's the skill of handling people.

Lad if you're neurotypical please stay out of IT or as a favor to us autists, please go into project management.

He is well suited. He has a shit personality. Perfect for the industry.

She's 18, lads.

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She's still 18, lads.

Fap away, lads.


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Police slammed over memo saying Telford child sex abuse was 'consensual'
Sex with minors is fine so long as you have their consent and so long as you are a paki.
Rope for the lot.

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You lucked out.

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iktfl, after a couple of weeks working in IT I wish I'd never used a computer.

TELFORD: People are moving away from child grooming hotspot so their daughters aren't abused by paedophile gangs
"I want to move. I won’t be here in the next 5 years. I’ve got a young son and daughter and I ain’t risking it."

Only problem with that is it's happening a lot more frequently. Gonna run out of safe havens eventually.

They're refusing to accept the problem and are instead running from it. I don't blame them, they are looking out for their family, but as you said there's only so far they can run.

tbh that paki lad who has been talking about this for ages is like

She looks pretty cute tbf

And we tick ever closer to the breaking point

Reminder that e-pundits only serve themselves.

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I get it completely, you go on a rampage, you get put in the nick, then they've got free reign over your kids.

You mean Maajid? As much as I hate him, he's got a point but it's all fucked at this point.

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Can't really do much without self defense. Sounds like a job to fill your hands you son of a bitch.

As said, there's bugger-all we can do unless we go full-dafty. Remember that they arrested the fathers of Rotherham when their girls were being raped.

no not him some bald based paki saying it was about race and that parents should look after their young girls better as well as saying his fellow pakis were disgusting

Why the fuck are young girls allowed into a nightclub?
And yet not one of them decides to go over and do something about it.


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He is right in saying that the parents are partially responsible, but this shit should not be happening in the first place, the pakis should not be here.

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i heard the pakis used to do this to the Sikh girls but the Sikh's beat the shit out of them so they went for the easy working class white girl no father option

Because bouncers are one of three things: rapists who love young girls, mongoloids or on the take.

I've known seven honest to god bouncers who've upheld good standards. Three were sacked by the manager of the club, who usually likes money or has a thing for young girls, three are in prison for stomping nonces, and one was hospitalised by Paki nonces for not letting them in with their rape meat.

It's all fucked. I expect nightclubs to go up in flames and bullets every now in a few years


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tbh they are are told to let all the girls in they only ever stop lads

>"hi why has my item not been sent"
>opens up an eBay request demanding a refund for the item DESPITE IT STILL BEING FUCKING SHIPPED
Pakis really go out of their way to be as un-fucking-likeable as possible, don't they.

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Sounds about right. See

Well fuck

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It's because women drink more. I ran my own booze delivery service to workplaces when I needed a bit of extra scratch in college. Mostly visited nail salons snd hairdressers. Had to give it up to focus on my studies and never went back.

The thot isn't wrong about Dickie tbf, he is clearly an egomaniac and/or spy

Brussels CAVES in MAJOR Brexit trade VICTORY: UK CAN agree deals during transition

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They all are, look at Southern and Pettibone, both making a huge fucking deal about being stopped at the border despite them doing eveeything in their power to make themselves into antagonisers and prioritising that over Telford and actually important things.

i guess they also drink expensive stuff like wine to seem classy also

They buy cheap shitty wine tbf

*drinks 3 bottles of wine a night*

haha wine o clock teehee

Depends, but they usually do try to stretch every penny.

Women's wine culture is rather concerning tbh, they don't even try to pretend that they have anyactual taste, they just use it as an excuse to get shitfaced.
Not saying that they have to become sommeliers, but they could at least try to mask the bullshit.

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single at 45 with 3 kids or single at 45 with no kids

cant rly blame them for turning to drink tbh

Yes, yes we can.

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lad pls i meant them realising their shit mistakes and therefor drinking to forget

>"I fucked up my life and now I'm going to cry about it!"
I wouldn't gice a toss if it were just these whores becoming evermore self-destructive, but if you've seen Friday nights at the pub then you'd know that they cancerous wine o'clock shite has spread to the younger girls as well.

that their*

hmm optics

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tbh lads anyone using b+w edgy imagery should automatically be marked as spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

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Seriously lads, other than spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) why did NA pick skullmasks? Anyone with an ounce of sense would realise how stupid it looks.

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We're only slightly better than the Burgers.

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Good bye Unilever

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Slightly misleading lad, they are restructuring the company into 3 divisions, 2 of the divisions will keep their headquarters in the UK.

sensationalist headlines then

The madman can't keep getting away with it

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wtf i love islam now

smh lad


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