Brit/pol/ #2220: Peak Localism Edition

470 residents of Somerset community chip in and raise £1MILLION to buy their beloved Packhorse Inn

Brexit News for Sunday 18 March

Thousands Gather in London’s Speakers’ Corner to Hear Tommy Robinson Deliver Banned Right-Wing Activist’s Speech

Telford: Police Failed to Act While Shahzad Khan Made £2,000 a Night Selling Victims at ‘The Rape House’

Blizzards bash all four corners of Britain with 'dangerously cold' winds, 140 Heathrow flights cancelled and up to 12 INCHES of snow

Brazen moped gang armed with 'Samurai swords' and sledgehammers ransack Regent Street watch shop in front of terrified Sunday shoppers

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Hope it is otherwise I'm going to jail for a memi

I knew I was straight

Nth for the left are the real racists, and Islam stands in the way of LGBT rights, animal liberation and gender equality.

Look how not gay I am lads

He likes to live on the edge.

This your dog lad? looks comfy tbh

LARPing is a perfectly acceptable practice

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tbf animal testing and factory farming is evil


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Modernity it just that for humans.

nah it's kaysgoodcooking's son's dog Ziggeh. He's a symbol of neet suffering.

I wish people like that would fuck off and stay in their Thai hooker bars for good.



A regular man doesn't need 14 year old gooks.

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Oh boy

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Please tell me you're a yank.

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Yeah, I can agree with most of it.

Until you start talking about animals like bees and lobsters.

The fuck, watching the start of Tommy Israels speech and it's just nothing amongst a mass of other rabbling voices and noise. Could they not have just got someone to shout "speech time, shush" or something so they know it's starting? Fucking disorganised mess.


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There were counter-protesters too tbf

I am


well that's not exactly hard lad.

I know but still. Ah it's gone quieter and can actually be heard now too tbf.

He was better than most men, almost all of his contemporarys.

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He was better than the whole elite political class.

Vaginas are unironically disgusting lad.

We agree that slavery is "bad." so there's no moral argument to make outside of me highlighting the fact that working class whites have less potential to find a job since there was slave labor.


you mean being professor of Ancient Greek at 25?

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Will Tommy get lucky tonight lads?

Do you reckon he knows?

wrong vid

yeah but I want to put my penis in them to make babies.

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don't put that image in my head lad

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is he getting ovaries put in?

I reckon ttpw still lurks tbh


I hope he doesn't for keks, but a part of me thinks he's a meat spinner. Dunno

He needs involuntarily euthanised.


He has to, it is obvious when the mutant speaks.


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Southern's voice is similar

Hanging has always been effective.

nah, tbf southern sounds female but fucking retarded


Southern sounds like she's either been smoking too many fags, or shouting too much. You can still tell it is a female imo. The trap sounds like a trap though, that forced put on trap voice that makes them sound mentally ill.

I like the ditsy southern tank thot voice. I know burgers find it embaraasing but…….hnnnnnnnng


fuck this phone tbh

Who italicises like that except a Tory false flagger trying to make it look like a normal person?


who me or them?

>replies are all "hurr you fuck horses xDDD"
These people are sick in the head.

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Get your rage hats on lads

Paedophile grandfather sold children for sex in a Telford 'rape house' where perverts queued down the stairs to abuse youngsters

asking for it with that quote tbf

it's in the OP lad

watching black hawk down
some classic 90s 56ery

I thought he sold his own grandkids
But then that would be abusing his own race so that doesn't make sense

oh yeah.

I'm going to get on the comp tbh
I can't stand posting here from my phone. it's too shit

Who /readyforedgy/ here

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A lot of the yank soldiers were English actors weren't they?

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has he ever made one single joke about islam

only one i recognise is tom hardy tbh


The last one is almost exactly a Noam Chomsky quote.
Gervais and Russell Brand idolise Chomsky

No I mean better than a bunch of maligned characters posting on a Sri-Lankan origami website.

From memory, Orlando bloom is the one that falls from the helicopter and the ugly one from trainspotting is in it too

Smart, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humour. Just like me.


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You both must have voted correctly on brexit

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maximum comfy tbh

Tbf the Nicholson Joker was a LAD

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Ths scene cracked me up

"We got a live one here hahahaha"

top bantz


The way they try to portray Assad as some kind of evil chemical weapon warlord makes me feel nothing but disgust for the Yids and neocons who run the show.

Drive the Yukon highway if you ever can.

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Some of it is useful. I don't have any better.


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Putin won

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It includes a workout plan and dietary recommendation.