What’s the story, mods?

What’s the story, mods?

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Nobody cares autismo

If nobody cares why don’t they just give a simple answer? I’m tired of mods shitting up the board with random thread deletions and permanent band. They need to explain what happened.

i wonder if they read "Gnostics like Saint Paul" and hastily interpreted it as "Gnostics such as Saint Paul" and dropped the hammer without reading the rest of the post

Maybe, but until they answer we won’t onow


Actually a lot of people do care about this really serious problem on over-moderation regarding the site. The board has become a sort of agenda 22 of moderation, where it uses a justification for heavy moderation, then uses it against regular people just trying to talk about Christianity.

People care about it enough to many another board dedicated to complaining about this.

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Well then I apologize. I suppose I was annoyed by what looked like spamming, but sometimes the mods seem ban-happy.

Nobody needs to explain anything and you're not owed anything. You choose to use the board. You can move on or you can whine. Whining will get you nowhere.

Fair criticism of unjust practices =/= whining

The mods either made an obvious mistake that they are unwilling to own up to (that alone justifies belief that this board is run by anti-Christian kikes), or are purposely trying to quell discussion (also kike behavior). In the end, the internet is no longer a safe place for believers, as aren't most churches. The end times are very near, and may the Lord grant us who believe in Him safe passage.

Making a meta thread about a ban when the mods have provided a meta sticky and other methods of contacting them for redress of greivances == whining.

Do I need to repeat my first point again or will you keep going on? It's already apparent that you don't care about what corruptions may go on in our board, and by our board I mean this is a board for christians, not for moderators to enforce who is christian and who is not with lax grip. It is a well known fact that freemasons and other satanic groups are infiltrating churches and discussion forums of christianity, seeking to blot out what little we have left.

It is necessary that we remain vigilant against any minor incursions against what we stand for, even if it is meta. The mods have already proven what they are made of by banning this man on a misinterpretation, and in their pride, refusing to correct it, leading me to the belief that they cannot be christian at all, or at the very least, should not have power over us.

Actually they do need to explain believe it or not.

You're going to whine and repeat yourself over and over and cry about "muh kikes" until your fingers bleed no matter what anyone says, so why should anyone give you anything close to a serious reply?

Why? It ain't our board and it ain't a democracy.

You've specifically come on this board to bait, call those who criticize unrighteousness whiners, and finish it off by dismissing what I've said.

YOU are not a christian at all, it is apparent in your words and mannerisms. You do not belong here.

They do need to explain or this board's going global.

No, it won't go global. Zig Forums was not precedent. The BO can run his board the way he sees fit.

So, I don't belong here and am not Christian because I find your whining insufferable?


What's le story*

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so of the board owner was morally corrupt then logically it is okay ?

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really makes you think

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There is already a meta thread.