Worst Korea Fires Upon Russian Aircraft

South Korea says its jets fired warning shots at a Russian surveillance plane that entered its airspace on Tuesday.


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why did this thread get deleted the first time

Site probably shat the thread. Its done it before.

Somehow I actually believe this.

Sounds like the shit Russia does to test border patrol.

It's obviously a political ploy to see how strong the US-Japanese-Gook alliance is and how well they would react to an incursion on contested territory.
From what I can tell off of Japannese 5ch and Twitter, right-wingers are bemused that Koreans are being so territorial over our islands. There's no equivalent of "clown world" in Japan, but there's that Dave sorry if air around.

Anyways, I doubt those were warning shots, because if they were trying to to so, they'd miss and shoot down the Tu-95s on accident. They were aiming to kill and missed every shot. I swear to god, the Russians and Chinese just need only to cede Senkaku, the Four Northern Islands, and promise Japanese rule over Takeshima to get Japan off the US sphere of influence at this point. It's probably their diplomatic card anyways for when push comes to shove with America.

Nigger what?

You are selling the gook airforce.

And there's no fucking way at all for the chinks and ruskies to cede islands, why should they when they can play the victim card and paint Japs as ebil imperialists for trying to get back lost territories?

Or you know…
Those things are rocks and thus belong to exactly no-one as per the standards of international laws and the Chinks and Russians are having a laugh.
Or they are baiting the US and cie to get their panties in the bunch over it so they can further push the SHITLOAD of claims they have that are just as flimsy legally.

If war breaks out between the US and chinkland/ivanistan, there's good motivation to get Japan to throw out the gaijin.

It's more likely that Vietnam and China go to war than China vs US.

China has a parasitical relationship with them and as soon as the US cuts the cord, China's bubble will burst.

cum on gooky. cum on

haven't neo-cohens been repeating this fantasy for the last 3 decades at least?

Russia will never cede territory won in WWII and it's the only exit to the pacific that isn't under US control and it allows Russia full control to the sea of Okhotsk (which isn't international water because of it). It's the same as asking japan to cede Okinotori, Ain't gonna happen without a fight, which is why the garrison there is on the heavy size (for empty land).
You could definitely make a deal for the Sakhalin and Magadan gas fields and have a Russia to Hokkaido pipeline that would secure Japan energy access for the foreseeable future.

Neo cohen repeat but when did neo cohen ever stop funding China?

And now you have Germoney funding China too with all the cheap contracts.

And no, it's not a fantasy.

The chink domestic market is not financially strong enough to consume the goods they make, only Europe + America can.

If Europe and America go back to using domestic goods or even another country's goods, China is finished.

Neo cohen know this, but they will never do it because the greedy kikes want to have free bug labor power so they don't have to pay their own countrymen wage.

Why would jews ever do that?

lol joint administration is literally being discussed in the Russian Duma. The only opposition are WESTERN shills.


And Russia can't decide on what China wants. China has larger foothold than Russia and actively undermines Russia.

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Is that the Chaos star? And love the fb2book stamp, nigger.

Real serious shit there.

Japan would never accept bugman rule. The US is their way to deny the bugmen.

Japan needs to realize the US is joined with bugmen at the hips ever since Mao shook hands with Nixon in the 80s.

typical koreaniggers

Yeah, how dare they defend their airspace?

Ironically enough given your flag, the bugmen have to outsource to Vietnam because their own people won't even work in the shit-tier conditions they created. China is indeed joined with us at the hip, but realistically we could just find another country to provide us with cheap labor instead of relying on China. China is just the easiest to access over Pacific shipping lines because of Japan being our ally.

what if we just kill all the bug men

Now the US kikes are moving their operation into India and Bangaladesh.

China is actually in kind of a shitshow now that American money are leaving, so now they rely on Euro countries like Germany.

The way to beat China is to NOT buy chinese goods.

Korea is rightful Jap clay tbh

Which is not ruskie clay…

Would like seeing them spineless kikegooks try being that "brave" against turdkey or pakistan.

The Kuril Islands are though.

India runs out of water literally next year. good luck. Imagine if you just employed domestically.

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So that's why they don't poo in loo.

Of fucking great, now we have to invite millions of more Poo-in-the-loos because
Can’t we let them die? If they cannot sustain themselves clearly their population is too big, but humanitarians have taken over.

That's Principles of Geopolitics by Aleksandr Dugin you fucking rice eating gook slope-nigger

Everybody does this kind of thing from time to time.

The principles of Geopolitics are taught at every Russian diplomatic university, and its ideas are subscribed to and promulgated by a majority of Russian politicians. A deal with Japan is literally #1 in their ideas to secure the pacific.