80% Build Thread

What's your current project? Are you addicted to building? How many have you done?

Currently working on: Glock 20
Ordered: Glock 19

Issues: Glock 20 SF parts needed to be bought because I started with a non-SF parts kit.

Wants to build in the future: AR-15, AR-10.

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They make frames for those? I thought it was only 9 and 40 compatible frames?

I own 5 80% lower AR-15 lowers. I haven't touched them yet and I have no AR-15 parts whatsoever. The only funs I own are a 10/22 and a Glock 17 my dad bought me when I turned 21. Can someone recommend a upper receiver that is good when I do finally build one of my five lowers? The lowers I own were purchased when they were on sale. Thanks



Will make the best mm glock as well as .45

Aero Precision is what I went with for mine

Here's my gHOooOoOOst Glawk 26 thing. Worked like ass the first time around with fail to feeds and no locking back on the last mag. Most issues seemed to be fixed by smoothing out and deburring the rear rail and making sure the spring channel is nice and smooth. Slide actually feels less rough/gritty(?) to rack than my G17 right now.
I'm debating making a fagged out 19 or putting together a 10mm or even buying a single action 357 to justify my reloading set even more.

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So where do you get your parts kits? Ever since these got put out, people have been buying them up or jacking up the price while pulling parts from police trade-ins that normally don't sell.

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Honestly any milspec upper is fine unless you're looking for something specific (no brass deflector or no forward assist). Brownells is having a special deal for stripped uppers, which is what I imagine you're asking for.

Put one of the Polymer80 glocks together and I've found that putting in a Gen4 extractor is necessary for reliable function. Little fucker wouldn't stop failing to feed and extract.

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Did you make sure the take down spring was fully seated? I had problems feeding until I realized like a dummy that it wasn't fully seated.

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It still is building a firearm by law retard, even if the effort is minimal compared to AKs or FALs

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midway USA, rockeybrass, the polymer80 website itself

it's fun and helps you get into gunsmithing with a little hand holding plus you get something unique that you built exactly how you want it to be & look

yup! not everyone has a lathe, mill, 1,000 hours TIG/MIG welding, etc etc etc
I just want to do something with a dremel or a drill and some files/sandpaper

Are polykits worth it for the AR? Are they that bad compared to metal kits? Thanks

I bet you lost all your guns in the same lake!

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Do you want your shit to break? No stick to the standard aluminum or alternatively weld a stamped steel one.

Yeah, jammed that shit in for sure. The casings weren't getting pulled into the chamber by the extractor's hook. Bought some snap caps and everything chambers just fine.

If only we could have those in Europe.
you burgers need to open a black market to sell those to your eurofag brothers

bitch you are assembling. This shit is legos.

How many do you want and what's your address?

I would need about 20 of them.
My address is
Eisenhowerlaan 73, 2517 KK Den Haag, Netherlands
Let me know your prices.
Thank you very much.

Semantics, fine, I'm by law manufacturing a firearm.

they got polymer ARs pretty much figured out so they don't break, they're reinforced with metal at the "weak" spots these days.

go try one, they're easier to drill through and ok to fuck up for your first build

are you muslim? I'm sure the CIAniggers will be happy to arm you

Dutch cabbies sell em by the 11's and give the 12th for free.

No, I'm just a regular white guy, the CIAniggers will not want to arm me :(

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You are more than welcome here, my friend.

slow fucking board, eh? My G19 build came in.

Is it finished?

Show us the build process, please?

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someone 'splain WTF the 80% parts are VS the 20%, and how that figured.

Marketing gimmick.

An 80% reciever is by law not a firearm so it doesn't need to go through an ffl or a gun store. This means though that you have to put some work into finishing it.

What compromises 80% completed vs 100% has little to do with marketing and everything to do with the fact that everything the fact that everything the ATF does must be 100% pants on head retarded.

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This is probably a bigger reason that marketing gimmick. It's still a marketing gimmick term.

I hope you’re not planning to use one of these frankeglawks for EDC.

I do it all the time, what about it bitch?

I was addressing those of us who aren’t legally prohibited from purchasing firearms. For you it’s a good option Paco.


No you didn't, cocksucker. Though I would HIGHLY recommend not building a firearm if you are legally prohibited from purchasing a firearm. Just carry a black powder pistol as your EDC, it's not a firearm.


Thanks for the YouTube legal advice Diego. However it’s incorrect to say BP is not a firearm. Federally yes, but states set their own laws, most of which still prohibit a felon from carrying BP.

Yes you are correct, you would need to consult a local attorney.

Finished an 80% build. Slide's smooth and she'll eject rounds just fine.
When I pop a magazine in and let the slide forward, the round won't go in. It'll catch on the lip of the brass to the top of the chamber.
Thoughts? Just get a new (nicer) barrel?

An 80% what? AR? Glawk fody?

yes! I need to do some finishing touches but I put it together and it functions.

The striker was really hard to do with depressing a spring while putting those tiny plastic cups on. Glocks are interesting in what went into making them work.

I will post pics, I followed this relaxing fellow's videos for most of my build: youtube.com/watch?v=L7RSN22BlCc

80% is what the ATF determined the maximum a firearm can be completed (their definition of a firearm which is the frame/receiver) before it needs to go to an FFL.
Check out their determination letter. 80% builds have been ok for years and aren't going anywhere unless some (((Las Vegas))) tier bullshit happens.

This. And the work as to be machining, they can't just mail you a bag of parts that click together, you have to remove material with a tool.

check my video above and see if that helps?

glock 19.

So assembled the slide as well? I just bought a vickers g19 slide for a pretty good price considering it was during the whole p80 compact craze that was going on.

If any of you niggers still have a (((faceberg))) you could visit the "80% builder" page. The dudes there are pretty knowledgeable on the subject and have posted numerous build guides and walkthroughs, as well as jig, endmill, and router pros/cons and routine issues/occurrences.

I threw together both a 9mm PF940 and a way overdone AR. Those took up just about all my disposable income for a little while. Glock parts are insanely expensive; even though it would have cost around half of what I spent on the build to just buy one, It's worth it to keep it off the record.

Do you not know what armslist is?

Not on my state

Swap out your extractor for a Gen 4 one. I built the exact same gun using shit MidwayUSA swenson parts and it had the same problem.

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Currently: AR15 (a super shorty .300BLK pistol, and a recce inspired 5.56), AR10 (20" planned), a 10/22, AR9 (glock mag), G17 (original P80, might just practice and learn how to stipple on it because it's ugly), G19 (chopped into a 26 grip, I plan on carrying it one of these years),and a P228… and I think that's it right now.

Ordered: Nothing so far.

Issues: Money.

Wants to build: M535 to MG3 conversion, 22/45, more glawks, ARs so I can share with loved ones. Kind of want a G43 even though I chopped the 19 already. I think I'll buy it when it comes out because why not.

If AK builds were still a thing in 5.45 I'd have bought a Tantal.