Let's revive the ASF-14 by unorthodox means

How do you do fellow Russian bots?

In light of the incoming new Top Gun movie, how about we suggest our glorious leader Putin to revive the F-14 for propagandistic reasons? Russians could easily claim a Tomcat from Iran to reverse-engineer it in exchange for slight modernization of Iran's F-14 fleet. Given Russia's extensive production of Su-27 family parts as well as variable-geometry wings' parts for its existing airfleets and costumers it would not take longer than half a year to retrofit an existing airframe into a fully modernized fighter.
Theoretically they could even produce entirely new "Tomcats" that externally would be nearly identical to the original but made by modern lightweight materials and wiring within a year utilizing pre-existing infrastructure for Su-27/30/35, Su-24 and maybe Tu-22M production lines.

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Why the fuck would Ruskies of all people need an ASF-14?
Greece or Italy could benefit much more from an autistic variable sweep wing 5th gen carrier fighter, Russia already has all the Su-57s it'll need for the foreseeable future and the Kuznetsov is a meme as far as aircraft carriers go.

Su-34 is closer to the overall purpose of an F-14.

For propaganda purposes.

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ebin memes aside it's so easy to do it, due to the reasons described, and the Tomcat is so popular there's practically no reason NOT TO do it, other than maybe Northrop crying "MUH COPYRIGHTS" after absorbing Grumman (which can be easily circumvered by claiming tech-demonstrator/testbed status). The aircraft are so similar in proportions the Russians can just make a full blown Su-27 that is just externally indinstinguishable to a Tomcat.

>surely the Russian people will appreciate us wasting money and decades old US design they don't particularly need
>surely americans won't use it for propaganda purposes "lol, they're so desperate they have to copy decades old plane of ours"
Yeah, terrific idea.
inb4 "it's perfectly fine, if you fit modern parts", the average person is fucking dumb and thinks that newer = better, so who would they even be trying to impress

They did not need the Su-47 either and sure as fuck they did not need "muh sdelth" meme Su-57 is for any other reason than propagandistic dickwaving.

Got a better Idea OP.

How about we bring back the f22,boeing would pay for all of the expenses to bring back the production line unlike what lockmart is doing.

Yet instead of producing only the f22 we shall do the following.


FB-22 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_FB-22

Sea raptor which is F-14 Tomcat in f22 form factor

A Sea FB-22 where the wings fold for carrier bomber role. We've fit large aircraft of super carriers before for active duty.

The Marines would get told to go fuck themselves considering the fact that any marine deployment that would require their own use of a jet aircraft would have a super carrier to support them.

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how about we bring back the YF-23

you should ask the Chinese, they are the ones paying for the movie and even changed Maverick's jacket because the CCP was triggered.

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The american jews are so fucking stupid they literally sell their movie industry to the chinks.

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It's already being made into a mecha version:

Israel is why we wouldn't export the f22.

I think exporting to any FOREIGN nation is a bit risky to be honest, unless it's monkey model.

That's why you create home and export models. Keep the good stuff for yourself while putting flaws in the export so they'd be less effective if turned on you.

Too much de-amphasization from the air-superiority role. The new Su-35 or, even closer in terms of role, the latest Su-30MKK variants are the closest but the ASF-14 would have significantly better low level performance and much likely better speed and range at all altitudes as well as higher operational ceiling. It's weak points compared to the Flankers would be only technical complexity and cost, due to its wing, as well as low speed instantaneous turn rate and high-alpha, but at the later aspect it would still heavily outclass all its fellow western fighters except for the F-18 which generally sucks ass in all other aspects.

Iranian F-14 fleet grew from 12 to 14 airframe operational in 2000's to 40 in 2010's.
They might actually be able to make them indigenously by 2025-30.

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Why couldn't they make them indigenously right now?
That could be more of a general question as well.
The modern world is so fast in transporting goods, luty could make a submachine gun with home depot tier parts, why can't I do the same for a plane?
You need a milling machine and a lathe.
What am I missing that takes years of time to accomplish or acquire?

Neo-Achaemenid Revolutionary Guard pilots decimate NATO carrier fleet formation and return to base safely.
Strait of Hormuz, 2027, colorized.

Biggest problem is that US tech just isn't compatible with Russian, on any level. Software, hardware, even chip design on the subatomic level is borked. If they could use Russian engines, radars and missiles, it wouldn't even be a problem to mass produce F-14. RD-33 has a much better thrust to weight ratio but they would have to install THREE of them to match the power of two PWTF30s.

AL-31, duh? Why the fuck would they use the engines from a plane of half its weight?

Russia offered them AL-31s in the 90s and Iran refused. Since then AL-31 has been a target of Chink reverse engineering attempts, and Russia has embargoed export of that engine because of these issues. The only reason AL-41 was even developed is because AL-31 is copied by Chinks…. Russians like to do that, they keep designs 10 generations ahead on some deep dark shelf in Moscow, and only break them out of their current design is compromised.

Yes. Not sure why, maybe they thought that the AL-31 was still inferior to the original engines, which is obviously not the case since Iran operates pre-reenginneing F-14A, or at least I think so. The F110 is still somewhat more reliable than Russian equivalents except maybe the latest past Su-35 AL-31 models.

Sounds like a bullshit reason, especially if by "AL-41" you mean what will be used on the Su-57 which is a heavily upgraded version of the AL-31F, and not the AL-41, that was a clean-sheet design for the MiG-39/MFI that never went into production and probably never will since AL-31 derivatives are approaching its performance.

didn't we shred our f-14s that were in storage because of Iran?

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IIRC the only parts of any F-14 that were not shredded, was the landing gear. And that's only because it could not be shredded normally so they just deconstructed them and melted them down. Yes the US government destroyed the entire F-14 fleet, just so Iran didn't have any spare OEM parts to smuggle into the nation.

Likely price, AL-31 in 1990s would be like America selling the F-22 engine. It probably cost as much as a whole new airplane, and Iran wasn't flush with money in the 90s.

Why? I thought that made sense or I wouldn't have said it. If you're a poor country with great engineers, are you going to spend money developing and putting into service every outstanding idea they have, or will you have an idea bank on the backburner? Even America can't afford to develop everything that gets filed with the patent office… Russia just does it more often.

what was the real reason? Didn't want to risk taking them out of the mothball fleet to use them

Or the airframes were lasting too long and the companies that wanted a chance to bid their shit, pushed some money around.
Who the fuck knows at this point, every thing like this is suspect.

Unplanned obsolescence. Same reason they wrecked the tooling for A-10 and destroyed spare part stocks for F-22.

They also wrecked the tooling for the F-22 while they were scrapping unused parts.

Lots of micro-controllers, lot's of micro-electronic, lots of hydraulics, lots of non-steel engineering too for the engines.
The frames aren't the hard part, once you know how to make one you can, at least in theory, make all of them (ass long as they're metal at least). The guts do requires you a lot more than a couple of CNC machines.
Which is why Iran, China, etc… were stuck at making really old school planes. The F-14 is old but at the time it was the most complicated fighter plane ever. The fact that only Iran bought them, and then was able to maintain some operational despite falling out with the US should tells you a lot about Iran.

That's the reason they stated at least, there was a lot of speculation that Iran indeed got some US parts through proxies during the brief window the USAF started decommissioning them (which US style is always "military yard sale") and the government decided to destroy them.