Brit/pol/ #2224: What's Going On With You? Edition

YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court

Brexit News for Tuesday 20th March

Two men stabbed to death in one night - as London sees seven gun and knife deaths in six days

Russian diplomats prepare to leave UK

‘Antisemitism is a sickening cancer’ says Labour Party campaigner Owen Jones during Camden visit

Jeremy Corbyn: Russia must be given nerve agent sample so they can say if it is theirs

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Good lad.

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3rd can of lager lads

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Thanks lad

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I miss him lads.

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And closer to escaping your crushing depression and anxiety?

They're pint cans as well tbh lads

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Three pints gives a good tingle tbh. It's perfect half cut territory.

He had his chance to lead us into Brexit Britain, but he lost it.

How did you know lad?

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don't reply to this poster tbh lads he's a bad influence

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The only other reason to be drinking this late on week night is if you're unemployed.

Was Count Dankula always based or did he become based after making his Hitler pug video?


tbh lads


Same smh

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jej - how did they spin Cruz as a waycis again?

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same way they spun him as being white


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just post some amrimutts


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Is that actually a board for tv? If so why (when tv is as shit as it is)? Also why do they talk about politics if they're meant to be talking about tv?


He's just a bit tanned, lad.

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This is Zig Forums lad. Every board here is a hobby board for Zig Forums.

True tbh. I go on /v/ sometimes, and it's the only contact I have with Zig Forums these days. Really jarring how autistic they are. Seems it's only gotten worse.

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I've used to spend a lot of time on Zig Forums and I have very fond memories of shitposting there, but after taking all the redpills there are no more pills to take, and it got a bit repetitive and boring.


Zig Forums seems to be resisting the Zig Forums leakage somewhat tbh, but who knows for how long.

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Is that Bob at the window?

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Lad I gave up after the polar bear, that was retarded tbh

4th pint tbh lads

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I may have another cup of tea while browsing >>>Zig Forums

Tbh lads

*beats you up*

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>Acclimatisation societies were voluntary associations in the 19th and 20th centuries that encouraged the introduction of non-native species in various places around the world with the hope of their acclimatisation and adaptation. The motivation at the time was a sense that introducing these species of plants and animals would enrich the flora and fauna of a region. These societies were born during a period of colonialism when Europeans began to settle in unfamiliar environments, and the movement sought to establish familiar plants and animals (mainly from Europe) in new areas while also bringing exotic and useful foreign plants and animals into the European centres. Today it is widely understood that introducing species can be harmful to native species and their ecosystems; for example, in Australia plants were harmed by rabbits' overgrazing; in North America house sparrows displace and kill native birds; and around the world, salamander populations are today threatened by introduced fungal infections. At the time of acclimatisation societies, however, this was insufficiently understood.
smh lads, they were so idealistic back then

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A bit racist tbh

I swear I see a news story like this every couple of years or so. You'd think they'd keep a better eye on the staff who have access to coma patients. I guess they just don't give a damn.

Yeah, didn't realise wikipedia was so bigoted.

Genuinely kek'd tbh lad

It's like fucking Kill Bill tbh

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4th pint gone lads

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smh there was another bombing in austin


I thought it was you.

About 20 minutes.

He likes sucking white cock.

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Come with me, fellow NEETs, to the promised land.

smh the wheels of justice turn too slowly. they'd already be in shallow graves if I thought I could get away with it tbh.

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Fresh Black Piller

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I had to switch it off because of rage.

Sikhs have to go back

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Fucks sake it used to be so comfy


Uploaded it a bit late tbf


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I fucking hate him so much
Why is this a shock? oh right, it just gets £££ from gullible retards who think it is some mind blowing news

Based Rahmemi's got are back nice video lad

There is a God and he is an Englishman.

cheers lad

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Do you e-stalk Raheem now? Because it doesn't seem like you ever got over the theft.

Followed him on social media for ages, that's how I saw his theft in the first place

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tbh someone could probably track him down irl and put something in his pint when he isnt looking

I miss him lads

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send me into eternal sleep lads

I know lad, I drank it fairly quickly wahey

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Critically underrated post tbh

i wouldnt be able to take on civilisation and crush skulls if i was a monk smh

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