Padre Pio

Why haven't I seen any discussion of Padre Pio?

Stigmatic I the 20th century. Censured by the church. Saw angels. Supernatural knowledge of sins. Bilocation. Miraculous healings. Prophecies on coming apostasy.

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Other urls found in this thread: encounters of Padre Pio with deceased souls in Purgatory, Guardian Angel, devil. His own words on temptation, virtues, life..html

Also St. Padre Pio was a champion of the Rosary !
Indeed an incredible man. There's a website about him that you should definitely be checking out:

From that website, I'm going to post his biography (which can only be a shortened version anyway):


St. Pio of Pietrelcina, pray for us.

you forget his greatest trait: false prophet

Seems fishy. I'm not completely sold yet because it's likely that Padre pio probably was looking at common crucifixs around him and thought that Christ was nailed by the middle of His palm, but in fact that's not how Romans nailed people to the cross. It's was either on the wrist or at that point between the wrist and the palm. Pic related explains it. A lot of these stigmata cases tend to follow pop culture version of the crucifixion as opposed to the real historical fact.Pics related are of the historical Roman method of crucifixion and a pic of padres stigmata position.

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He was caught buying carbolic acid for "sterilization". His stigmata wounds are clearly acid burns. I love reading about the mystics of the church, but I find it hard to accept that Padre Pio was anything more than a pious fraud. He was rather showy with his gifts, for example he'd have people over for dinner then stop talking and when asked why he paused would say stuff like "Oh they were souls thanking me for delivering them from purgatory". Come on now.

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I've seen stuff like this explained away by saying Jesus had his arms tied to the cross to support the weight and then had nails driven through the palms. I don't know if it has any historical basis though.

Source on this? if he did this then he is very clearly under prelest, not that Catholics care or know what prelest is.

citation needed

And the stories of him talking to people from Purgatory

That's not a source.
Do you really think that a fraud would've been beatified let alone canonized ? Do you think you become a saint for doing cool things and showing off ? Nothing but slander and hearsay. The man had more holiness in a single finger nail than I could ever dream of possessing for myself.

I know stigmata when I see it and those wounds on his hands are acid burns.

Where does it say that he stopped during dinner? don't bear false witness, from what i've seen of many Catholic saints they were under prelest especially modern "mystics" but no point in making stuff up when what they say already is damming enough.


Ok this is the only source i could find of this, this is pretty bad if he actually did this. encounters of Padre Pio with deceased souls in Purgatory, Guardian Angel, devil. His own words on temptation, virtues, life..html

Thank you, I was just looking for that. Yeah that's where I read it. Those stories seem suspicious to me, getting up and saying "Yeah I was talking to some people who got out of purgatory thanks to my mass, no biggie" seems more like he was interested in being perceived as someone with spiritual insight, rather that a person who actually had those encounters

See so called Saint Mother Theresa.

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leave judgment to God user

You have some ? Otherwise you're just spouting nonsense.

[citation needed]
Anyway, do you think there is even one single person on earth not having doubts ? It's part of believing. And sometimes it happens that people fall into undesirable states due to this. That doesn't mean anything. You shouldn't be so quick in judging peoples hearts.


Dark night of the soul user.

Not the biblical account is it. Also, we have writings about how crucifixion was done back then. It was always by piercing the hand. On rare occasions they did tie the hands to the back of the cross but that was a rare things, even more so for someone like Pontius Pilate to do.