Indian Civil War/conflict history

If India this much of a shithole now. What would an Indian civil war look like? Let me remind everyone the world trust Indians with nukes. I think current year India more terrifying than the fictional Chernobyl of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series.

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It wouldn't.

They are in a continual state of civil war, each culture is against each other, each social stratum is against each other, even parents are at war with their children and vice versa. In fact in their culture it is the highest virtue to successfully deceive someone, even if the goal of the deception is petty and useless. They're like fucking ferengi except with less honor.

That's the Jews, leaf.

But that’s just regular peace time India again.

No, it's the pajeets. The kikes can at least cooperate enough to keep their country together.

So they're niggerfied chinks?

We should support the Aryan Indians, those from the north, and the Tamils, against the Dravidians.

It would be as you describe only tenfold or more.
Imagine massive power outages, internet going down, thousands of rape gangs, every village forming its own militia only to be annihilated by militia from another village. With firearms? No, no, at least not in the early stages of the war. Most would be armed with rusty machetes, knives, farming tools, clubs. All those local gurus with followers who worship them as gods - those are the new warlords. Diseases and street shitting all over the place, especially with those antibiotic resistant bacteria in India. Prisoners of war, slave markets, all sorts of markets, China and Pakistan grabbing as mush as they can, everyone else exploiting carnage as much as they can, every single arms manufacturer rubbing hands as much as they can. Maybe even nuke or two going off, who knows. Everyone against everyone. Bigger cities might become safe zones as long as electricity grid is working. And many such safe zones would emerge later on all over the place once you have a territory that is homogeneous be it in race, religion, ethnicity or around a guru. And then you have warlord "states" annihilating each other. I'm not even going to mention all those muslims and what will happen to them and what will they do. Think partition of India in 1947. You have entire wiki article that lists massacres in India - sure, kill count is not big (for India) but multiply that with 100 and voilà - shitfest supreme, a true paradise if you're going in equipped as Zig Forums would recommend and with streloks you trust. Imagine some slumdog maharajahs paying you in gold, Afghan heroin and fine Brahmin pussy to wipe out roaming rape gangs of 5' brown skinny incels who attack en masse on scooters wielding makeshift spears, swords and old revolvers and towing in their carts massive statues of god Shiva and goddess Kali.

Or maybe I'm just exaggerating.

Not even the UN trusted Indians with nukes. They're keeping a few of them illegally and did so because to deter Pakistan from attacking.

Why the fuck would you want heroine?

Weaponize it, pharmaceutical companies pay out the ass for it.

It's just a LARPing detail, personally I see it as a weapon like said.

Force-feed it to women you kidnap, instant sex slave addicts. Then you just need to find some transport and you have your very own human trafficking operation going. Lots of money in that.

so we get this again

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Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, user.

There's a bunch of communist rebels in Indian, although I hear that they're losing ground

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They'd be paying you to kill them and simultaneously helping fund whatever you're trying to accomplish.
I could see selling it in shitholes like chicongo or san fagcisco and counting your wad while watching the fireworks as gangs blame one another for it.

So everyday India but more militias?

How do you look like soyboys in India of all places?

The fuck do you mean in India of all places. You can't even eat beef there and a lot of Hindus are strict vegetarians.

Being vegetarian doesn't preclude you from getting swole. India used to be one of the swolest countries in the world up until the British Occupation.

Pretty much this only even more fragmented. You'd have to look up all religious and ethnic info for somewhat accurate borders in this future war. Sikhs would probably carve out their territory in the north only question is how large would it be? I didn't even mention possible UN zones and UN forces and how incompetent they will be.

Clown world.

Yup. And with even less restraint.

It's like you niggers are completely unaware how much protein you can get from chickens.
Eating chicken breast is like /fit/ 101, and last I checked chicken isn't illegal to consume in India.

Ok, that's a new one for me.
I'm burger, usually when I wind up with a different flag like this it's the kraut flag.

Chicken is also full of estrogens. Eating chicken is almost as bad as eating soy.

Maybe if you're eating mass produced shit, but the same applies to beef in that case.
Unless you're buying your meat directly from a farm or raising it yourself you're probably consuming numerous chemical cocktails.
Also, I have never seen a swole vegan that wasn't also roided out of his mind.

They dont eat a lot or get all the nutrition they need each day
India is full of super-skinny, short people because they are practically malnourished. It's impressive that they've been able to keep rickets in as low numbers as they currently have

They aren't "practically" malnourished. They are malnourished, 70+% of kids have anemia, 45+% are malnourished. 20% are in a state of wasting.

India is one bad harvest away of famine and hilariously enough it has been getting WORSE since the 70's.

How the fuck? Are they so incompetent that they can't even maintain genetically modified crops or some shit? Is the poo too much for life in general?

Indians out rape Africa. I can’t picture them with less restraint. The thing about Indians. they might be one of the few people worse than Muslims. The only thing keeping Indians in check is that they are dumber than most niggers. Look up Hindu riots. They can’t even riot against Muslims without raping and burning each other by mistake. Indians might be dumb. But they were given nukes.

Sauce? Also most, if not all vegetarian/vegan bodybuilders are juiced to the gills.

Chicken protein is inferior to red meat; red meat also raises testosterone.

Indians are the most god forsaken apes on this planet. It only makes me more angry that so many of them come here, I wish we could have a nation wide power failure for a few years to kill them all off.
Why do Indian cows look so weird? I know they’re a special breed to take the heat better but they all looking so fucked compared my cows and cattle in the area, their facial features look almost like that of a goat rather than a cow. Also fucking learn to genetics and poll your damn cattle, their horns all seem to be growing back towards themselves and Indians probably can’t cut horns for religious reasons. Though hopefully a few pajeets get gored from them.

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Indian probably fucking the cows.

Even niggers know better than to eat shit and drink urine. How the fuck does India not manage to implode on a daily basis?

they drink cow piss and eat dirt.

I don't wanna be racist here but why India is so shit?

dead civilization overtaken by inbred shitskinned subhumans later abandoned by colonists

Thanks for explaining Polebro
I rather live in Pakistan than India

Rare flag

Honestly Indian should have gone with Gandhi and reverted back to farming villages and got rid of all British tech. It would have been better for them and the rest of the world wouldn’t have to deal with more than a billion of them.

This. Nogs might eat literal dirt and each other but at least they only sniff fermented shit, instead of eating it.

pretty based for commies