Is there a Protestant denomination that:

Is there a Protestant denomination that:
1) Does not believe the universe was literally created in 6 days

but also

2) Does not let or is not about to let two men get "married" in their church? Bonus for no women usurping authority over men.

Can't get over the praying to saints thing.

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Most churches won't give two shits about 1, but I'd try a Baptist church for 2

Assemblies of God

Why don't you want a bible-believing church?

Just make your own church. It is easy enough to do nowadays, and you don't have to go to seminary.

1) Does not believe the universe was literally created in 6 days
Evangelicals are often split so the churches, many times, hold no official dogma on this. Creationists are popular, but all my fellow church-goers ultimately admit that the question doesn't really matter to the faith and that the evidence isn't conclusive (although I find evolution theory's evidence pretty compelling)

Evangelicals for here for sure.

"Is there a Protestant denomination that says God is a liar?"

Almost all denominations, Protestant or otherwise, accept that the "days" mentioned in Genesis aren't literal 24 hour time periods - which is an invention of the modern era. If you believe that a day is 24 hours, then you are a *gasp* modernist.

With the exception of some types of Baptist and churches of the like, it's almost impossible to find young earth creationists.

The Catholic Church.

Do Orthodox count as prottys? They're basically the first protestants, historically.

The days of creation aren't 24 hours, the passage defines them as sunrise-to-sunrise. Sorry, still no evolution here

You mean since four independent Patriarchates stayed together, with dogma and doctrine amongst each other, while a fifth left and changed by itself.


Which church do I go to if I think the pastors should be allowed to marry but should always be male, saints, Mary and angels should be revered but not prayed to or worshipped, is against gay marriage, abortion, transgenderism, etc, doesn't believe a tithe to the church is necessary as Jesus was the final sacrifice and all others pale in comparison, may practice exorcism, sells things in place of a tithe (church of the good shepherd for example sold bible teachings) believes in charity but abhors socialism and welfare, has the prepper qualities of the Mormons, the spirited and energetic preaching of certain black churches, delivers powerful and entertaining sermons that don't repeat points and do that thing where they feel like personal messages to you but don't just preach good fuzzy feelings like Osteen's church but do passionately and intelligently condemn sin and immorality, perhaps offer a form of confession, and as a bonus airing Solomon and various other biblical figures perhaps to some extent accept polygamy? It would be cool if they didn't get bogged down with hating on other religions and sects too much. Also, hymns.

Evangelical Reformed Cathodoxy of Latter Day Saints.

Probably some confessional Lutherans, there are others besides the Missouri Synod.
The Mar Thoma Church is interesting but I have no idea which direction they may be moving or might go in the future. There happens to be one in my area.


You are not alone in this. I am Orthodox but for a while I couldn't get over this too. I knew that the saints is like friends of God, who can intercede on your behalf but I didn't have the right feeling to pray to them.

In retrospection, now I think there were two reasons for this. First, I didn't really know the saints. I knew the Bible, but Bible didn't tell me anything about the life of saints (except of Paul). Praying to a saint was for me like praying to someone unknown. A few years ago, when I visited Mount Athos, a monk there wanted to give me some paper-icons he didn't need. But before he gave me any of the icons, he tested me if I know the saint on the icon. If I didn't know the saint, then he didn't give me that particular icon.

Second, at that time I didn't have the culture of asking for help. I the Orthodox Church we don't realy make a big difference between living and dead. We ask for help not only the saints (who have died), but also our living fellow Christians. And we do this with a need for help.

Things are arranged the way they are for a reason. God wants to teach us different things. For example, when you have a big problem and you ask God for help but He doesn't listen, and then you make an arrangement with another Christian that he prays for you and you for him and then God listens your mutual prayers (including the prayer of a sinner like you), then you realise that it is God who wants to connect you spiritually with the other Christians.

Because I worship God and not my rationality.

This is a little better than what people usually say, which is "it's just like asking someone on earth to pray for you, ora pro nobis etc." But you're saying there's no difference between people on earth and in heaven? I thought Jesus was the only mediator between God and Man. Is that different than being the only mediator between Earth and Heaven?

It's so sad what happened to the Anglican church. Going to check out an Ordinariate parish soon.

He is the only mediator in the sense that He is the one who destroyed the barrier between us and God. But an important property of the love is that it makes us share. And God is Love, so He wants to share what He has with us. So Jesus, the Christ has made the saints kingly priests before God, the Father (Revelation 1:6, 1 Peter 2:9, Exodus 19:6). The main function of a priest (in most religions) is to be a mediatory agent between God and humans.

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Death has been conquered and it does not divide the members of His Church. The liturgy is a corporate worship of the faithful mystically united in the Body of Christ, not simply a Sunday morning exercise here on Earth. The icons are known as heavenly windows precisely because the saints worship WITH us.

I don't think any church especially cares about 1)
Me personally, I don't think that it's impossible for God to create the world in 6 days, or even 6 seconds for that matter. Thing is, we don't even know if our current methods for observing age are adequate enough to measure billions of years, because no one has observed whether or not those methods hold up over billions of years, because no one has lived that long…

Anyways, I don't think it's really important to the faith. For the second one, definitely try a baptist church.

Anglican church of north America

All protestant denoms are decaying rapidly. In only 500 years they have already ordained women, relaxed divorce laws, relaxed sexual laws, allowed gay marriage, etc….Even the traditional high church denoms are getting absolutely CUCKED. In 100 years they will be even worse. They splinter, and splinter, their attendance suffers dramatically.
They become more liberal to appeal to he masses. They have no sense of "eccelsia"

The only options are Catholic or Orthodox. If you are looking for long-term stablity. Your children will be more secure within these two options, rather than trying to figure out which "protestant sect" is still viable.

Basically no mainline protestant churches teach/require belief in young earth creationism.
Continuing Anglican movement
Anglican Movement in North America
Canadian and American Reformed Churches
Christian Reformed Church in North America (seems a bit wishy washy)
The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS)
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
The New Apostolic Church
Most Pentecostal churches
All Presbyterian churches except PCUSA (the Presbyterian Church in America, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church)
Vineyard Churches USA
Church of the Nazarene
The Wesleyan Church
(Also most Baptists and Adventists, but they are likely to doubt evolution)
Didn't look into this but it's fair to guess the churches which don't accept homosexuality are also less likely to accept this.

Since that is posted, I’d say the mods should lock the thread

ESPECIALLY the high church ones. It’s in low church denoms where traditional Protestantism survives

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this is the real Protestant answer. if you don't like something literally make your own church. that's also why there are so many pro faggotry prot churches. the pastor or the pastors son comes out as a fag and they become pro sodomy. amazing!

it's true though. your only option are misc. prot ramblers like steven anderson. there's a reason why the 3 big groups here are Catholics, Orthodox, and IFBs.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

agreed completely, the only true way is the true church that Christ established, the Catholic church.

The catholic church is nothing but a wicked distortion of the true church that betrays Christ at every turn.

t. (you)

So you are saying that the true Church betrays Christ at every turn and the Catholic Church is a distortion of that?
some goofy theology there

You may not be able to process this but there are many people who do not believe the Catholic church is the true church just because it repeatedly insists it is. I understand why Catholics have faith that it is the true church, but what irritates me about it is the constant berating of Protestantism alongside a complete lack of accountability as to why Protestantism exists in the first place. It was a revolt against corruption in the Catholic church and it keeps proving itself unworthy of the respect it demands.

Sydney Anglicans

I'm saying your church is not the true church, dumbass.

Did I say such a thing? Jesus is not the catholic church. Far from it, actually.

◄ John 14:6 ►
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

You had better repent.


There is no Church except for the Catholic Church.

The catholic church is no church at all

It's posters like you that make Catholic doctrine even more laughable

[citation needed]

QQ more pls

Because they're heretics

I think everyone should calm down around here. Catholics, Protties, Ordodux, etc, we all disagree. At least we can agree we don't like Jews, we don't like Mormons, we don't like Muzzies, and we really don't like gaytheists and fagnostics. We got allot of enemies, lets at least try to understand where one another is coming from because like it or not we got allot of the same enemies.

I don't need to cite any sources, true Chistians have no issue seeing through the facade of righteousness that the Vatican and practicing Catholics have.

lol but you actually do. "Catholics aren't the true church because I said so" might cut it your tinshack denomination but not here.

No, I actually don't. But I will if you do first. Cite a (non-catholic)source about the catholic church being the true church.
It's impossible for a reason.

You're not as different from Catholics as you think man. Back up a bit, you worship and love Jesus Christ, so do they. They believe the Catholic church is the very church Jesus Christ began and that's why they hold to that tradition. In their mind, in their faith, loyalty to the Catholic church is loyalty to Christ himself. In yours the Catholic church is not that church. The truth of Christ instead probably lays in the scripture itself. But think past this fundamental difference for a moment, what do we all have in common? We worship Jesus Christ. What does the Bible say about us? Wherever Christians meet there is Jesus Christ. Don't forget, love. We must all love one another. We should be a brotherhood here for the glory of God.

You disrespect me for my logic while you use the same.

Your turn.

Then why even bother when you know you are being obtuse?

How often does He refer to others as the rock though?

No, Jesus spoke about the misuse of that authority by humans, otherwise He would not have granted the apostles any authority at all.
Have there been awful popes? Certainly. Is the Church compromised? No.

I'm waiting on that source now.

I would dispute this, but since you are using the Jewish bible, I have to agree.

Oh yes, because “all denominations” believe in evolution, that makes it scriptural? The Bible is very clear on creation.

Absurd nonsense. What science says is irrelevant in terms of how we understand scripture. Lets say science says nothing about the age of the earth or evolution, then people would be equally valid in interpreting the "days" as literal or as metaphorical.
But because science says something about the age of the earth and evolution you think this gives more credence to the metaphorical interpretation? Absurd. That's not how religion works my friend.

No, we don't agree on this either. ☺

We don't like the Judaism, but we love the Jews.
We don't like the Mormonism, but we love the Mormons.
We don't like the Islam, but we love the muslims.
We don't like the gaytheism, but we love the gaytheists.
We don't like the fagnosticism, but we love the fagnostics.
And we love those of our enemies who are in flesh and we pray for them.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

ugh, you know what I meant. I'm not calling to slaughter anyone here.

except a Baptist church does give a shit about 1.
try again

add another to the list of sinners who think a Church should suit their needs, rather than you serving God and his Church's needs

old earth creationists

Individual Churches are their own congregations, so yes to both. Try harder.

Jesuit are pro evolutionist par excellence Georges Lemaitre – Father of the “Big Bang”


The real question is: is there a denomination that doesn't care about creation? I don't care how long it took, only that God did it. I'm tired of hearing about this argument, it couldn't matter less to me whether God did it in six days or six billion. Arguing semantics like this gets us nowhere and only causes more useless division in the church.

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You'll have to skip out on most Baptists.
I'd say try for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
Begom Cadolig tho

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Only one church for exorcisms user, sorry.

In my church, it's a personal thing, you decide to believe or not like the other many things that aren't useful in salvation issues.

Definitely not, men are not allow to marry with each other (women as well). Women don't preach, don't have any authority over men an just the women group is controlled by them.

Well, unfortunately this post isn't gonna be useful for you.

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Sorry about that

The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is growing, no homosexual ceremonies, no ordaining women, and doesn't dictate interpretations of Genesis.
LCMS isn't going to allow man-on-man in their church anytime soon, but they are still struggling with the whole 6 day thing:
It's not a dogma or a confession, so who knows what actual members hold to.

I think you'll have a hard time finding a church, at least here, that doesn't care about Genesis.


That's basically every Protestant denomination.

A conservative Presbyterian church like the one I go to.

Baptists. Go nuts, idiot.

…I have to say, I saw that one coming.

Just make your own. If you're going to be a heretic you may as well enjoy yourself.

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how is it larping to believe the bible???

underrated post

Continuing Anglican movement

Typical cathodox thinking

t. protestant

pro-tip: HUNDREDS, but not denominations … individual churches. Plenty of Anglican churches are based, but their Bishops can still be libtards. But with a less rigid governance completely unlike cathodoxy, this is fine.
Pic also a little related.

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So, to be clearer that prolly should have read:
>>still thinking about uniform denominations and protestantism

Also … this

The problem with Protestantism is that you guys think the true Church can be divided across multiple denominations and be completely confused about doctrine and yet still be the true Church. And also that the true Church died out for multiple centuries until Luther came along and “restored” it.

Prots are toddlers.