Brit/pol/ #2218: Captain EU Edition

Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK

Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London as Public Anger Over Grooming Gangs Grows

'Failure to integrate Pakistani immigrants led to Telford child abuse scandal'

UK's claims questioned: doubts voiced about source of Salisbury novichok

Thirteen days on – do detectives even know how spy was poisoned?

Theresa May visits Salisbury

Corbyn refuses to back down on Russia: Labour leader accuses May 'rushing way ahead'

Corbyn slammed by Salisbury MP over Russia attack - Labour boss 'used by Kremlin'

All these organisations can view your internet browsing history without asking

Brexit News for Saturday 17 March

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These threads are flying

Have they never read a teenagers social media account.

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for her

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for him

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nth for build a big tower and chuck all the nonces and pakis off it tbh

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For her

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For him

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23andMe arrived today and I've got at least a dukedom pretty much in the bag at this point.

Still laffing at this video keek

Does that mean you can be king one day, lad?

How many of you have ducal powers?

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Fucking hell that's almost one raped girl for every paki in the UK.

It's times like this that make me smile at the roasted husk of Grenfell tower. Comfortable in the knowledge that there is a few less of these commonwealth cunts about.

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Is the old law, where you invade and kill the king and queen and basically everyone in the court and you get to crown yourself king in effect in Europe, or is it now down to faggot things like beauty contests?

As a backup plan, in case the 23andMe thing doesn't work out.

Not that I would lose a beauty contest. It's just best to be manly.

Go for it lad

Reminder that Rolls-Royce was the greatest car manufacturer Britain ever had



Might go out and do some photography, not aure if I can stand the taigLARPers though.
What do you reckon lads?

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muh convenience

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You're definitely not:


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you have my bat'leth lad

Don't do it unless you have L glass.

This better be satire

what's the point of them again?




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The article is fucking insane.

>"it's the systematic oppression of women from the patriarchy"

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Shooting film on a 50mm in the dark

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The actual advert is ridiculous.
>"you come with an open mind and the instinct that we are equal"
Have they never been around babies? They are selfish little shits most of the time because they are babies.

Which logo is better? Aorus or Vauxhall?

At least they're treated well. Those cars easily could easily have gone to some Saudi Prince who'd crash all of them within a month. Bet they still stink of poo but it's better than nothing.

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Rich Maharajas I think used to buy them because they wanted to emulate British high society so badly

and this is how roasties were allowed to evolve

it's beautiful


im drunk, sorry



iirc they virginity-tested one when her enemies spread lies about her

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*steals your siblings*

Watching 'Smack the Pony' this morning. Some woman at a dinner party kept calling Poland 'Pooland.' bit racist tbh.

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Get. Out.



They both look male.

Eh? This is England mate, fuck off back to where you came from. Furrin parts most likely smh

I remember looking at a Portuguese language text book and thinking - what a load of gobbledygook tbh. It seems so far removed from most Euro languages.

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It's basically not very different from Spanish tbh but it sounds absolutely disgusting a bit like Brazilians tbh.
56% language for a 56% people

*pulls you off cliff*

fuck that's brutal

Fair enough. Spanish is a language I've never been curious about in the slightest so not at all familiar with it.

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is 22st here yet?

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Thinking about making a gammon steak tbh


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fuck off scandie

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You're here!!!!!!

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Yeah, lad. My day off and I slept through all of it

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Don't worry, you earned that sleep. I like sleeping tbh

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Pretty much one of the most important videos ever made.

The internet has peaked

yeah I just want to sleep again keek


Btw, why is there a bin in a bikini on your phone?

I think my phone got hacked

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How was your Saturday? Did it snow?

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Oh no! That's terrible

Was it the russians?

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Kek. This entire comment section.

probably smh

dno I've only been awake when it's dark outside :'c

wbu lass?

Stayed at home all day. Snow outside.

all these people who hate us smh

heard you lads had a lot of trouble with snow on the roads smh. guess you don't use winter tyres

They hate us, because they ain't us. Shhhhhhit.

Tried to make a gravy but I fucked up the proportions and gave up smh

There is no need for winter tyres when we've got snow once a year, but this year is exceptional.

I don't hate you

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Because it's snowed TWICE this year

Twice this year, but thrice this winter.

Did you not add enough water sachet?


Ahh, thanks, lad. I don't hate you either!

smh. Tomorrow will be double film Sunday I guess