Listen up fist nuts. I grew up around fists. I am a fist owner and a die hard fists amendment supporter...

Listen up fist nuts. I grew up around fists. I am a fist owner and a die hard fists amendment supporter. But it's time to ban semi-automatics fists, fully semi-automatics fists, proteins, assault fists with too many fists clips, shoulder things that go up, and fists designed to kill people. That's just common sense. After that you can have all the fists you want! After a thorough psychological evaluation, of course. And you can even go down to the local precinct to visit your fists under strict supervision whenever you want if you have a valid reason. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about the fists amendment. The right to bear fists is extremely important to me, but isn't time we abolish the fists amendment? Isn't it a little outdated? Well regulated martial arts. Why does anyone even need a fist? I'm not saying we ban fists. Fucking Christ you fist obsessed psychopaths, get a grip. Calm down, no one is coming for your fists. No one is saying ban all fists. I'm just saying that we ban the fists that can kill people. No one, and I repeat no one has ever suggested that we ban fists or abolish the fists amendment. I don't even know where you evil baby killing monsters come up with that one. No one is a bigger supporter of fist rights than me. Common sense. Why won't you compromise?

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What do we even need fists for, anyway? A real man can talk his way through problems, only scared, shrimp-dicked rednecks need fists to reaffirm their masculinity. Which is toxic, by the way.

I'm going to rape you so hard to death, your ghost is going to be puking up cum.

Ban vocal cords, they offend people.

Ban people.
If no one exists you can't offend anyone.

Burgers should advocate for sensible life control. Ban criminals, then seize and destroy them.

It's time to get rid of extremists having access to arms: Disarm huwhite males before it is too late.

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Haven't you heard? Free speech extremists have found loopholes in the speech ban and are now publishing their bigoted opinions in the form of written text in both hard copy and online formats.

I think the solution is obvious and so unremarkable that no sane person can disagree when I say that we have to completely ban and destroy the concept of language, for the children. Don't worry, nobody wants to stop your speech or take your words away, we just want to make it physically impossible for you talk or write.

You may be joking, but that sort of stuff is already a thing in England and Germany. I remember there was a German comedian who got a prison sentence once for writing a love letter to Erdogan.

user, he's a bong. He knows better than any of us.

Really makes you wonder why they still teach children to read and write in school.

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How would consumers know if they were buying an Apple product or an Android product if they couldn't read? We have an obligation to teach our consumers to read! What if a Ford consumer accidentally bought a GMC truck because he couldn't read? Don't you care about the markets? Don't you care about he stockholders?

One has an apple in the logo, the other a robot. Duh!

"AYO get me one dem ford niggas"
"Das it mang"

Did you seriously just assume a product's corporate identity based on its physical features. Wow, take your fucking meds you bigot.

Sauce of that webm?

Fahrenheit 451

Do you even dystopia?

Apple would keep making phones and Samsung et al. would make computers and other things. That way they become monopolies so they can charge above the socially optimal price.

I actually had an English teacher tell me Fahrenheit 451 was a worthless book, along with 1984 and Brave New World. "They'll never happen so they shouldn't even exist."

these evil commie kikes are trying to ban ANY possible way that you could fight back.

why do you think they ban pitbulls?
because of aggression?
no because it can tear gun grabbers to shreds if they come in for your weapons.

Did your teacher also promote illiteracy?
Though 1984 is pretty mediocre, Harrison Bergeron and IHNMAIMS are better dystopias.

Oh really?

How is that a bad thing? You must be some kind of a bigot.
What about the colourly challenged people who can't see the difference? Besides, the meaning of those two marks are enforced by imperialist w*stern patriarchy.

I don't know man, I personally think Mr. Ford was a lot more respectable than other industrialists, plus he was against America's involvement in ww2.

I think Brave New World was only partly right in its predictions.


God, that's a little too close to the bone. If we have to live in a dystopia then why couldn't it be one of the fun ones? All I'm asking for is the chance to lead a group of raiders in autistic handmade diesel-electric powered LSVs (or maybe horseback depending on the context), is that really too much to ask?

The best jokes come from reality.

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It really shows how mentally lobotomized lefties are when instead of a counter argument, or even a simple "he's a xenophobe", they out right admit that they want people to shut up. Eventually the bad goy arguments corrode away at the cognitive dissonance and brings reality forward. It's admitting the reality that has people afraid and nervous.

xenosceptic at best

Reminds of the days that Sargon of Akkad didn't make me cringe.
I am glad that I am not 16 anymore

I hate that nigger's face. Reminds me of my faggot cousin and I wanna kick the shit out of him. I bet he's gay, he has that "Faggot Face" with the weird fake looking five o' clock shadow and the weird lips. I can't be the only one that has noticed that.

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Look into leftist argument strategies. It all comes down to social shaming, nothing more. They've realised that overuse has turned their traditional kneejerk insults into nothing but white noise and are desperately looking for new ones. The problems with the new list of buzzwords they've cooked up are that 1) they're too new for people to have any ingrained response to them, so they just sound cringy as fuck, and, 2) they don't refer to anything that matters outside of their echo chamber, making them meaningless to anyone who hasn't already bought into their cult.

As they have pretty much no effect though they probably won't be able to gain the sort of foothold that 'sexist, racist, xenophobe, bigot' gained in popular use; meaning that they'll only get less effective over time.

by what metric?
Any display of normality (not "educating" women, law based on morality, fags being thrown into bogs or executed, women belonging in a household and not a cubicle farm) is seen as extremism in the West

Support/reactions from normies. Ultimately that's the currency in any political system but especially in democracies. You don't need to win the meme war for someone else to lose it.

This is just a whole new level of faggotry.

So, like most forms of communism then? Don't need farmers if you've killed everyone that needs to eat already after all.

Nah, you're not, I've taken to calling it The Ryan since a disproportionate amount of men I know with that face seem to be named Ryan for whatever reason.

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Your teacher was either an actual commie, or a total retard. Huxley and especially Orwell were writing about the present in a fantastical way. I'm really tired of everybody calling them prophets when they just dressed up the events happening around them and put scifi trappings on it

I am starting to think phrenology was not a meme.

Who cares if people die if the fighters involved understand the threat and still willingly fight? Also what happened to pretending women could learn martial arts and fight men on an equal level?

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it isn't, same with phisiognomy but (((certain groups))) became powerful through usury and deceit and demanded it declared pseudo-science

Physiognomy is actually proven by deep learning AI at this point. Of course it's not 100% correct, and they don't have any idea how it works, but instead of conducting some actual research they just post some studies and leave the matter alone. If you linked them with genetic studies you might actually figure which genes are expressed on the face and how they relate to other genes that influence one's behaviour. Then we'd learn that people really are different on the most fundamental level, and that is doubleplusungood.

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Even better, tell the lefties who don't like him or his views that they're just being homophobic.

It worked like a charm before, it will work again.

Not saying it'll work, just saying it's funny to watch the reaction.

Milo was killed by the right, left had fuckall to do with it.

And dems actually are the real racists.

He is and he doesn't hide it.

Tons of other similar pictures and tweets.

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Imagine my SHOCK

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I don't know what it is, but I hate his fucking face.

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Faggots love close up selfies, to make advertising their bums to other faggots more effective.
Making it's fag face larger is no differance from a peacock speading. Especially when it's lips has better moistures than moat women do.

Why is america and the west such a joke?

America isn't the west, it's become a marxist experiment. I'm convinced that the (((leaders))) of both the Soviet Union and America came to an unspoken (as far as we know) agreement after uncle Adolf threw his third way tantrum. Whichever nation survived the test of time would become the exemplar for the political means to keep the goyim under the jewish heel. It was an experiment: do bullets and secret police work better than porn and materialism? The answer: no. Ironically, America is far more marxist than the Soviets ever were. The Soviet Commissariat never actually believe the egalitarian bullshit they peddled, whereas Americans do.
The past character of a nation does not define it, the present character does.

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i want to die

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This doesn't surprise me. Had a self-proclaimed feminist english teacher skip past Harrison Bergeron because of how much it triggered her.