Sodomites = Psychopaths?

I'm starting to think that gay people are psychopaths/sociopaths. With all the deviant stuff they commit and laws they write to take away others' rights, I'm suspicious of this.

Is there any relation or any brain pattern similarities between fags and psychopaths?

Could the reprobate doctrine confirm that "Reprobate = Psychopath"?

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I don't know about calling them "psychopaths", but the community at large is disproportionately mentally ill. In former times I could guess that this was to do with the strain of many of them being forced to lead double lives, but now it just seems their communities incubate or even celebrate their problems.

tl;dr - most of the "born this way" stuff they teach us is wrong and unscientific, and that for some reason homosexuality highly correlates with other forms of mental illness.

Yes, completely

‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:26-32‬

It's too bad there isn't any scientific studies showing evidence of this, but any attempts to build a case for the comparison would be labeled as "bigoted", "hateful", or "homophobic."

That study I posted is pretty exhaustive and damning, though. Even the grovelling the authors do about not wanting to offend but to actually help LGBTs in the foreword doesn't change that.

What kind of mental problems do they exhibit and even celebrate then?

It's true.

This thread was on the front page of 8ch under recent threads when it was removed while everything else under recent threads remained the same.

For a start, LGBTs have higher rates of

As for the parts the community celebrate - public exhibitionism, gender dysphoria, substance abuse, Munchausen syndrome (i.e. bugchasing/pozzing) are all very much there.

Go fcuk yourself and your fake life, filthy Andersonite.

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Error has no rights. One only has a right and obligation to say what is true or behave in accordance with truth. You don't have the 'right' to freedom of speech/expression/sexual behaviour in any real sense, this is merely a convention of modern societies. In reality, you only have the obligation to do what is naturally correct (that which conforms to the will of God). All have a natural obligation to combat homosexual marriage, you have an natural obligation to submit.

Men who shove their cocks inside the shitholes of fellow men deserve instant death; this has nothing to do with "Pastor" Anderson, it's biblical teaching. You cannot be Christian yet support homosexual activity; wake up.



Repent, sodomite!

Basically, you are against modern societies? I’m glad people like you didn’t establish the Constitution of the United States. Go move to Uganda if you hate free countries so much, you hypocrite.

Why? Is there any logical reason for this?? Anal sex is performed by straight couples as well, so why the fixation on gays, you fcuking closet faggot?

We don’t live in a theocracy and we are not Jews, so shove off.

I support civil and religious liberty. If you thought that I should be killed because of my sex practices, I would gladly murder you with my own hands. Stay out of people’s personal lives.

Not arguments

Sodomy is a sin regardless of the sexes involved.
As this post points out, there are obvious destructive patterns of behaviour that go along with homosexuality so it makes sense that it should be illegal. Now I'm not in favor of the death penalty or prison for homosexuals but that they need help - both spiritual and mental is without question.

Those aren’t unique to homos.

We ALL need help. We are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God. Everyone would deserve the death penalty if we took the logic of these crusader larpers to their conclusions.

Okay reprobate

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Is it not too late for sodomites? I have never heard of a gay person that became a christian, but I always hear about them claiming they're christian but they end up doing it for malicious purposes.


tfw born just in time for great homo war

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Homosexuality can end your family's genetic line and deprive you of the joy of grandchildren. Sad.

Anyone who has sex with a man would have sex with a child or a horse if their desires so wished.
By putting pleasure over bonding and function, they truly are wicked as a whole.

t. blank-slatist

Behavior is genetic. Things like sexual preferences, political leanings, proclivity to religion, etc are all determined during fetal life.

That's not what the report says at all. It says that it is much more complicated than that. SSA in a lot of cases isn't even a lasting "condition" but something which can be grown out of.

Read it first.


That’s fine, but most cases of SSA are the result of physiological processes that happen during fetal life. There’s no point in denying this. God makes some people gay. It’s simply their cross to bear. Telling them otherwise just makes their lives more difficult.

"God makes some people gay"? God makes nobody gay, or psychopathic, or violent. These are the consequences of the Fall, not God as He creates us.

Okay, I can deal with that. Perhaps the un-fallen state of man is in a state that is completely free of sinful behavior. A result of the fall is that people are born with proclivities to violence, same-sex attraction, disease, etc.

Are you sure youre not just using their supposed devient behavior to overshadow your own devient behavior? I dont like gays either, but thats only because once they obtained higher positions in society they started to act just like you guys. Gay eat gay. Christianity is cannibalism.

Wow. That’s actually a really nice quote, and that’s something I notice in most “queer” people I’ve come across, that they focus on their same-sex/non-cis Identity like a teenager first finding themselves out do. Really, they all seem very juvenile in their behavior when they don’t have to “act straight”, as any pride parade or party will demonstrate.

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See the thing is that Romans 1:24-2:2 shows us that God protects us from being sodomites, except for those who God gave up to vile affections. So someone becoming a queer sodomite is the judgement of God, where God gave them over to a reprobate mind. If God gave them up, there naturally must have been good reason for Him to do this, as Romans 1 describes. Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient; i.e. sodomy, see the previous verse at the end of Romans 1.

And as Romans 2:2 states, we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. Meaning we know they must have rejected God first and then He stopped protecting them from sodomy (i.e. 1 Corinthians 10:13 stopped applying to them). So why would we have anything to do with a sodomite beast, if God gave up on them? They are defined as reprobate in Romans 1:28.

So, if you can't deal with it, it isn't true? Is this how you operate?

You're simply starting from a conclusion and interpreting scripture to find your way there.

If we find a scientific truth that goes against one's interpretation of scripture, it is not our job as Christians to simply close our eyes and deny that the truth exists; we must fix our interpretation of scripture. Science can show us *how* God intended for things to work and we can adjust our understanding of scripture accordingly.

Liberal-tier reasoning right here, folks

Sodomy and homosexuality has a connection with the same culprit as much of the modern day chronic illnesses except that there are a couple of wildcards in there like sexual abuse and abandonment.

I don't believe they are psychopathic as psychopathy usually involves a capability for violence that is just not evidenced in a majority of homosexuals. But the lifestyle itself can LEAD to the accruing of any host of STDs that could increase the likelihood of psychopathic tendencies.

I think homosexuality can be cured but not just with prayer. I think these people are victims of the same chemicals and toxins we all are. From gender-benders and xenoestrogens, pesticides, flame retardants, vaccinations and heavy metal exposure, EMFs and WiFi, the list is staggering.

We are awash in a sea of junk that is dangerous to biological tissue and it seems to keep growing, especially in the United States.

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Yeah and He makes some people pedophile child-murderers. Stop putting the blame on them it's not their fault lmao #lovewins

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Are some of them psychopaths? Probably, but not all. I think a good chunk of them are damaged souls looking to fill the God-sized holes in their souls and, predictably, failing miserably. Link related:

Their acting out against Christianity and traditional values is not all that different from other degenerate sub-cultures, like metal, punk, hippies, liberalism in general, etc: They subconsciously understand that they are futily railing against absolute truth and thus throw tantrums in a similar vein to Satan throwing his centuries long tantrum, by trying to drag as many down with them as possible, just like him.

Or maybe it's not a cultural phenomenon at all and they're just as crazy as they ever were.

Original Sin means we are susceptible to biological complications as animals are, when Christ rose in His spiritual body, it was a perfected body. The entire theology of Original Sin - Flawed Nature/Will - Resurrection and Perfection of the Spiritual Body takes all precedence over science.

So therefore, though there very well may be factors in same-sex attraction in the womb, these are still not attributable to God, but to man and the first sin. Even if you interpret SSA as a thorn in the side - St. Paul Style - it is still not a sin attributable to God, He does not create Evil or Sin.

But that's wrong, you faggot. Just read this study.

Or even better, read your Bible.

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REPENT sodomite! God never makes mistakes. He certainly would never purposely make someone a sodomite. If He did, he willingly made the faggots of Sodom and Gomorrah sodomites and glasses them for shits and giggles. Which makes no sense (unless you are a gn*stic faggot).

Your evil and wick ways WILL be put to an end!

err, whatever buddie

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You condemn yourself to hell, that's the true pain you're inflicting.

Sure buddy.


I say

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That,my friend,isnt a whore.
Its a trap.A male that looks like a female. AKA trans.

The problem with homosexuality (besides being forbidden in the bible) is that its a gateway sin.
It enables a door to be open for more evil sins.
For example:
It used to be LG,then it became LGB
Then it became LGBT then LGBTQ+
Now pedos are trying to get themselves identified as M.A.P.s (minor attracted persons)

The whole pride movement is a mockery of God.
They hijack his rainbow. (Gen 9:13)
And they even call it "pride".(the thing that caused satan to be condemned Isa 14:12-15.

All in all,you are just being used as a disposable pawn in satans war with Jesus.
You should repent,and go from being disposable to valued.

You're a special kind of retard aren't you?

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Fake and gay. The rate for SSA in monozygotic twins is ~50%, which is massively higher than two people selected at random and still higher than sibling, non-twins.

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Do you realize the level of absurd these researchers are premising their work on? They think they will prove that some infants are born with a desire to engage in homosexual acts from birth. They think this really happens and that they will somehow measure that. Stop for a second. How mentally unhinged do you have to be to even conceive of such a study?

Were you born with a desire to engage in heterosexual acts from birth?

Why not 100%?

There are a lot of other factors to consider that regularly happen during fetal life. One of them is blood flow from the placenta. If one twin gets more blood flow from the mother than the other twin, this can cause the twin with more blood flow to have a higher IQ score than the other twin, despite having the same genes. The difference in blood flow would also affect the hormones being received from the mother, and thus, the masculinisation of the brain.

You have a sick mind.


I think they very well could be psychopaths given their behavior.
Also the greek for reprobate is adokimos. It would, from my understanding, imply that they are of a rejected state of mind.That their mind is different from the elect/saved.
They failed the test of morality by rejecting God's will so strongly that they have been given over to their lusts and vile affections. I think the takeaway is that the individual rejects God first and then you becomes the homosexual.

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Just curious, why are you so desperate to defend an abomination?


I often bring this up, here and elsewhere, but people who think gay people are "just like us" need to do more research. Especially about the original AIDS patients. Most of them were insanely promiscuous. To a ridiculous extent. Some claiming to have had sex with dozens of men every weekend for a few years before catching AIDS.

Is that proof of psychopathy? Maybe. Proof of degeneracy? Unquestionably!

I'm not "defending" anything. I am simply making the point that homosexuality is misrepresented on this board. The attitudes that people have on this board are due to the ignorance of many people here, primarily Andersonites. I am also making the point that people are indeed *born* gay.

Dropping a few redpills

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You are the one misrepresenting homosexuality. The Church Fathers are clear on this fact: homosexuals are naturally rapists and child molesters. That seems to be the view St Paul had as well, and God Himself commanded the death sentence for those sick perverts, under the Law of Moses.

Disgusting, stop being an instrument of Satan and peddle your degeneracy elsewhere.

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That’s fine. So they are born as abominations who have been cursed with homosexuality. I have no problem with this.

Actually, not mostly. Thanks to mmri brain scanning and blood tests, we can see the size of a persons fear complex and watch the brain behavior as they lie and we can test for toxo plasma.

We have the science today to detect and root out the habitual liars and decievers and sociopaths and psychopaths.

Nearly as well as we can find the schizophrenics.

But we dont, because those people have infested the top and middle.

Does this look right to you? Build a consumerist and perverted identity around being a homosexual, but still keep fornicating with the opposite sex, getting / getting them pregnant at a higher rate than normal people? There are two types of sexual activity: 1) sex for procreative purposes 2) Perversion, undertaken by people who will hump anything like an animal and, these days, tack an LGBTQ+ onto their identity to feel extra special and oppressed about it.

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It all makes sense now.
Jews are more likely to be reprobate because they hate God.

Their religion makes them psychopathic.

They're definately not normal

a large % of them have been raped as children and suicide, mental illness, risky behavior and STDs are rampant in that community

But I don't know if I would call them psycopaths. Only because I don't think there is any such thing as psycopaths

Anti social personality disorder (the medical term for psycopathy) was a late addition to the DSM and it was done during a period when there was high crime and this new disorder seemed to explain in.

It turns out that there was a lot of problems with that reserach and a lot of problems with the diagnotstic criteria for this disorder.

Maybe something like psychopathy exists, but I don't think it's something science really understands

The people doing this research said it was highly problematic and there is only a loose correlation not a 1 to 1 causal link

Psychopathy is a real thing. However, the world still is unsure what causes it.

take your meds, OP, and stop conflating concepts.
Psychopaths are people without empathy.
Reprobates are people who refuse the mercy of God.
The two are NOT the same thing.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

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