Brit/pol/ #2215: Winchester Edition

Brexit News - Friday 16th March

UKIP peer Lord Pearson invites ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson to Parliament

'UK using Skripal case to divert attention from Brexit setback' - Russian Ambassador

Britain’s Brexit bill revealed: £37.1B over 45 years

West calls on Russia to explain nerve toxin attack on former double agent

1,000 ISIS Jihadis could return to Europe


Transport secretary Chris Grayling says trucks coming into Dover won't be checked after Brexit

Pakistani gang tried to force teenage girl to sleep with surgeon with a gold credit card

"Overwhelmingly likely" that Vladimir Putin was personally responsible for ordering nerve agent attack in UK - Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

Justice Minister: UK Prison System ‘Preparing for Influx of Returning Jihadis’, Must Instill ‘British Values’

Failed asylum seeker ‘killed German girlfriend for refusing to convert to Islam’

Birmingham has been crowned the most Irish place in Britain

Was St Patrick Welsh? An expert reviews the evidence

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lewd gad

Can you imagine Godwinson trying to sleep after being told by the working class Liberalist that he should be thankful he pointed out he was a khv NEET with no kids?

He probably crawled into bed late, after spending an hour deleting his online presence following his flight from the debate. His Mum likely called over and asked him what was wrong, and - breathing heavily - he brushed her off. Neither mother or son have a happy relationship. It’s likely Godwinson's Aspergers prevents him from giving her the grandchildren that she so desperately wants

She thinks about bringing up the fact that the family’s finances are only getting worse. Maybe he should leave get off benifits and get a real job. But she doesn’t say anything - she’d hate for him to fly into one of his impotent rages and mumbles about his efforts in finding a woman; which is far from inevitable given his crippling inability to approach the local girls that he stares at.

He slams the door on her. The pressure on his heart causes him perpetual unease. He can’t help but think about Working Class Liberalist, the handsome, hard working man who humiliated him. He’s brought back to the terror and helplessness that he felt as a child being bullied by older boys for reasons he never understood. “I’m smarter than him” He says in his mind, “How dare he speak with 0 gcse's?” And yet, he knows that Working Class Liberalist sleeps surrounded by a loyal cadre of family members who would risk their lives for him, next to a beautiful woman who he dominates in the classical sense. Working Class Liberalist is a household Mechanic, and Godwinson is now a joke in the only place that ever gave him attention.

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sweet bonnie boat like a bird on a wiiing 🎶
carry the lad thats born to be king over the sea to skyeeee ~

uni is a memi unless you do STEM

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Westie already outing himself smh

isn't it strange how TWITAR gets shut down suddenly Brexit Party vlogcast pops up

STEM is a memi unless you do engineering or medicine

through jacobitism? 😂

smh parliament was just a bit gay and let j00s in smh

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Why does the lad seem so zoned out?

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when you see a scot who isn't a pulverized mass of flesh and bone

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Correct, but if you're an expert in geophysics then life's not bad unless you get caught.

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Laaaaaads, tempted to try a last ditch message to the tomboy lass (who wants to be a man) and seeing if she would be up for a drink tonight smh

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One last try and then drop her tbh

How do you know her lad?

They should have made a film of Culloden. Who would be the best actor for Butcher Cumberland? Arnie?

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Problem is if she says no to tonight but says she would be good for tomorrow night, could get in a kerfuffle figuring out what to do if the Lithuanian lass is up for a drink tomorrow night

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this ——-→>>678656

If she keeps letting you down and you keep chasing her, she'll put you in the VIP area of the friendzone.

You need to make her want you lad

Makes me laff when he calls himself or lets other people call him Sargon of Akkad. It's so fucking awkward keeek

Technically you're still single so why not try both of them out on the sly and keep it quiet.

Was thinking about this in bed earlier, the perpetual struggle of the NEET against himself, both consciously and subconsciously.
All my good ideas are when I lie in bed, I am going to become a philosopher NEET.

seems somewhat disengaged


why are you chasing a low value lass this hard? you are probably repulsing her

read his book

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Is it too late in the evening to ask about going for a drink? I don't know normie etiquette


Stop giving him (you)s

starting a new channel lads, call me Admiral Nelson


Lad I only asked about going for a drink with her a week ago but it turned out she was busy

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you should use his full titles tbh

here's your starter kit lad

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Annoying voice tbh

why does he keep wearing the black shirts?

Hides how fat he is

the legacy of the real sargon pales in comparison to carl's greatness

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Is Theresa May a gypsy?

Pic related if you haven't seen it.

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Speaking of gypsies…

Carl will burn in Sargon's anus

Police are basically semites.


YWN get 8K per month for creating arguments

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I think her voice is qt tbh.

Enjoy being a literal cuckold, m'lad.

Lads I seriously don't know if asking at 7 on the same night about going for a drink is normal or comes across retarded?

one day



It's Friday, lad.
Deanos don't go out until 2am.

SA can vouch for me tbh

She's going to reject you whatever time you ask at, lad

If you don't ask her i'll give you a fucking good hiding lad.


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What do you think Godwinson is doing right at this very moment lads?

Lad that's pretty gay

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probably monitoring all Zig Forums related things looking for feedback on his performance and

Reading up about the Battle of Hastings and realising that he wasn't the only Godwinson that got BTFO



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Wanking, crying, and watching Jahans



Having Jahans wank him off

Tbh being that much of a Chad in life isn't diminished by this. It more just shows how retarded modern people are.

this reminds me, is there a picture of the asshole of Jahan's cat?

Important poll


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maybe it's for the best he got BTFO

What is Dorset doing right now lads?
I wonder where he goes now to sperg out.

When I ask if Theresa May is a gypsy, there's a reason to ask. You see, in gypsy society, a rumor unanswered is treated as fact. Pic very much related.

Frankly, a large portion of British society appears gypsy. (has this been tested?)

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probably sleeping or eating a biscuit

Oh, this is from the preface to the paperback of A People That Shall Dwell Alone by Kevin MacDonald.

we had a gyppo poster once who raped his sister

tbh that liberalist did sound like a complete pleb

jej was he Sargon of Akkad?

Also, isn't that the flag of the North Poll?

he posts anonymously


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Does anyone else remember the Tor poster who claimed he ate people?

Did TS actually fuck Ginnie?

I don't recall you, lad.


porn tbh

Yes lad. Its the secret North Poll where we hang the jews from

She isn't a gypsy lad

She a daughter of an anglican priest and also has to have daily injections of insulin for her diabetes.

Just a dried up, childless hag with a fetish for mass surveillance.


Speak for yourself lad I'm unironically civic

I don't want to go to work tonight. I'm still cold from yesterday

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what do you say?

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alt for norge lad

Are we going to KFC later?

Robinson named his arse "paki"?