Brit/pol/ #2217: Quintessentially Edition

Newham mayor Sir Robin Wales deselected after 23 years

Brexit News for Saturday 17 March

Theresa May visits Salisbury

Corbyn refuses to back down on Russia: Labour leader accuses May 'rushing way ahead'

Corbyn slammed by Salisbury MP over Russia attack - Labour boss 'used by Kremlin'

'Mother and daughter' are killed by a gunman in a house in St Leonards as armed police arrest a suspect after leading a pregnant woman to safety from the property

Sh*thole Watch: Air Ambulance Called to More Stabbings and Shootings than Road Accidents in Sadiq Khan’s London

Merkel Insists ‘Islam Belongs to Germany’ After Minister Highlights Nation’s Christian Heritage

'Brexit is not deliverable!' Chuka Umunna's SHOCK claim leaving the EU is impossible

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The reason representative democracy is so popular is because our populations are so large that direct democracy isn’t feasible. On Mars though, where there will be very few people, a direct democracy could work great. Reminds me of how Ancient Rome operated and they did pretty well for themselves (until they were ransacked but I don’t think that would happen on Mars).

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2nd 4

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Nice idea tbh. Do Klingons have a patriarchal society in the canon?

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Yes this is definitely how teenage boys act.
although these days it would not surprise me

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At least once a month I get an extreme craving for chocolate milkers tbh.

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/наш мальчик/ tbh

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It's how faggots act, lad or middle-aged cat ladies working in PR

I dunno lad I'd believe it what with how much I've been conditioned to think how much the yankistan youth are being feminised.

Labour = Momentum now. There is arguably more opportunity for a new machine than ever.

Douglas Carswell.jpg


I bet she fucking stinks of caocao butter

It seems a lot more like a bunch of middle-aged women in PR

This reads like Sade

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Dicking Africans is not only in line with British values but it also positively impacts the economy.

I couldn't pay for sex just out of principle tbh. There were some lads at work talking about hookers in South America going for $10. Noticed they didn't describe how they looked.


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I don't think he was paying for most of it, lad. I knew a lad who went to Ghana and lasses from the school he was working at were constantly propositioning him


Hibernophobic tbh lad

I know he has fans in this thread but why do people listen to him

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St Patrick was an Englishman

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Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London as Public Anger Over Grooming Gangs Grows

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Those don't come close to even six million though

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St. Patrick predates Anglos. He was Welsh.

Based. They are ridiculously obvious with their agenda

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Friendly reminder Padraig's Britain didn't recognise Roman authority at the time, and never would have if they hadn't got Anglo'd

He's too busy doing videos about people being mean to him on twitter

He was Romano-British

>"muh inquisition" cries the anti-christian, as lists of numbers spill from his pockets
Weren't Inquisition deaths less than a few thousand?

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Some lads take crossdressing inspiration from him

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Based Hadrian IV tbh

Probably, they mostly went after crypto-jews and I don't think they even killed people for first offences

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It is also blaming wars made by sovereign nations on the Catholic church which is silly


Now why ever would pagans be so obsessed with an organisation that existed to root out Jews?

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How will Styx ever recover.

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the effect of the inquisition was that they drastically reduced witch burnings and other related incidences
they were also responsible for getting the jews kicked out of spain again after finding them continually converting christians to islam because they wanted to be back in the caliphate with their special privileges again

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We're all boomers here


I assumed he was getting to that number by counting (with inflated numbers anyway) events like the conquest of the Americas, which is stupid since they weren't organised or (particularly) inspired by catholicism.


Lads have you seen the corbynites whinging "the right-wing media photoshopped the hat onto him"

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They had to introduce 'limpieza de sangre' (literally cleanliness of blood) laws to exclude racial jews from positions of power because 'converted' Jews were nepotistically trying to subvert them

paganism is just relativism tbh

Have these people never seen Corbyn? He always wears this stupid shit.

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Sounds antisemitic to me lad, might have to inform Prevent

yep we really are in topsy turvy land when Corbyn is speaking sense

A great book by Carroll is "Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness".
It is a staunch defence of colonialism as it describes how monstrous South American (well, Aztecs) societies were before mass conversions to christianity


The world has gone mad.

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tbh they have a point in that the BBC chose said picture in order to feed into the muh Rusha narrative.

He acts like a woman

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Well yeah, but they are saying it's edited which it isn't, Corbyn always dresses like a twat.

he's "pagan" as in he's a lumphead who doesn't know what to think so he gets his morals and beliefs from mass produced warhammer 40k books and gives lip service to churches

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This is now a fedora thread.

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>celebrating another nation's holidays just because they're supposedly hwhite

Alternate History: What If Rhodesia Won The Bush War?

Bretty gud tbh, yank who recognises that the US was the main reason behind the "decolonisation" and break up of European empires, which was actually against US interests.

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They're crying about a hat being Photoshopped on him.
Clearly haven't lurked on Zig Forums then

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early thot patrol tbh

Wew atheist is pretty white!


They're fucking insane, have they really never seen a photo of Corbyn?

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Aaaaahhh I feel comforted in my enlightenment


Fuck sake, forgot to spoiler.
Soz lads

BBC is right wing?

u u u u u h h h

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Joosten is so qt

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Don't worry lad, in 5 years she won't be

it's a pro-UKIP mouthpiece

like this channel tbh

enjoyed this

Sign of the end times tbh

Commies accusing commies of making other commies look more communist?

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They're really going bananas about it.

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sounds like an optics dispute


Sad feel, she deserves better. Her game awards performance was so qt tbh, she was so nervous but pulled it off


Who is Jewing who?? The Right Wing Big Black Cock is lying to us all REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Just need to get the "The Brit Hour" show going, then we will be really plowing through those prophesies

Don't try to think about it.

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I have no idea who she and why are you playing computer games tbh lad

You are all gonna hate on me for this but because my ancestry is Cornish Celtic. says that I am Irish/Welsh/Scottish. Cornish doesnt get a look in.

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Imagine if lefties start a campaign to refuse paying the TV licence on the grounds of the BBC being a mouthpiece for Nazis.

Sound like a plan though

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Make it so.


Is it even possible with current tech to accurately pinpoint it down to the region like that?

Lad pretty much everyone who claims to be English on this board is either Irish or a slav, I wouldn't worry about it

tfw the alt is better than the reality