Itt we draw Aircraft and other anons guess

I didn't actually draw this Mine would've been worse

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Might as well post this. Really hard to figure out.

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Super tocano? If not that than P47.


Or a P39.

Look at the little wire connecting the tail and the cockpit.

yeah I see it

is it an SBD?

It's a dive bomber.

can I rule out American aircraft because right now I'm rolling with American aircraft.

Yeah, you should. It's European.

JU 87 stuka.

Its the filthy shitcunt that sunk my boat.

Yep, that's it. I didn't think it would actually be that hard to figure out. Here's the next 'un.

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here is my one and only guess, those gliders they used for the Normandy invasions.

it would have been easier if you had drawn the tail gun.

More primitive than that.

ok second guess, wright flyer I ain't guessin' anymore.

It was used in WW1.

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ME 262


Die Schwalbe

I used references guess both niggers.

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p 36 and Russian fighter that I forgot the name of thats obvious you drew it to good

I remember now I 16

Ya gj

when I come back to this thread you guys better have guessed my image.

Which? are you samefagging?

I believe he's referring to the one in the OP. I would assume it's an F-16, but I'm surely wrong on that one.

Ah. F16s don't have twin tails, only ones I know that do and would be doing that type of fighting would be the F-14, F-22 or F-18

I'm guessing F-22 because of the bubled shape of the canopy that's also black.

Its not F22 its 4th generation and also guess the aircraft its shooting down please

G.4 bomber?

To be fair, my only, cursory, knowledge for (most) modern aircraft comes from Ace Combat, so forgive me on that. I'm more of a infantry and tankfag.

It's an Entente bomber.

It's a fairly well done pic and all, but you may want to try a bit harder on distinctive features especially when drawing modern aircraft since they all look the fucking same. I thought I nailed it with the F-22 but I'm out of ideas now.

Bottom right one looks to me like a 747 but thats my best and only guess.

If ya'll recognize the planes about to get rekt I'll be impressed.

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Its an F15 shooting down H6 bombers.

Why is a A6M2 about to shoot down czech aircraft?

Nakajima KI27?

Zero yes, but guess again think irrelevancy and orange.

Very close

Aichi D3A?

Another hint, since you fellas ain't getting it. It's named after a famous folk hero.

Colder, you were in the right ballpark with the KI27 just think of comparable allied designs.

No idea, you may as well have drawn something from starwars and I try and guess.

Aw fuck. It's supposed to be Sikorsky's Ilya Muromets.

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I see it now tbh, you should've made the wings 3d then we would've been able to guess easier, I was looking at all entente designs with a "sharp" wing edge thinking you were drawing it from the top down.

Gib another one I'll try harder.

Ok, no more obscure nations/planes I'm sorry.

It was a Fokker D.XXI

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Last bit of autism from me, you should be able to get both.

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Here's an interwar plane.

Is the damaged aircraft a Finnish Fokker D.XXI?

Forgot the craft itself.

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If not that than P35, thats the only other interwar plate with fixed gear and a hunchback I know of.

P-26 pp poopoo

Correct, you damnable leaf and legoman.

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Machi C200?

Alright I'm heading to bed i'll see you folks tomorrow.

Ye. and gn

Nighty, night, OP, ya faggot.

Bonjour, mes amis! What aircraft is this that I have drawn?

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Non, monsieur Serbie.

I can't draw with the thinkpad nipple, so I hand drew, what am I?

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Avro Lancaster?


All right I'll play.First is the easy one

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Non, monsieur Japanois. Same era, though.

C'est un Focke-Wolfe 190?

BF-109 F series?

Are you retarded?

non,but so close. You got half of it right ,frenchfries


All right,I'll make another one,something different.

I'll have you know it's FREEDOM fries you smug little kebab-removing sonofabitch.

How about something more abstract?
Not a plane per say,but Im sure some of you will get it.Both attachments are equally important

Next one will be plane I promise.

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Wasn’t sure between G and F series but nice drawing.
When I’m done wageslaving, I’ll try a to draw a few.


Yak 9*

s-sorry user kun pls no bully

Correct again.that was fast

My girlfriend says that to me all the time. :^(

Then B25/PBJ-1?

Ki 43

This one is a little bit trickier.
please disregard my shitty attempt at shadowing it,I got bored halfway through it


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But the F series has a larger prop and rounded wingtips.
Anyhow here is my attempt.

Fuck,youre right.I didnt translate it right to the drawing.Its my fault.


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Hint: The plane never reached production.



Ki-61 or Lagg 3 with skis?

A7M Reppu?

no my nipponese friend

Hint:It was rocket powered


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Oh you’re right, I thought the Es had dimpled prop caps, or was that just the E-4?

Was going to say F4U until you said never reached production

Can’t remember the name but it was that rocket bomber interceptor the Germans made that launched off a carriage.


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Clearly an anti-semitic long range autonomous pulsejet driven n*zi rape instrument.

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Bi 6

That's that Soviet Rocket interceptor that I always crashed with in IL-2. I forget the name of it so I'm gonna give a shot in the dark.

Embraer 110
Picrel is the fate of the plane used in the film on wikipedia. I guess he didn't fly too good.

F.222 I was about to answer F.223, but that had a twin tail

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Technically both of you are right.Prototype run was BI-1 trough BI-7

Yes I still remember fondly that game.,It was a bitch to fly it because it doubled as a dive kamikaze after hitting certain speed.

gotta be modern since it's turboprop so I'm gonna go for a beechcraft king air?

It's a German plane.



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