Brit/pol/ #2222: Fat Slags edition

Happy quads btw

International chemical weapons experts were due to arrive in Britain to collect samples of a nerve agent used to poison a former Russian spy

Brexiteers warn Brussels to stop pushing UK around if they want a deal

Number of ‘bomb threats’ made against schools across London

Schools across Hertfordshire targeted by bomb threats

Saira Khan: Failure to integrate Pakistani immigrants led to the Telford child abuse scandal

Racism and Islamophobic 'getting worse in Scotland'

Telford: Police Failed to Act While Shahzad Khan Made £2,000 a Night Selling Victims at ‘The Rape House’

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for her

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Boobs, to be quite honest.

what a good use of the quad thread


I remember this
the threads on /r9k/ about him.. all that disgusting OC

thank you lad

Whats this?

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stop nonce posting

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you don't want to know lad

for her

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Whatever it is, no.

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She looks nothing like either of Gordo's parents. I think they kidnapped her.

And la creatura

tbqh she does resemble gordon
just not his weight, autism or kalmans

I do


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I love that you save my file names lad


Some poor chad is going to wife her and end up with a Gordo for a son

I'll have it tomorrow.

Not sure how I feel about this. That last pic though.

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i think it was back in 2014 someone started making threads about him on /r9k/
i followed them at the time, it was full of weird noncery, they eventually found out his name and school and started messaging the guy who made the original video(who was quite autistic
things escalated until i think it was banned and the videos taken down


Mogg on Newsnight. He needs to do a Churchill tbh, to step in and save the nation.

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No problem, better than some random characters.

I think she complained that all men run away after bringing them home.

They ended up in a gay bar.

Going gay to own the muzzies

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is Raheem Kasseem gay

sure there is some truth to that but whoever they supported or allied with before is not an argument at all. It's just to further demonise "identidy policis" and ironically supporting what the same people want today.

he looks like a quare
and sounds like a quare
must be a quare


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Smh lads, I even ended up snogging a couple of female friends

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im surprised ive never beendragged to one tbh, tho i dont go to town anymore and hopefully never will again smh

Most of us don't have any friends nevermind lesbian ones

I use friend lightly there tbh

too tired to work, lads. smh


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mummy used to go to lesbian bars when she was younger she said it was because she didn't want to get hit on but now she has a gf so i'm not so sure

He's high test lad

wine is a queer drink tbh

Water is for men

mastermind reminds me of gordon

Feels great that the nationalist movement is being co-opted and defined by trannies, gays and civics. The multi-ethnic nationalistic gay disco utopia is finally within our grasp!

Aye I've seen the webm lad, and that gayboy probably actually fucked that tranny afterwards. Based tbh. This is what the government fear.


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They give out condoms in gay bars as well tbh, smh

Never bought or used a condom tbh
Other than a posh wank when I was 15


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don't worry lad those people are always gassed after the revolution

Or maybe it's people like us who will get gasses this time smh


Probably a quare tbh.

Actually well said tbh.

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good brexit lads

Is abortion always wrong? Even for foreigners?

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Work now. Pray that there are no snow bullies today.

thats why we had sterilisation tb - much more humane

good luck lad

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abortion should be illegal for indigenous brits on the grounds of cultural and genetic heritage.
abortion should be legal for all non brits
and by legal i mean mandatory
also a fetus can be aborted from 0 months all the way to 9 months
and even 18 years after birth
also the abortion process should kill the mother

these are objectively the best rules.



Yeah, thanks lad.insurgent party or civil unrest at this point

Fat on snow is a perfect combo. You'll be fine.

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Too late for a revolution lad brace for their final solution.

I'm at the point where if they don't accept peaceful deportation they can all be flung off the cliffs of dover.


unironically can't wait for the war with Russia

On my more blackpill days nuclear fire seems like a sweet release for this nation.

such is life in the zone 1


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He lives in the Black Country though.


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yeah for real where are all the yanks?

Trying to get through all my tabs and organise my files from various HD's into something coherent atm, I'm coming to the conclusion it's impossible tbh. Also listening to this tbh.

Maybe Steiner's finally gone off the deep end.

Get some real wisdom in your system lad smh

Schizo yank might have killed him


It's got to be harder than that to kill a proto-mormon crusader.



I've literally never actually listened to a word from this ponce before despite the memmies here. Guess that just proves the point about how closed minded brexit bigots like me who fell for the £350m bus lie are.

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as we speak they are both engaged in a dramatic duel to the death


tfw no yank gf

Tenner on Steiner tbh