Is the brain the seat of the soul?

If not, where is it?? Why is it that when someone receives significant damage to the brain, they undergo drastic personality changes?

And yes, I know that the left brain, right brain idea is just a meme; I just so happen to like this picture.

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Everything we experience is fictive. It’s entirely possible that you are just pure soul being fed signals straight from God.
This is a PERFECT video for you OP, enjoy.

The brain is only 1/3 of your total neural net. And then there's the lymphatic and endocrine system which does a lot of communication as well.

It's just not possible to pin down any one part.

Genesis 2:7 talks about it, doesnt it? It would fit and seems reasonable to assume.

The soul is immaterial, only the material things have fixed coordinates whithin the four-dimensional space-time continuum we live in. The soul (when separated from the body), the angels and the devils can project themselves in whatever coordinates and whatever form they like.

Because our body is not just a dress for the soul. Our body is an integral part of our nature. When a man dies, his soul misses his body. The body is not a prison for the soul (as deemed in Western Christianity) and theosis is both for the soul and for the body.

Actually my father and my mother have left-hand and right-hand brain stroke. So I know from exprerience that this is not just a meme.

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Op the brain is the control system for the body,that is it. Imagine your soul as the user,and the brain as the computer,that makes your eyes the moniter and ears the speakers,and your voice box your mic. Personality changes are caused by malfunctions in the body caused by abnormalities that the user hasnt encountered before and is trying to adapt to.

Someone has obviously never actually read the bible. 2 cor 5:8
When you die,you dont miss your flesh sin filled body. You (if you are a beliver) have a new eternal sinless body. Take your new age BS and gttfo.

I really doubt that Western Christianity (asides few protestard sects) thinks so either. It was a gn*stic thing.

Things are more complex than that. Some brain damages can cause no visible abnormality in the body but only change the intelectual abilities. For example one can lose his ability to imagine things that are not currently in his vision. And there are also things like lobotomy and corpus callosotomy. Other conditions cause memory loss and what are we without our memories and our habits?

:) You are very fast judge! Be more cautious. Try this:

Here are some excerpts from the above link:

"What habitation? Tell me. The incorruptible body. And why do we groan now? Because that is far better. And "from heaven" he calls it because of its incorruptibleness. For it is not surely that a body will come down to us from above: but by this expression he signifies the grace which is sent from thence."

"Here again he has utterly and manifestly stopped the mouths of the heretics, showing that he is not speaking absolutely of a body differing in identity , but of corruption and incorruption: 'For we do not therefore groan,' says he, 'that we may be delivered from the body: for of this we do not wish to be unclothed; but we hasten to be delivered from the corruption that is in it.' Wherefore he says, we wish not to be unclothed of the body, but that it should be clothed upon with incorruption."

"For it is in this respect that we are burdened by the body; not because it is a body, but because we are encompassed with a corruptible body and liable to suffering , for it is this that also causes us pain."

The new body is my current body clothed in incorruption. I will miss it because behold, it is very good. (Genesis 1:31)

The body can have sinful predilections but this is merely an example of its current corruption. The sin, though, is mine, not of the body. Any (real) Christian puts away the corruption and "puts on the new man, who in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of truth." (Ephesians 4:24) A Christian is called to do this while still alive.

>something eternal, something ethereal, something spiritual must "sit" in the material world

wut? based on some preeeeeeeeeeeetty solid science, fam.

>your soul is the breath you breathe in and out

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That different cognitive functions happen in different parts of the brain is not the meme. The meme expands on this by designating "left-brain" and "right-brain" people who rely more on one side than the other.
This meme is false.

*Unless you are literally missing chunks of your brain

the brain is a thin client and your bipartite soul is the server stack. parts of the brain that handle different things are like daemons that map between the server and interface with the outside.

A chair will understand Math before you find your answer.

Furniture doesnt have mental capacity and thus cannot learn Mathematics. What you are suggesting is that he will never find an answer.

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So is it my soul or my brain that’s broken?

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install gentoo

The following is by St. Gregory Palamas:

"The angel and the soul, as incorporeal beings are not located in [a particular] place but neither are they everywhere. For they do not sustain the universe but rather are dependent upon the Sustaining. Therefore, they belong in the One who sustains and encompasses the universe, being accordingly bounded by Him. The soul, therefore, as it sustains the body together with which it was created, is everywhere in the body, but not as in a [particular] place, but rather as sustaining, encompassing and giving life to it. Because it possesses this too [i.e. the property to give life] in the image of God."

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The breath of God bringing life to humanity does not really explain anything about the soul.

What about critters like the apes?

Sorry, I’ve been super busy since I made that post.

That was a very interesting video you posted user. Thanks. I will say that it appears he made a leap in logic on one point. He states that neurology doesn’t know how the brain synthesizes the information that it holds, so therefore there is mind that controls the brain. That seems like an argument from incredulity to me. Just because neurologists aren’t aware of how the brain synthesizes it’s information into what we perceive, that doesn’t mean there is no neurological basis for information synthesis. I’m not saying that idealism isn’t true, but we can’t go by a lack of evidence in neurology since science can only make positive assertions based on evidence.

Soul doesn't need a seat. You are your soul.

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the personality is not the soul. i know a guy who went in for a dental procedure and somehow turned into an enormous douchebag when it was over. that doesn't mean the soul resides in the teeth though

But it is a part of the soul. The point is that a person can undergo drastic, PERMANENT mental changes after receiving neurological damage. The dentist analogy doesn’t capture the original point because that is a temporary mood change.

it wasn't temporary, though. he's still a dick, but he wasn't before.

Youtube JP Morland and the soul