Brit/pol/ #2212: The Absolute State of British Politics Edition

Muh Russia

‘Britain will allow for independent tests on nerve agent’ – UK FM Johnson

Russian spy: What we know so far "An investigation by Buzzfeed News"

"g-go away….."

Russian spy: Moscow vows swift response on expulsions

France calls Skripal poisoning 'disgusting attack,' warns of 'firm' response


Police slammed over memo saying Telford child sex abuse was 'consensual'

Telford police chief claims scale of child sexual abuse being “sensationalised”

People are moving away from child grooming hotspot so their daughters aren't abused by paedophile gangs

Telford Council now wants inquiry into child abuse, but only for historic cases

Telford sex gang ringleader Mubarek Ali set to be freed early


Queen gives her consent for Harry-Meghan wedding

Brussels caves in major Brexit trade victory: UK can agree deals during transition

Tower residents told to pay £500,000 to replace Grenfell-style cladding


A start-up that claims it will one day allow people to back-up their brains admits it will come at the ultimate price: death

Italy’s Salvini at press conference: ‘EU uses left-wingers to sell its propaganda!’

Russian military threatens action against the US in Syria

Sweden to Spend Millions to Encourage Migrant-Background Citizens To Vote in September Election

Jupiter’s ancient storm turning orange & changing shape

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Good lad

Joke time.

What do you call an NHS nurse sitting down?


Goodeth be thou lad


good lad

requesting Boomer Nige stream please lads

rate my actual gf lads

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I made it before the shitposting tbf check the times

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*kills you*

*laughs at your messy spoiler*

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The Aussie accent ruins it for me tbh

filtered sa

Is this a gay joke?

the whole weaboo thing ruins it for me tbh

How are we going to save the white race, lads?

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It was posture, not body

that's even more bent la

t. virgin slumped



>don't talk about it - the remainers will be screeching before we've even done a deal

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Do people here unironically believe the Russians wouldn't assassinate people on British soil?



no, we just don't care that a traitor got what was coming to him and don't want a war over it to bring democracy and faggotry to russia
meanwhile children are being raped and the borders are open
an invasion is already going on

I was asked if I were a dancer as I have strong standing posture, she's a dancer and mentioned that improving posture is one thing they learn.

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Treason tbqf


if you swapped the nationalities around, we would want to gas a traitor in moscow

Trump org was just hit with a subpoena. Details scant.


Probably why he did it.
Putin's laughing at us, lad. He knows we are run by women.

We've been here before.

y-yeah, women

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It's not even about whether or not Russia actually did it, it's more about the fucking retarded way the British gov't is acting over the incident.
I'd put a monkey on it being a cockup at the Salisbury chemical lab, and they're blaming Russia to cover it up.

LBC is infowars in blazers


It wasn't Putin who did it, fucksake. It was MI-6.

It's a coercive environment. There's a witch hunt underway.


why didn't my dad do this?

convenient timing for putin to do something evil and make zog hate him even more hmmm

That video was very unsettling.

No lad our nice and friendly government would never do anything so untoward as to carry out espionage on foreign soil.

There are probably FSB agents right now documenting public reaction to the poisoning story.

Your christian morality is showing

This tbh, and although I was young when we went into Iraq I remember some adults calling bullshit on the WMD shit before it became "Public knowledge"

He knew you didn't need any help eating you fat bastard


Just uploaded this. Dutch Nazi cartoon against miscegenation

It's hardly surprising seeing how fucking ridiculously the gov't is doing things.

that's why nige has a call in show lad

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I'm going to show them my bum, lol.

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There is no motive for Russia to use the nerve agent.

There is every reason for CIA/MI-6 to do so.

As they are sociopaths who routinely cannibalize, torture, rape, and kill, such is for them natural.


whos pretending to be the jock?

Quick post something comfy.


It all makes sense

What's MI6's motive to assassinate a defector? Aside from using them to make it look like Russia did it of course.

weak voiced willyson


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kek I guess


Here lad

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No one, the one with the Scotland flag (not the lion rampant) was always a bit loopy

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To keep the heat on Russia because Putin is just about to close the Syria chapter once and for all, meaning the Hebrew's one shot at regime change will be lost forever.

>" errrr, nige. if I was PM and a chemical attack happend on British clay, the last thing id so is visit the scene of the attack and act like a nigger with the crowd….okthankyou"

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lian rampant is a selfish cunt, he still hasn't released his rare Mosley EP smh


There's your motive. You've got means and opportunity as well. MO (false flags go way back for the UK, recall the days of piracy on the high seas).

MI6 like other intelligence services long ago realised they could lead civil governments because they are the eyes and ears. The cliches policy is to either destroy of or create a vassal state of Russia before America falls apart internally.

Classic Jocking tbh

Fun fact: rofl eel is actually having a seizure and dying due to lack of oxygen, making suffolkfag a sadist

why did our defense minister tell the entirety of Russia to go away and shut up??

The political change being that the UK cannot feed itself, and the US can.

the absolute state

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That is, the US can handle other aspects it used to not be able to.

Good choice.

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i thought it was strange anyone north of the border owning a Mosley

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It's somewhat disappointing that the nerve agent didn't spread throughout the uk.

He should know


Just gas everyone now, tbh. Sick of em. I'll wander the ruins alone like Robert Neville.

Yep. The UK is nothing but filth.

Starving and depopulation have been planned for, the reports classified and no one, outside of the cliche and the think tanks that produced it, have seen it.

hows the barth renaissance coming along gents

Lads can we stop talking about Russia and talk about this

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Literal thought crime, it was only a matter of time.

I got distracted by the fear post and forgot what I was going to talk about