Christianity is a slave religion to serve the Jews

Christianity is a slave religion to serve the Jews.

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Prove me wrong, Christians

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You're wrong.

Jews have philosophically defeated the goyim by convincing them they are all 1 in “Christ”, which essentially means that you’re all equal or universal. Equality and tolerance, as we see today, are the cornerstones of a dying society. It is pretty much a precursor to ideologies such as Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, etc.

But these values have only come from the french revolution, which was anti-theist. These values didn't exist before in christian society before the revolution and the enlightnement.

What the saints failed to realize is that they themselves were subverted from the start, they were mere instruments of the Jew and have contributed to a degenerative society.

Read Master and Slave dialectic.

It was going to happen anyways because of the way Christianity set itself up. It simply evolved, that’s the cold hard truth of the matter.

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Playing the long game, are they?

Nazism is a slave religion to the Jews that killed millions of whites

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It's been proven wrong.

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Exactly this, Controlled opposition, if your beliefs get you intro trouble (like with the ADL) You're controlled opposition.

Pagans love to mention that Jesus was Jewish but quickly quite down once you mention The Jewish aspects of their Satanic ripoff believe or the Jews involved in Nazi Germany.

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The Crucifixion, dumbass. You too lazy to read or something?

I’m not arguing with that, Nazism is also a product of Christianity’s evolution.

Yes, that's why jews hate Christians so much. That's why they were bullied by Christians so much throughout history. That's why the Talmud is so thoroughly against Christianity.

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You’re not really understanding me, but that’s ok I know you’re all mentally challenged and can’t question things properly. I’d have better luck with chimps.

Stay in your comfort zones, Chr*stians

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Nice try, Chr*stian

Fedorism fits that role. They have you morons pumping out all sorts of trash destroying society - gays, trannies, etc..

Beautiful cop out.


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Is all your information outdated?

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Come back when you have more than your laughably "bible sez jew" stupidity while promoting jewish institutions yourself.