The Great Schism

When will the schism between /christ/ & Zig Forums be healed?

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When the gnostics GTFO or repent.

When they recant of their Gnostic/Mormon/Jehovah Witnesses/Judaizing/Liberal theology crap.

It boils down to the mods from what i gather

When cultists convert, or are all dead.

A few guys made their own board, some went there and I bet lots of them still crossboard on here too.
This isn't a Great Schism where Christendom was divided in half, this is that one bishop in Spain that declared himself pope and took one church with him.

The non-gnautistic posters can come back when their bans expire. Schism mended.

/christ/ is a pretty lax board; they let everyone post there. There’s no need for it to become like Zig Forums

/b/ lets everyone post too.

You mean the split between /larpers/ and /gnostics/? Yeah, not inclined to think so.

Why would we need "them" anyway?

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I'm an ex-Jehovah's witness turned Baptist, I started my own church, we don't believe in the Nicene creed - and yet - I'm constantly among you.(R E P E N T)

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Do you disagree with any of the Trinitarian doctrine in the Nicene Creed?

There is no trinity - there is only trinity.

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When heterodox comply to the one true church

So are we enforcing the Nicene Creed as the basic litmus test for a christian?

We always have. "Catholic" meant the sum total of believers at the time it was written, most protestant denominations are cou ted as Nicene. For a Baptist to say theyre not Nicene is bizarre, though l.

This is the point of the matter, our largest and most vocal group here does not, or frequently clashes with basic clauses of the Nicene Creed constantly.

I'm assuming the mods have just given up on that point.

Most JW/gnostic/Mormon posts get taken down within a day.

Yeah, it keeps out all of the non-Saturnalia worshipers.

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Can I not into reading or are you saying that or largest group is Baptist? Not a chance, Catholics and Orthodox are by far the majority at this point I reckon.