Condition 3 handgun carry

Why would anyone carry their handgun in condition 3 as opposed to condition 1? And why does everyone call it israeli carry when the technique predates the jewish state being established?

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Condition 3 is shit but why would you carry in condition 1?
Condition 2 for double action and condition 0 for semi-automatics, a safety is a risk.

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Because fuddlore and a subconscious desire to watch your wife get raped by Tyrone Markevius DeVonte Muhammad while you bleed out on the floor because you honestly thought you were going to pull some Jet Li shit and draw, chamber a round, aim and fire while dem kangz waited politely without.

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This. M&P LE trade in, no manual safety. Always in condition 0.

If you practice the draw, the difference in time is negligible. Besides sometimes the law requires you to carry on an empty chamber.

Congratulations, you are the reason Israeli carry exists because your lazy ass cannot be trusted with a firearm.
With the stupid amount of pistol training one has to do to become somewhat proficient, it's no more problem to include racking the slide into your routines as it is to disengage the safety.

People that carry guns with a round chambered and no manual safety deserve to shoot their dicks and legs off.

Also that's NOT Israeli draw, that's normal European draw (almost no one carries guns with round chambered in Europe), "Israeli draw" has press check to make sure you chamber a round without looking.

There isn't such thing as "5 conditions carry". There is US carry (one round in the chamber) that stem from the 1911 having not one but TWO safeties and thus being a very safe gun for it's time. And there is European carry (chamber empty), largely due to historical European guns being considerably less safe.

When you see a burger with a tricked out 2-pound triggers on glocks shoving it in their pants and calling it safe, it always make smile as I know they will be getting what is coming to them.

How is the actual "Israeli draw" done then?

Is there anything similar going on with revolvers, or are they considered safe everywhere? I also have to wonder how would vid related fit into this picture with its two stage DAO trigger.

Or you could build a safety into the trigger. Like a little lever that if it's not pressed prevents the trigger from moving.

Maybe in Poland or Commiefornia. I've been walking around with one in the chamber and no safety for eleven years now, and nothing has happened. All you have to do is not be a retard and remember that you're carrying a loaded gun. And equally important, get a good gun. As in, one that won't explode if you shake it like fucking Taurus does.

Do you also think killing in self defense is a crime, Hans Von Muhammad?

The HK P7 squeeze cocker wouldn't slow you down, right?

Imagine being this retarded

Why don't you show us how you carry your handgun?
Oh, wait…

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I carry double action revolvers and single action auto loaders, and my little secret some are surprised with is that I will carry hammer down in certain setups. Most will carry cocked and locked, and I understand that, especially with the 1911 with its retard safety. Then again, my shoulder 1911 draw is two handed and draws back the hammer with the pull, it is complicated but I can pull it off smoothly. Still, hammer cocked and safety on with a full chamber is a good way to carry, a good way to carry a Hi Power in a holster as well as the 1911. SA/DA cover themselves, the revolver as well. The DA safety/no safety is a topic that will never die, considering there have been reports that Glocks and similar no safety guns have had increased accidents when given to the less than proficient.

In any case, even a guy who will occasionally carry a hammer down single action, even I am against empty chamber. Racking a slide isn't just a use of time in an emergency situation, the danger lies in the fact that many malfunctions stem from riding bolts/slides forward and not getting shit into battery. Nothing like racking a gun during a crisis under stress to induce a poor charging and get an out of battery when you need the gun to fire. Carrying full chamber means you get to make sure it was a good charging and the thing is ready to go. I'll catch hell for carrying hammer down, but I'm not going to carry empty.

In the same line, it is a risk of auto loader rifles for self defense with an empty chamber. Johnny Homeowner grabs his AK or AR or whatever at 3 AM when the druggies break into his house, will he be a fuckup and ride the charging handle forward in his sleepy and stressed out state? Leaving your primary long arm with a round in the chamber safety on is the best choice? The real answer is always 'get gud faggot" and not make mistakes, but we have to idiot proof everything as much as possible. Leaving the bolt open if you don't want a fully loaded gun all the time, and then training to push the release on guns with hold back, to prevent riding bolt forward? Things to consider.

To be honest, Frenchie makes some points. Especially on worked trigger Glocks and the like. You reach a point with some of those guns where they are inherently unsafe to carry because there is so little to keep them from going off. GI Glocks are one thing, trigger job Glocks are another. The triggers and their length of pull and weight are the safety, fuck with them and one day you are asking for trouble.

Everything this nogun cuck said about not carrying with one in the pipe will completely fuck you in a court of law if you use your firearm in defense. You carry concealed (or open in certain states/fields of employment) to defend your life, or the life of someone else. Any prosecution worth their salt will crucify you for carrying like that, because it always gets construed as you not treating carrying a firearm as a serious responsibility, and instead treating it like a game.

Yes, I understand you may not feel that way, but in court they will try to portray your actions that way, to destroy your image to a jury. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHANCE TO DO THAT. They don't allow LEO's to carry with an empty chamber for a reason.

And if you want to argue that "like, oh my gawd, it's like, sooo easy to rack your slide!", then you are a range commando who has never had to draw on someone under stress, caught flatfooted, or attempting to use your off hand to create space to actually draw your fucking pistol. It's better to dump the first one in the dirt in front of you, because you accidentally squeezed the trigger drawing, than to be fucking dead because you couldn't rack your slide while pushing away the junkie as he was taking swings at you with a pipe.

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post carry gun

I love how the people who aren't legally allowed to carry pistols are the ones who most love telling us how to carry ours.

And yeah, post your carry pistol:^]

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I'm pretty sure Paul Harrell is legally allowed to carry.

Besides, point out where I was trying to tell you how to carry your gun. I have a problem with people who use appeals to authority to give "advice" to people they don't know. Carrying with full chamber might work for you, but it won't work for everybody, because the law sometimes doesn't allow it. And sometimes racking a slide is actually easier than taking the safety off.

Then get a better gun.
Off the top of my head I can't think of any jurisdictions anywhere near me that have this sort of rule. Mind educating me?

Someone might not be able to, for various reasons. And now what?
Also Polish law explicitly forces you to carry with an empty chamber.

What do you carry to work around that? Large slide, one of those self-charging Makarov holsters, what?

You guys are allowed to carry? Honest question.

Gward revolver, local construction. Not the best, but it's either this or nothing. Easy enough to cock with one hand.

Needs a licence, which is a pain in the ass to get, and also really expensive (for our standards). There's also stuff like not being allowed to be armed at all inside public transport. It has to be concealed, anyone who sees you carrying can call the cops and accuse you of threatening him. Also any instance of using the gun meant for personal protection might mean years of dealing with courts and jews trying to fuck you in every possible way just for defending yourself. Honestly, I'd say that with the level of dangers you might face in this country (since your run-of-the-mill criminals are unlikely to be armed with firearms contrary to the US), hand-to-hand self defence practice might be a better, less risky option - and even with that I've heard of people getting sued for using excessive force in self-defence situation. It's pure communism worse in commiefornia, but what can you do.

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>takes issues with the tone

lol sounds about right.

You're not adding anything worthwhile to the conversation with this is the problem. If somebody says "Your carry gun should always have at least 8 rounds to account for stress-induced poor accuracy and the possibility of multiple assailants", it's perfectly worthwhile to counter that statement by bringing up low-capacity subcompacts or revolvers and their merits. But to repeat that the statement is wrong because somewhere theoretically has a 5-round limit adds nothing, because that factor has nothing to do with the practicality of carrying, it's just an arbitrary legality factor that cannot be influenced.

who's going to check? the gun safety commissar?


We're talking about yurop, remember. Every gun owner(that the (((state))) is aware of) is on a registry and is subject to search at any time, for any reason.

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Why won't you just watch the video I posted, instead of writing arrogant bullshit like "you'll totally going to get raped if you carry with an empty chamber"?

I never said that you should carry on an empty chamber ALWAYS. I said that SOMETIMES you should, and there are countries, jurisdictions and situations where you HAVE TO. If you train and practice the draw of a firearm carried in condition three, you WILL be able to defend yourself. That's all. All I want is you to take into account that your statement is true in an optimal situation, but it's not always available.

Someone sees you with a gun in public, calls the cops, the cops come, check your licence and want to see your gun, they discover you carry with a round in the chamber which breaks the law, and you're fucked. Thank you.

Why a revolver? I'd think it's much easier to grab a slide and rack it than go for a hammer that's much much smaller by comparison.

What kind of retard argument is this?

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How much of a lazy fucking hypocrite can you be? Oh, you're a nogunz polish person. Makes sense.
And by the way, that video quite literally proved your own argument wrong. Harrel first makes a tone policing statement, which was ALREADY called out, and then goes on to talk about how carrying without a round in the chamber means you get fucking raped by the reasons already stated. You know what? I hope you DO carry in a way that will get you killed. Just do me a favor, one user to another… Make sure when you struggle to rack your slide while mohammed is cutting your throat, you die on camera, because I LOVE to show my guys fresh videos of retards being killed due to incompetence, when they come for their yearly carry requalification.

Who am I kidding though, you don't even have a gun.

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That's not to mention, this kind of timing advantage doesn't mean shit.
If you quickdraw a gun in condition 0 like this you're more likely to shoot yourself than you'd be likely to get shot because you spent extra fraction of a second racking the slide.

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What kind of retard argument is thi-oh right, you're French.

Look, verbal jabbing aside, I know you have a completely different mindset born mostly of never being allowed to use guns to defend yourself, and I want you to stay alive if possible. Watch this video.

You know very well those niggers had rounds in the chamber. Try to imagine grandpa taking an extra second to cock his pistol. Try to imagine him possibly making a slipup(remember, he's under major stress here). It's very possible. The more steps you add to a routine, the more your chances of fucking up said routine explode. It doesn't seem like much time to you, maybe… but I'll tell you what. Do a little exercise for me, if you can.

Get a friend and a pistol, if you can. A GOOD friend, someone you unironically trust with your life, and preferably someone who trusts you with theirs. Have said friend stand on the other side of an average sized room. For the love of god, make sure your pistol is empty.

Now, tell your friend to charge you, full speed, and try to 'stab' you as many times as possible before you can cock your weapon and bring it to bear.

Then come back here and tell me what happened. This exercise might unironically save your life someday.

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And remember, your pistol starts off in a holster just like grandpa's did.

And as a bonus exercise, have your friend mime drawing a gun and shooting you while you try to cock yours, under the assumption that said friend has a round in the chamber.

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My weapon is a S&W model 28 domestic clone but thanks for your concern.

I don't need to imagine what would happen because I saw countless gun violence videos. It would be literally nothing because what you suggest there is not how real life gun fights go down. It's either they shoot first and you never have a chance to draw, or they have no intention to shoot and then it doesn't matter how long did it took you to draw.

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Whatever you say. Maybe one day you'll learn - I just hope you survive the lesson.

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Every time.

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I don't know if I can spell it out any simpler, but I'll try.
I know you're a burger, but I just cannot describe it any better than this.
Also I'm not sure if we've watched the same video, but nevermind that.

Really nigger?

If they attack you like this you're goner, condition 0 or not.

Jokes on them im already dead inside.

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Post gun, post holster

If the law stipulates that you, by law, need to carry with an empty chamber then do that. If there's no restrictions and you don't have some a modern pistol with the inherent safeties then it is highly advisable that you carry one in the chamber. But you do you man, your life your responsibility.

>you can draw AND rack a slide ONE HANDED as fast as drawing and shooting; like someone who actually carries a real gun

Polish nogunz everybody. Here, your award came in.

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that would require him to actually own and carry gun, so that's never gonna happen.

You call me a retard but you still get wrong what I specifically explained to you point by point. I guess you're a lost cause.

lol rekt

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Are you fucking illiterate?

Deliberately so apparently.

not an argument

This is what my concealed carry instructor told me. He is a master level instructor and actually gives explanations for why to do things.

The real reason why it makes sense to carry condition 0 is that if you have enough training to draw your gun, flip the safety or rack the slide, and then accurately get it on target to defend your life and do so without costing you valuable time, then you have MORE THAN ENOUGH training to pick a holster and not fucking shoot yourself when you draw your gun. If the gun isn't a fucking ghettoblaster and it stays in the holster, it is not going to go off, even if you fucking drop it.

Training to carry with the safety on or with an empty chamber is time spent that you could have spent learning to draw faster and become a better shooter. This is a vastly more important skill because despite what you may think, we in the US are 100% responsible for every bullet that leaves our gun, regardless of what happens to it. Even in your fictitious scenario of shooting yourself in the ass when you pull the gun out of "your pants" is preferable to pulling the trigger and hitting an innocent bystander on accident.

No shit. Train more, but spend that extra training at becoming a more competent shooter.

In short. Pick a decent holster and you aren't going to shoot yourself. Only niggers put their guns "in their pants."

In my house during the day: empty chamber.
The chances of me having a ND are extremely low, but due to the security at my property I'm certain they're technically still higher than the chance of me needing to defend myself.

Around children, no matter where/when: empty chamber.
Again, my chances of having a ND are low due to years of professional training. However, it is still possible: nobody ever thinks it'll happen to them, and if it does, I don't want it to happen around kids.

All other situations: one in the pipe.

If you don't like it or if it's not right for you, do it your way.

Keep in mind you're responding to someone who is a big enough hypocrite that he couldn't handle people "making blanket statements", only to then be comfortable enough in making blanket statements himself in turn, when he himself came under fire.

Good post though.

>(((Condition 3)))
Because jews steal everything OP, you know this. And because they want you to be slower on the pew pew & train incorrectly, like a good goy.