Is there any greater evil and heresy that this on Earth?

Is there any greater evil and heresy that this on Earth?

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The Koran

The prince of this world

The Koran didn't turn God into a petty mortalized Zeus and Jesus in some bastard child/brother of Satan and doesn't promise Muslims they'll be like Gods if they only submit their entire life to Joe Smith.

Neither does the Book of Mormon actually. All that stuff came later after Smith and his church essentially became nomads and got into Kabbalah.

Not defending Mormonism just saying the BOM is actually pretty Modalist in terms of its theology.

And Mormons at least had the decency to call Jesus son of God and God being Father of mankind (in their own perverted ways) unlike the Koran. Nor did they claim that God is the "greatest of the deceivers" and as for the last part, be it retarded and perverted, its at least nice that they have concept SOMEWHAT related to Divinization/Theosis, unlike, again in Islam. And endless celestial sex is legit in both religions, just replace Smith with Muhammad.
And besides that, whats most important, Mormonism doest have hundreds of millions of followers

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Jehovah Witness's their bible adds on word, making Christ a creation instead of the creator, and then goes off from there.
subtle enough that you can easily miss it especially when talking to their missionaries.

Yes. winnie the pooh off.


Not that I'm defending Muslims, which I'm not, but do you really consider that Musims, who still have a partailly working society and a minimal of Christian morals in the world, to be worse or on par with a literal God-defying sex cult?

like Mormons
So Muslims, whose religion was founded by a known sex addict and a pedophile?
Ah, btw, here, have some ahadith:
Also, did you know that Koran says nothing about bestiality, unlike Torah? (and this coincidently leads islamic countries being top at searching for bestiality related porn? A "goatfugger" meme didn't come out of thin air) But we have two ahadith about them. Here:

also, your """working""" islamic society:
The imam answers him by saying: "Do not harm her if she cannot take intercourse but you may hug her, kiss her, and ejaculate between her legs" i.e. "thigh" her, as the fatwah in question indicates. (

Again, how can you compare the two? You honestly think that if Mormons had the outreach that Muslims do now, things would not be much much worse?
Are you seriously nitpicking over considering the fundamental values of faith?

Yes. Now pooh off and actually read Koran, Ahadith and basic Muslim tenants, instead of screeching like SJW.

I cannot believe there are people so redundant as you user… I guess that's how mormons get gullible people.

The Talmud

That last part dude. Wtf?
This shit is in their book? But then the world only cares when priests are the pedos. Jesus Christ

There really isn't.
They don't compare. They're obvious and clumsy and embarrassing. They are ethnic artifacts that no sane person takes seriously on a spiritual level. But Mormonism has a sort of horrible and clever sharpness to it. Remember that the devil is a "subtil" beast. Remember that his opening move was to convince us that we could be gods. There is nothing on the face of the earth as plainly and unabashedly diabolical as the Mormon church.

This. Imagine what Muhammad's believers will think of him once they realise it was all a lie.


again, i wasn't defending the Book of Mormon at all, but if you're going to say the Mormons are the epitome of evil, conveniently ignoring the much more widespread and covert shit the New Age movement has wrought (literally every school councilor uses at least one "relaxation technique" that can ultimately be traced back to Hinduism or Buddhism) at least know how they evolved to get where they are.

I see 2 ways the Koran could've come about. Either Mohammad was an atheist and created Islam to exploit religious people for personal profit, or he had schizophrenia and really believed that an angel was dictating holy writings to him.

I think these same 2 possibilities apply to Joseph Smith.


Both are from the devil.

He was probably deceived by a fallen angel

Most Mormons are pretty wholesome, family-centered conservative people. That counts for something, right?

It counts for them, I guess. Not for their ideology.

It was definitely this. Most of his 'revelation' comes at a time when it's directly relevant to what Muhammad wants and the 'revelation' always is Allah saying "Give Muhammad what he wants". I mean one of the stories is Muhammad cheating on his wife (wives) with a slave girl and Allah saying "Nah it's cool bro, don't deny yourself on my account". It's blatantly self serving garbage.

Why not both?

Smith was a genius. He made a religion just to get all the girls he wanted. Gotta give him that.

This, pretty clearly.

You only need on big flaw instead of two.

Watch it, Christiany.

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The Koran < Satan's world kingdom

It's a good thing we have the Almighty God on our side.

Mormonism is hardcore Arianism applied not only to the Son but to the Father and the Holy Spirit. Aka atheism.

>the (((world))) only cares when priests are the pedos
And even then it was more about how they were maliciously abusing their "divine" authority.


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The Talmud

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most don't do that anymore though

There are plenty of heresies which scrape people against greater rocks than polygamy and Judaizeing. Some Jains and Buddhists purposely waste away and kill themselves, Mohammedans kill others, Hindus worship many gods.

In short Mormons aren't really all that far from the narrow way when you have a broader picture.

That's heathenry. It's different.