Left tards arming themselves

Left tards arming themselves and trying to form militias to combat "fascism." Discuss.

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The more people with guns, the harder it is to take them away. Bonus points when a leftist shoots some faggot Neocon and the real civil war starts.

A shame it seems to be confined to the USA. Unless I am mistaken.

lol, that faggot with the p90 has the same shitty "armor" that fag in dallas who got smoked had.

I will say don't underestimate commies though, those cruel beasts know no limits and will do the most abhorrent things imaginable to reach those goals.
Crush them anons, crush them all, with a red hot hatred that would make the devil shiver. They would do the same to you and yours.

Pretty sure we had a thread like this before, something about not underestimating the enemy.

Did they finally let you have internet access B?

Haven't been on Zig Forums in a long time. Also, shove a shad of glass up your piss hole and shatter it with a hammer.

We need to do the same.
And no, you're not just going to "take em all on by myself single handedly with muh fuddy five colt come the rahowa", stop believing Zig Forums.

We did. It was full of retards claiming that we don't need to be prepared ourselves because "muh gommies weak".

Easy there bud, I get your a POW now, but at least they aren't completely oppressing you anymore.

It's good, hopefully it wakes the right the fuck up.

POW? What!? Is this some board meme/joke I am not aware of?

Spanish Civil war 2: The entire western hemisphere boogaloo
I can't wait

The best way to combat them is to lay low and get them to fight each other. Lets break this down:

Leftists shouldn't even be thinking that we are running about. Perhaps some retards form a group and get wiped out by sheer numbers. But that should be it, make them think we are all gone, fascists are no more. We need to become ghosts. We must deprive them of their hated fascists at all costs Without a common enemy to unite their irrational hatred they become far easier to manipulate allowing us to turn them against each other. I cannot understate how important this is, no common enemy, no unity among the commies. The Spanish civil war pretty much proved this albeit with a caveat.

The caveat with destroying unity among the commies, their leadership needs to be knocked down a few pegs; so that there are more chefs in the kitchen. While potentially crippling for any armed group it is doubly so for today's commies as their leaders are more akin to tard wranglers than actual leaders. If they are eliminated the left will descend on each other and cannibalize themselves. With every 2-bit wannabe starting their own group and no unifying leadership they will pit themselves against each other and if they don't we can easily change that. However they must not know it is us, spread rumors in advance that it is another commie group planning the hit or just make one up and spread those rumors. It would not be out of place for the workers liberation front to whack some rich politician acting as a leader. And if they think it's us anyway, just let the situation cool and stay low. When they can't find us, well then it's back to figuring out who's going to be their new leader.

With how many minorities the left encompasses it can't be hard to exploit that. Spread rumors that some groups want to place spics before niggers and vice versa. That is sure to cause issue as the two groups will not compromise with each other. Could you imagine telling jamal that the commie group in his city isn't planning to give him the mayors mansion? And how he could go about righting this grievous wrong? Many of those higher on the leftist stack won't give a fuck about the commies ideology, only how to exploit it for their own purpose. Or how about creating a fake voice recording with the help of A.I. having a prominent leader calling their black followers filthy niggers. The possibilities are endless. It would also be fun to see how commies deal with niggers once a city has no water or power, especially as those locations are their main 'bases' of power. Accusations of fascism will probably be just like that of heresy in 40k so that's always a good point to exploit.

If one commie group looks to be overtaking the other slip in and cause some mishap to even it out, get them to wear each other down to the bone as much as possible.

Propaganda works wonders especially because every normie knows deep down that living in a fascist society is better than a commie one. And if they don't now, they will when the commies come to town. Exploit any atrocity the commies commit, photograph it, record eyewitnesses, and spread it far and wide. Let their crimes be known to everyone. Use this to recruit, even if they don't help fight directly a good informant is worth their weight in gold. Having allies who are willing to hold you up for a night, give medical aid, and even basics such as clean clothes and hot meals will be a big bonus. And all they need to know is that we fight against the commies.

Build up strength while they deplete theirs, gather weapons, equipment, manpower, supplies, anything we need to fight.

If all goes well the commies will be weak, people will hate them, want them vanquished, and we will be strong after growing mostly unabated for so long. That's when we come in and sweep them out the door and rebuild according to our ideals and visions. This war won't be won through brute strength but through deception, subterfuge, well placed hits, and patience. Less is truly more for us. We cannot go to war and seek victory; we win first, then we fight.

Kiwi flag is larping as Saint B.T.; POW refers to B.T. because he was a uniformed combatant fighting invaders under Geneva.

I hope they provide worthy opponents, but hell, who am I kidding?

Not yourself, that's for sure!

Why the hell did Greekanon's post get baleeted?

Revealing opsec sensitive pictures like the dumb vain half Turk he is.

Civil war in Greece between nationalists and anarchists/lefties would be peak kino. We are the only european country where lefties aren't sissy larpers, but actual hardcore stalinists/marxists who wouldn't think twice before beating your skull with a baseball bat in.
Same goes for the nationalists. Golden Dawn supporters are natsoc-almost skinhead tier who want to genocide anyone who threatens the nation. If a war breaks out it's going to be war on donbass 2.0 but on a nation-wide scale.

Crete in particular would be an interesting battle ground. Most Cretans are lefties who outnumber natsocs at least 20 to 1. Plus, Cretans are the most well-armed civilians in the country Balkans. From AK-74s, AKMs, RPKs, glocks, explosives, WWII weapons (including rare FG-42s) up to FALs, M4s and G3s. I wouldn't be too surprised if some even got themselves access to RPGs.

I wanted to change the pictures actually


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We got a civil war happening here too cuz, white dogs are going to get what they deserve on the day of the spear.

Holy shit, I din't knew you Greeks had some much freedoms, that's pretty sweet.


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Why not?

Cretans are extremely overrated pussies that were hyped by post WW2 leftist governments.
My grandpa used to tell me how Cretans were the most pompous cowards in the civil war.

Maniots are the true hardasses and the most right-leaning but unlike Crete, that leeches oil, developmental aid, advertising and other resources like a spoiled fat rat because of their parliamentary cliques and kikes' approval of their loudmouthed leftard views, Mani has been disarmed, braindrained and left to rot for almost a century for their constant dissent and insistence to maintain their freedom.

Cretans are indeed overrated, but they have all the funs

Land belongs to the group strong enough to hold it. Whites came, saw, and conquered you. But feel free to fantasize about conquering whites with spears and boomerangs. It worked so well for your tribal ancestors.

Are you autistic?

Better than being you.

I'm not actually a boong, although my great-grandmother was Ir*sh so I may as well be.

So the jokes on me as your were only predendeding to be retardeded?


It does not appear that he has a hard plate in there.

Hey white cunt!
What you fucking looking at? Give me a dollar you cunt! Give me your fucking shoes, eh! Give me that fucking goon bag! You fucking racist white dog cunt! None of your fucking breakdowns white cunt! All we do is fucking break-ins you fucking cunt! That's what our roots come! Meekatharra fucking represent. Gosnells. Kalgoorlie. Coolangatta. Halls Creek you cunt! Wagga-Wagga! I finished my block of export you white cunt! And I want your fucking money you bitch! Tribal council! You can't escape the black justice you white dog! Forty of us in a Kingswood! Cunt you better run! Stolen generation you cunts!

Land belongs to the group *oppressed enough to economically migrate and stay past overdue visas until demographic replacement is achieved :^)

The jokes on you because you are autistic enough to have blatant sarcasm sail over your head like that.
I thought auscunts were supposed to be good at shooting that shit.

Somehow I am not that confident that sandniggers won't utterly genocide what momma nature forgot to extinguish from denisovans when they take over. You barely hominid primates are unappealing even to inbred mutants that fuck goats in their spare time.

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I hope they lead Hellas into a new Golden Age, conquering the T*rkland and dividing it between Greece, Armenia, Kurdistan, and Syria. You deserve that lebensraum after 600 years of living under, with, and near the kebabs.

Nice shitposting, Straya-sheila.

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People on the right are naturally inclined towards firearms. People on the left are naturally repulsed by firearms. In America particularly, your average Clinton-supporting boomer grandpa would be able to take out twenty leftists with his sporterized .22 and 1911 alone. Leftists as a whole have a weak grasp on reality, not to mention that they're plagued with internal fighting whereas fascist factions, for example, all tolerate each other for the shared end goal of a fascist government. More likely than not in the event of a civil war neocons, fascists and libs would a non-aggression pact, just because they all hate leftists. I am absolutely confident that if leftists truly tried to start shit anywhere but California, they would be put down in short order, provided they don't tear themselves apart before the militias even reach them.

So what happens when the commies are put down, and this alliance inevitably fails? Now I personally hope the Fascists win, as long as they can attract folks with pro-social and pro-national propaganda. But I don't know, considering the widespread prevalence of political retardation and Israeli cock-sucking.

They're a little late to the game. Although I would not say I am the worlds greatest shooter, but shooting is both time consuming and expensive hobby and way of life. It takes years to be an excellent shooter needing lots of regular practice. They won't consult experts, they will be "autodidact's" and will have significant skill gaps reducing their effectiveness. Because they won't consult most likely "right wing schools" who have a greater chance of actual combat experience, they will be dangerous, but also dangerous to themselves.

If you aren't cheating then you don't want to win bad enough. Commies do, and they will skin you alive and squirt lemons on your skinless body if they think it will help them win. Honor does not matter, rank does not matter, only victory matters.

I'm not saying anything about not cheating or using every and any means necesssary. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that. We need to be the victors, and we'll write the books. I'm just concerned about getting the manpower, materiel, and morale to win.

Purity spiraling, but it should be easy enough once people are freed from the subversion and able to accept the superiority of NatSoc.

Most of those things are mostly irrelevant at this point, as in you would be better off not minding them.
Manpower is out of the question as anyone could be a mole/plant. Material and morale, up to you to get. Any civil war in a modern/urban place is going to be a guerilla war, at least initially. You have to bleed them slow, trying to go in guns blazing is a waste of time and energy as it will yield shit results, and you will likely also get aerated. As the other user said, be a ghost, more of a spectre, a cruel, hateful spectre :), one that makes various things "break" and causes people to have "accidents".
If you choose this fighting style then your more or less invincible while they are sheep waiting to be plucked from the herd. Nothing is so bad for morale as the dreadful feeling of helplessness.

I think things would just end up like they are now except there isn't any commie retardation around. Hell I can see a monarchy of sorts popping up being the ultimate end-all to any senate/parliamentary argument that may occur.

Everyone should read this.

This is borderline cucking. Leftards will always find their "nazis". Even civnats and neocons are "nazis" for them. I'd suggest to replace this paragraph with trying to network with like-minded people to obtain a counterweight. Quality over quantity.

Really like this part. Create chaos though increasing disunity / in group fighting.

I see some flaws in this. Most of this is riding on total incompetency and retardedness on the part of the commies. The average comscum is as braindead as any average grunt, but as with most things, the most qualified will rise to the top (not to say that they're qualified for anything good).
Look at the soviet union for example, the average serf meatshield couldn't even read, but they weren't in control, it was papa stalin pulling the strings. There is an almost certainty that the more hardcore around them will ensure cohesion thru force, and that is to be expected. Trying to sew honeypot among there ranks will only get you and the few you managed to convince lined against a wall and shot. Commies are stupid in many ways, control is one of their masteries.
Even if those in control were dumb as a rock, even the stupidest of men know to make others do work for them. Such an example might be a scientist or doctor, if he doesn't want to fucking die then he will do as he is told, and may even be rewarded for his loyalty if he does well.
Be subtle all you want, but the only way to ever really crush the commie niggers is to bleed them. Don't be the guy to get overwhelmed and surrounded, but don't be the fag to sit around "waiting for the ideal moment" because there is no ideal. The commies need to know that they are not welcome and their presence will not be tolerated. Letting them have free reign while you hide out will only embolden them, and that's when atrocities start occurring.

Self earned. Which is why he had to delete the guy showing his face with an elcan mounted AR.

"Leftists" are proud their ignorance of weapons and other bad goyim things, while boomer shits just get aggresive over gnatzees and haters of pissrael. Boomers will even try to warp reality in their head or just shut down. But never proud of ignorance.
Which is why "leftism" will be exterminated when this shitshow "society" finally breaks apart.

That's the point. They will either begin atrocities in which case networking and recruiting becomes much easier or they turn on each other and make themselves weaker. If they have no direct opposition they will make one up, we use this to our advantage. And seeing as how volatile these animals are it shouldn't be hard to get them to infight. We need to get them to be like an insane man tearing his own flesh off because he think bugs are underneath his skin.

Not that, but their sheer irrationality and volatility.

This is why you kill their leaders or turn them against each other. Keep their leadership fractured and they are far more vulnerable to manipulation.

Did I ever say to let them have free reign? Did I ever say to wait for the ideal moment? Did I ever say we should cower? No, I said to kill their leaders, sabotage them, inspire dissent wherever possible, and build connections with people. This is fucking hard work and takes a lot of effort to accomplish. You don't go into battle hoping for victory, you win the battle before it fucking starts. We do everything we can to pull their strings in the ways we want them to go. If we control them then they don't have free reign and thus have no chance of winning, this is strategy 101. And once they are sufficiently weak and us strong, that's when we kill them all.

leftykikes are reading this.
>>>Zig Forums148914

I wrote a song for you!

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>>>Zig Forums148924
Leftist delusion at it's finest

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I will be monitoring this thread for potential leftycuck posters

I bet that's what now-dead retards said about central american guerillas as well.

America almost had a serious problem with the weatherman underground, and those were just leftists with gunpowder bombs. Leftists with guns are a serious fucking threat.


Because gunfighting is all about having a gun and bringing as many friends as possible who have guns too. One elite specops with a silenced MP5 is going to get chewed up by a dozen retards with .22LR working together.

Do you really think an Abo could manage to work a computer? You might meet an asian with a straya flag on Zig Forums, but not a fucking abo or somali.

In minecraft ofc

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Battles are no longer fought like pic related anymore, leaf

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Edward Griffin did shed light on those cunts readying themselves for "Revolution" but i don't know if they can do extreme damage in todays time since most are not Physical Capable to fight for the "Revolution" unless Most of the Leftist Soldiers would be Mercs and Traitors


Those pics look exactly like the cowboys and indians game playing out in America with skinny hipster leftist and LARPing right wingers. Although the only difference is that basic bitch conservatives and liberals in America have done a much better job at fighting the antifa types both literally and politically and the natsoc types have been a complete embarrassing failure with a few exceptions.

I'm a leftist and I'm in agreement with it. If you care about the average person's power in society, as many people need guns and training as possible. A lot of the time on this board I see people that care less about gun rights and more about defending themselves from niggers. It's kind of sad man. That sort of thinking is going to get us all disarmed by the status quo.

If there's one lesson to take from WW2 it's that one of you might be worth ten of them, but they can still win if there are eleven of them.

You are the status quo, faggot.

The status quo is actually liberal capitalism, I don't see the means of production in the hands of the worker yet so I'm afraid that's not the case as much as I wish it was. Please look into the anarchist/actual left position before hating on it man.


They will just use it as an excuse to arrest right-wingers.


National Socialists and far right in general had largely been a dead thing prior to the 00s and don't you fucking pretend you didn't already know that, you wrinking fat shit.

Even your ZOG Emperor was a direct result of far right activism.

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somebody huffed too much petrol

aka the commiecucks that are so obnoxious not even Zig Forums wanted them around.
They can't even maintain any kind of unity on a fucking imageboard hugbox of their own making.

I bet this is the guy that squealed.

Actually wasn't me, I just wanted to present myself honestly. I deeply believe every single person should have the means to defend themselves and I consider fascism the type of thing to create a secondary class that conflicts with that goal so arming oneself against it is a good thing. Just throwing my number out there I guess.

Actually they seem to be not as bad as Zig Forums since they're the ones got ran off by the tranny BO

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Well if you're implying communism never created second class citizens in every past instance it's been tried then you're either historically illiterate or deliberately deluding yourself.

Communism has first of all, never actually been achieved outside of naming industrial statism communism, and I never even said that I was a communist. Russia may have starved people, but fascism has enslaved and genocided them. This 'gotcha' game isn't productive, you just want to reaffirm your mcarthyist target dummy.(RETARD WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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leftism is invariably shit, and it's why commies who associated with, DESPITE LENIN WARNING, are laughed at.
get the fuck out, literal faggot.

It would probably start out like the Italian years of lead before escalating into a situation like Syrian civil war

I didn't realize murdering ~60 million Russians, 6-9 million Ukrainians, half the population of Kazakhstan, forcing those who didn't end up in the ditch at gunpoint to work for the greater glory of Communism while selling ever fucking scrap of food isn't Genocide and Enslavement.
You mean the Bolsheviks. You should look at what ethnicity those lovely people were, I can tell you right now they weren't Russians.

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They have. Liberals have been exposing the antifa new left types in their breeding grounds of academia, while fucking PragerU and Steven Crowder are doing similar things by going into colleges and challanging those ideas. And groups like the proud boys or patriot prayer are going into places like Portland or New York and getting into street fights with antifa. What has the aut-right done other than be useful idiots for the left with their retarded LARP session that gave them unending fuel to never stop bitching about "muh racist drumpf supporters"?

The far right is none existent in any real relevant form in America. Keep deluding yourself into thinking "le epic meme war!" is the reason Trump won and not the fact that he flipped democratic supporting midwest union workers to his cause through a strong focus on trade protectioning and fighting against illegal immigration. No one gives a shit about Evola ooga booga nonsense or Hitler.

I'd say the guy who builds these understands the underlying social dynamics of our economic cycle.

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"keevin, kevin, i think i see him"
"see who thomas"
"i see the bad guy we were supposed to shoot"
"oh the army guy?"
"yes kevin, he's behind that rock"
"quick shoot at the rock!"

Yes, they absolutely were. And not just Russians, but also Georgians, Slovenes, Czechs, and several other Eastern Europeans. The Bolsheviks were a political party that split from the Mensheviks, not an ethnicity. Lenin was Russian, Trotsky was Ukrainian, Stalin was Georgian, Khrushchev was Russian, Brezhnev was Ukrainian, Andropov was Russian, Chernenko was Russian, and Gorbachev was Russian. The Soviet Union was primarily Russian, and the philosophy of communism was invented by two Germans. In fact, a lot of socialist philosophers were German. Really makes you think.

The problem isn't the ethnicity of the members of any Communist Party. It's the philosophy they peddle to justify their crimes. And in the Soviet Union, the majority of the crimes committed in the name of the state were committed by Russians, against everyone, including other Russians, for the benefit of Russia's elite.

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Imagine the absolute effortposting that thing could facilitate.



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Vid related, reminder that the bolsheviks got their funding from wall street jews, how ironic.

I can't tell if your a tankie of a literal jew, but such claims of falsehood will not stand, pic related ftfy.
These are just the ones I could identify by looking at, I'm certain there are more.

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You missed Lenin in your first pic.

None of the people you added stars to are jewish though. You are deliberately lying in order to prove your conspiracy theory and then accusing me of doing the same which is something only a crazy person would do.

Lenin wasnt jewish.

So your a jew then. Most people here would immediately notice that stalin and lenin aren't marked (despite them being clearly jews) and most everyone else will be able to identify a rat for a rat, everyone except (((you))), or perhaps you do but choose not to say anything, even less of a surprise that a rat would look out for the pack.

They arent jewish though. Youre just making things up in order for it to fit into your conspiracy theory and this is because youre a really stupid and mentally unstable person.

The truth will set you free friend.

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pic related
Get the fuck out and stay out.

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I will also add:
The holocaust never happened

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