Judaism, christianity and islam are a complete system that the jews use to destroy the white race...

judaism, christianity and islam are a complete system that the jews use to destroy the white race. why would you want to be part of that? abrahamism? worshiping a false god created by the jews to pacify and destroy you?
the end goal is to exterminate the white race with miscegenation, leaving only a bunch of caramel-colored 90 IQ mud people with no national identity that the jews can rule over forever

the only way to prevent this is for the jewish race to be exterminated off the face of the Earth and for all non-whites in Europe to be deported, sterilized, or exterminated. christianity opposes this, which is the only way to save whites from extinction, therefore christianity supports white genocide

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Ok, now tell me why it was during the Christian era of Europe that the jews were kicked out of European countries, and during the post-Christian era that they were made into figures of virtual worship. Sage because you're here to stir the hornet's nest and not for a genuine discussion.

Hey remember that glorious time that Julian the pagan emperor of Rome wanted to help the Jews rebuild their Temple. Good times, my pagan brother.

they were kicked out from one into another. the only exceptions were in the Inquisition where they were kicked out of Europe altogether into North Africa. "kicking out" the jews doesn't solve the problem- they're still alive, they still exist. the ONLY thing that can solve the jewish problem is for every single one of them to be EXTERMINATED! put to death! christianity is against this because of the "sin" ideology

what, after the other pagan emperor actually destroyed their temple?

I don't care whether somebody is a pagan or an atheist. I am not for or against 'religion', I am against (((abrahamic))) religion. religions created by jews- judaism, christianity, and islam. they are all part of the same complete system to destroy Europe

After 2000 years of christianity, Europe is still standing, and has a white majority population. I guess after 2000 years of being persecuted and thrown into ghettos by christians, i guess it was all for naught, jews must be really, really dumb. sage

If the Christianity was made by them why would it go against their end game of a world government? Also they and Muslims worship a different God. It's important to see how Christianity came from Judiasm instead of just seeing that it did and automatically jumping to what (((bobby fisher))) has been saying about it.
i hear this point over and over, but Christianity never encourages race mixing, this is a problem with modern whites more than it is with actual Christianity. You can be against race mixing and still be Christian, you can love you neighbor, and still have a preference in who you marry. Also Loving your neighbor doesn't mean for the government to stop protecting people, nor to let someone covet your wife.
Then that wouldn't be national socialism anymore, that would be white planetariansm, you can just keep others out of your country.
Are you sure you even need to make this thread, you are soo sure of yourself without even listening to the actual religion you're blaming. Christianity is not left, right communist, it's not Jewish nor White, it's in it's own category, it is only for the creator of the universe.

This belongs in the Zig Forumspol thread But i wish you anti-christian pagans/New Agers/atheist/ect would at least acknowledge the counter arguments to this subject instead of repeating the same boring pagan strawmen.

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Yeah, once the Christians came on the scene the Jews became our greatest ally! Total coincidence

All half-decent, relatively reasonable people are against this regardless of religion. Mass murdering non-combatants, including women, children, etc., because of their ethnic background is monstrously evil and universally acknowledged as such. You know this, or probably you did at some time, until you deadened your conscience and made yourself into something akin to a sociopath. I will pray for you.

Not shitposting, but how do you reconcile that with the OT conquest of Canaan then?

it was, this is an indisputable fact, jesus was a jewish rabbi
it doesn't, nationalism and racialism are irrelevant to universalist christianity
it's monotheism, how can "the god" be different from "the god"?
>It's important to see how Christianity came from Judiasm instead of just seeing that it did and automatically jumping to what (((bobby fisher))) has been saying about it.
idk who bobby fisher is but nothing that the jews create could ever be good, and the jews created christianity. jesus, saul/paul, etc. they're all jews, half the bible is written in hebrew
it doesn't discourage it either, so it's useless. what we need is ethno-nationalism and white racial preservation and supremacy, not universalist "love everyone"-type religion
it is NECESSARY for all foreigners to be removed from all white countries

it WOULD BE NICE to wipe out all non-whites on Earth

it is THE ONLY REASONABLE COURSE OF ACTION to exterminate the jewish race for its crimes. they have no redeemable factors, this is not like /\/iggers where maybe you like jazz music or twerking, this is not like japs where maybe you like pokemon and naruto, this is THE FUCCING JEWS for fucc's sake

because normals are worthless, braindead cattle
no it's not, it can be justified if they're not white, and if they're jews then it absolutely is. don't even tell me you are against the extermination of the jews, you fuccing cuck

God told em to. Also they're not yids. That's kind of the whole point.

there is NOT ONE good jew- man, woman, child, baby, or fetus. man or woman, boy or girl. orthodox jew, reformed jew, atheist jew, or christian/moslem convert jew. THERE ARE NO GOOD JEWS! all of them deserve infinite suffering and permanent death, NO EXCEPTIONS

You're thinking of yids, user. You know, those people that invented the Talmud. They say they're Jews but really aren't.

Are you gonna believe them? If so I guess that makes you more on their side than me.

this is called mental gymnastics. the old testament was written in hebrew and calls for sacrificing goats and mutilating baby boy's dicks. this is considered a canonical part of christianity

wordfilter test: kike

Ah, a reasonable person. Fancy seeing you on the internet. I've seen so many yids worshipping pagan gods, it's so blatantly obvious to me judaism is a cover up. They also aren't ethnic jews for various reasons, the most important of which being Jesus warned us for goodness sake.

You still haven't explained to me why Christian Europeans did a better job than post-Christian Europeans have. And may I remind you also that a lot of antisemitism was rooted in Christ-killer rhetoric. Also, murder IS wrong, even if it's a satanic jew. See, that's also one of the differences between post-Christian vargies like yourself and Christians: we have boundaries that we do not cross, that keep us honest and gives us the means to point to a fixed standard that does not change. You, on the other hand, just want to kill everything you don't like. Today, it's jews. Tomorrow, what will it be? White Christians because we follow a faith in the tradition of Abraham? Meanwhile, by Christian standards that have not changed in two thousand years:
And so on forth. Those are not merely not jewish values, they are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to jewish values. The Christian response, if we ever regain strength, will be to banish the jews into exile because that is an expression of God's longing for reconciliation, His perfect mercy, and His perfect justice. The Christian way is to excommunicate in hopes that the excommunicated person or persons will come to repentance and seek forgiveness from God, and receive salvation and baptism in the name of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

No, all humans deserve infinite suffering and permanent death. White, black, latino, asian, jew, whatever. Man. Woman. All deserve infinite suffering and permanent death. But God so loved this world, this utterly broken world, that He wants to spare each and every one of us from that fate.

The OT also had rules about treating foreigners well, as if they were fellow Hebrews (Lev 19:33, 24:22). Usury was to not be charged on foreigners and profit was to not be made from them (Lev 25:35-37). Also, one of the things you Zig Forumslacks love to accuse jews of is worshiping Moloch, but this is addressed in Lev 20:2 where Moloch worship is forbidden.
The Pharisees violated these laws and made up their own rules as feeble "justification" for it. The Pharisees were the forefathers of Talmudic Judaism. Christianity is pretty diametrically opposed to Talmudic Judaism.

please anons looking for a serious answer to this question

You got a serious answer. You just didn't like the implications of that answer.

the jews took over the banking system, the currency, the media, the politicians, everything while the west was still christian. the takeover was already complete by the time christianity started being abandoned in the 1960's. the last major fight against the jew world order was by the Third Reich which was secular- there were christians, atheists, and even pagan occultists all fighting for the white race against the jews. christianity didn't do that, secular ethnonationalism did
yeah like not exterminating the jews like a bunch of pussies
that's your opinion. "wrongness" is a social norm, there is no objective or empirical measure of "wrongness" or morality. I believe that morality should be derived from what is good or what is bad for a race. Exterminating the enemies of a race is thus a moral good
well that's not realistic while there are still some christians but once it goes down to like 1% of the population then banning christianity for being a dangerous cult could be a prudent decision
so 'let them get away'. no, I do not subscribe to this "let them have a timeout so they can think about what they did" mentality. these are JEWS, they are EVIL INCARNATE, they do not feel guilt. there is something biologically wrong with them and the only way to deal with them is to wipe them out down to the last, burn all of their temples and their texts, destroy their architecture, erase every trace of their existence
I don't like this "we are born evil" mentality that christianity pushes
qanon-tier tinfoil shit
judaism is the old testament plus some other shit. just like christianity, incidentally

It’s not wrong. The idea it is comes from societal decay, not the Bible. As people become more comfortable and decadent their feelings become more sensitive, and the less Christian the nation, the more their morality reflects their feelings. The Bible says you are not to kill your brother but you are to conquer nations and peoples, especially evil ones. In other words, get along and fight for what’s right.

bunch of nonsense. the jewish RACE is the problem. living, breathing, eating, drinking, excreting, fornicating mammalian bodies with eyes, ears, hands, feet, a mouth and a big nose. living creatures that walk amongst us. why obfuscate the problem with all of this esoteric bullshit? we know that the problem is A RACE OF MEN, and we know the solution is to WIPE THEM OUT

All the Canaanites deaths were necessary for the nation of Israel to arise and ultimately led to the birth of Jesus. By Jesus all men might be saved, even the Canaanites.

Thus, the Canaanites' temporal death made possible infinite life. It's a great and very fair deal offered by God. If they choose not to accept it, they end up the exact same place they would've ended up had God not intervened, and the only difference is a tiny amount of finite time they didn't spend alive.

Perfectly Just deal. I don't see why no one gets that.

Christianity begins and ends with Jesus.
The Nazarine hated winnie the pooh kikes.

Sorry, I thought this was Zig Forums and another anti-Christian on there.
Like the 50 before them.
Otherwise I wouldn't have used the f-word.
The 'kike' word stands.

Then it's strange that Christians aren't Jews, isn't it?
Then why does the Christian apocalypse describe their global endgame? Why is our messiah/god directly appose to them and globalization (see tower of babel)?
I just quoted Acts 17:26.
Define what you mean by "universalist", just because they believe that all roads can lead to God, dosen't mean everyone is worshiping the same god.
You didn't even bother watching the webms i posted, because "The (male, trinity) God" in Christianity is described differently from the non-trinity god in the Koran (who is described as the great deceiver), or the Shekinah (the male and female aspect of God) is in Judaism.
Hes a jew who wrote a book on how Christianity is used to enslave the goy.
It leaves it open.
That is what the nations are suppose to be fore
That is quite the conclusion. You know that the "love your enemy" part of the bible is talking about personal instances (because the rest is also about personal matters, like divorce) and not a national application.
Then that is national socialism and against globalism, which is biblical.
Even before i was a believing Christian out of Zig Forums i never thought this was a good idea. Even if you accomplish this, do you really think that will stop their end game? There are plenty of ancient beliefs and entities looking to pick up the baton for a global government where everything is inverted. This is a battle for your soul, not your body, They get their belief from who they worship.

Please don’t make Christianity look bad with stupid arguments. God could’ve made Himself born Roman. The Canaanites had to die for being evil, not as a plot device for some decadent modern person’s entertainment. Their death is an important reminder of why to not be like them.

it's judaism for goys
how so? you sound like you unironically think that it's a prophecy instead of more exotic salad dressing to make the religion interesting for the goyims
how many christians are going to intepret it that way? 99% of them just see the bible as "go to church, be nice, don't beat off, and israel ftw btw".
a religion for all races that believes all souls are equal and believes in evangelism, as opposed to a folk religion that is part of an ethnic group's culture

They're both a religion and a race, but their belief comes from the spiritual entity they worship. They're also not the only group/belief system working with those in power.

That's such a lazy and small minded answer. Why would they even bother with Christian Zionism, why subvert something that is already suppose to be Judaism for Goys?
Who knows, it's not like i've posted webms detailing how or anything.
You mean one with blatant Satanic references, another belief that leading into the jewish end game as well.
I never said "if you kill your enemies they win", i'm saying you're fighting an arm of the enemy instead of the head.
Then prove that the jews are not a religion
How do you think you sound like? giving me answers like

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most of the ashkenazis are atheists, the judaism just created the cultural foundation for them having the 'we shall rule over the goyim' mentality
because israel was created in like 1948
you're saying it isn't "the jews", it's "some evil spiritual force that doesn't like GOD". it's ooga booga voodoo witchcraft nonsense

the problem is a race of men, some 15 million animals walking the earth. meat. it's material. you're needless injecting supernatural nonsense into the equation
they're a race with a religion, but most of them don't even believe the religion, they're motivated by their ethnic interests
I haven't read the bible, but many christians say that all souls are equal, and for centuries christians have been trying to "convert" /\/iggers and native americans and philippinos etc. teaching a religion to muds as if that's going to do anything.. it's so stupid

Bullshit, most Christian nations still had gentiles running banks, media, and political institutions during WW1 and prior. The process of jewish infiltration accelerated after WW2, but it mostly got its biggest boost from secular communism.
Amazing, here you are admitting that Christians fought against the jews. 🤔
And in the process, a few jews were turned to Christianity and saved. All heaven rejoices when even one lost soul is saved.
Now you're just being a ranting moral relativist that sounds dangerously close to being a Saturday morning cartoon villain. You claim that there is no objective measure of morality, yet you then make a global claim about morality being derived from what is good or bad for a race. If I was the mod of this board, I'd just ban you from this board because there's no point arguing with a moral relativist like you because your logic is utter shit, your logic isn't even logic. It's just whatever you feel like is good at the moment, and at the moment saving the white race is what you consider good. Don't get me wrong, this love of your people is good, God is pleased when a man loves his people. But it is not the measure of morality, God is: what He wills is good by definition. The fight for the white race is a perfectly just cause, but not because it is the white race, but because you love your people and want to see your people protected. No greater love hath man than this: that he lays down his life for his friends.
Rome tried this and got burned. You can't silence Truth, and you can't silence God. Countless men before you have tried and failed, only to stand before the very God they tried to silence - in judgement.
No, they're servants of Satan. Satan is as close to evil incarnate as you can get, and puts it best when he says that they get their belief from who they worship. It is possible - and has been done - to turn Jews into genuine Christians, whose works have bore good fruits for the West. You're talking to one, in fact, although I confess, I wasn't really raised as much of a Jew; never read the Talmud (still haven't) and never even read the Torah (until I became a Christian and read the Old Testaments). Which still serves to reinforce the point that evil Jewish behavior is not genetically ingrained. Even my own non-Christian Jewish mother rejects the type of behavior that Zig Forums often condemns in Jews, and she went to temple services throughout her childhood. She would be against charging people interest to exploit them and she has made many sacrifices of herself on behalf of non-Jewish white friends of hers.
But it is true. Nobody is perfect. Evil doesn't mean that you act like one of these Jews or a saturday morning cartoon villain. Evil simply means that which does not align with God's will. You could be perfect in every way but tell a single lie, and you have still behaved in an evil way because God does not approve of lying. But sin is more than just behavior; sin has presence and influence, and over those who have not been forgiven, control. It is true, regardless of whether or not you like it.
Not what Zig Forums believes.
Ancient Judaism, yes. But in modern Judaism, the Talmud takes precedence.

(post was too long, posting in a 2nd comment)

Has some pretty awfully anti-jewish stuff in there for being judaism for goys.
Considering that it was written 2000 years ago, it's amazingly accurate for what early Roman-era people could have thought the future would look like. There's a lot of stuff in there that just wouldn't have been possible or even imaginable over the following 1800 years of its writing. That's something.
For being someone so supposedly rational, I wouldn't have expected a statistical ass-pull from you, especially one that failed to account for the other 1900 years of Christian European, too, which I would think you'd be very highly aware of history. But then again, the Bible did predict apostasy near the end. And as a channer, I would think that you understand the tendencies of normies to have a poor talent for self-reflection.
You don't get to decide that.
You really believe this? You really believe that Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Germans, Italians, Norwegians, Russians ignoring the debate of whether slavs are white or not, etc. would just join hands in a circle and sing Disney songs after all the other races have been erased from existence, and never again fight each other for all the eternal future? Even by Zig Forums standards, you are amazingly deluded.


the rothschilds took over Britain and France in the 1800s and America in the 1910's
communism was created by jews. you bolden "secular" as if that's the problem with communism, not purging intellectuals or starving people
in the context that 'it just happened that they were because many people were at that time'. it wasn't a christian motivation, it was a national/racial motivation. they didn't do it for jesus, they did it for germany, for europe. christianity had nothing to do with it. Hitler himself grew out of christianity and only spoke in favor of it to avoid dividing germany
their genetics are the problem. a christianized jew is just as bad as any other
morality is a cultural norm and a tool to control a society. there is no universal morality, but I believe that the ideal morality should be race-based to promote the interests of the race of the nation
they didn't try hard enough. they should have saw the jews for the threat they were, the greeks had already written about them. they should have wiped out all the jews before jesus even had a chance to be born
I fundamentally disagree. look at their physiognomy, they are ugly with horrible hooked noses. nothing that looks like that could possibly be good. despite the "don't just a book by its cover" meme, you really can do that. /\/iggers look like monkeys, and low and behold, they are monkeys. fat people look like lazy gluttons, and low and behold, they are. I could go on

I didn't say that. It's normal for different ethnic groups to quarrel and compete, that's healthy and will help to improve us all. why do your best if you're not trying to beat a worthy opponent? it's healthy competition. the point by "happily ever after" is that "there should never again be such a deadly threat to our very existence"

It’s merely descriptive and there is no actual doctrine regarding geographical boundaries of lands or people from different nations moving around. In fact, if you knew anything about history you would know how laughable it would be. Do you live in the New World btw?
If you weren’t theologically illiterate you would know that Scripture is filled with passages that imply that “racial hierarchy” thinking is incompatible with God’s vision of humanity. Read:

Deuteronomy 10:17, 1 Samuel 16:7, Job 13:10, Malachi 2:10, Mark 11:17, Luke 10:25-28, John 13:34-35, John 7:24, Acts 10:34-35, Romans 2:11, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3:11, 1 Timothy 2:1-6, James 2:1, James 2:4, James 2:8-9, etc. etc.

This is what Scripture teaches, it’s all you can find hinting at “equality/inequality” of people and by looking at the bigger picture it becomes fairly obvious what can be learned from it. If your thinking deviates from it: it’s heresy. There is no way in hell the Lord condones this wicked “racial hierarchy” nonsense and “b-but I’m just a realist” doesn’t fool him.

so if christianity asserts that the races are equal, and they obviously aren't, then christianity is obviously wrong


no they're just conditioned into it being the biggest taboo to acknowledge it, they still know it deep down

I thought I told you to go back to Zig Forums, you LARPing kike.

I'm the only one in this thread that doesn't worship a kike

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And they also went against Christ.
And Christianity follows Jesus who exteneded God to everyone, despite being rejected by the jews.
We're talking about a religion, you can't just handwave the spiritual part of it.
lol what a thing to say.
I'm not just "saying" it, i've also been showing you it.
It's not needless, we're talking about a religion. Even if you don't believe in spirits or a spiritual world, it's important to see why they do, and where you fit in with who they worship, or else you're willfully missing information.
They're a race and a religion, if they don't keep the practices of their religion, then withing two generations they stop being jews.
see 0:55
I recommend reading it, if you really want to debunk our scripture.
The common source for this point is
The passage is about conversion, it doesn't mean a liberal's idea of equality, paired with Acts 17:26, it sets up a divided nation opposing a global government.

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Really now?

Not only are you insulting a fellow brother, you're also not answering his question. He said physically equal. It is a scientifically (and you can even confirm this with your own lyin' eyes) proven fact that people of differing races have differing average qualities of intelligence, tendency toward aggression or passivity, tendency for empathy or self-centeredness. While blacks should be as welcome to the Christian faith as a white person is, this does not mandate that blacks be treated in the secular realm with the same rights as a white person. The Bible does not say that in a democracy, blacks should be given suffrage, even if they're Christians. The Bible does not say that blacks should not be kept as slaves, even if they're Christians (although it is better to not keep a fellow Christian as a slave, it is not forbidden). The Bible does not say that we should tiptoe around blacks and make reparations to them either. How the secular society is organized is not of any interest to God insofar as it does not interfere with His work or His people's divinely appointed work. God doesn't care if you live in a democracy, in an autocracy, in a monarchy, in a lolbertarian or fascist society, in communism, or in anarchy. You have one job, to make disciples.

Even in ancient Israel per Leviticus, the laws didn't entirely apply equally to Hebrews and foreigners, despite the command that foreigners be treated well and with respect. This is perfectly fine and normal (except over the recent 100 or 200 years, but Enlightenment thinking did a lot of damage), and I don't know why you're so concerned about that that you would attack your own brother in a thread where we should be showing unity before an unbeliever.

Anyway, with how this whole discussion has been completely trashed by descending into pilpul about moral relativism, I'll walk away from this and leave a message for another Christanon who will know what I'm talking about: see what I mean about pooping on the carpet? I present this thread as absolute proof I was right. You may now apologize to me.

no though, they still have the DNA
he literally says "we're not a religion, we're a people" which is exactly what I'm saying

jews worship themselves and thus they also worship a kike.

ahh, that's somewhat reasonable, thank you for not being a complete retard

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You clearly believe in a different "Jesus" so you are not my "fellow Christian brother" and Matthew 7:23 is what you will be told unless you repent of your wicked thinking which disgusts the Lord.
For purely religious reasons. Your kind needs to stop perverting the meaning of certain passages that applied to jews and turn them into some "Christian Identity"-enabling abomination.
An impostor is worse than an atheist and is more worthy of death than the latter. I would rather listen to an atheist blaspheming Christ than a snake perverting His teachings while pretending to be His follower. I am not united with impostors and I will always call them out, whether online or in the real world. Zig Forumsscum who think they're Christians and being "nicer" about their genuine beliefs unlike the psychopathic OP are more vicious and as per Romans 12:9 my hatred of your ways is just.

But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if some one comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you submit to it readily enough. . .And what I do I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.
2 Corinthians 11:3-4,12-13

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he's making more sense than you, /\/iggerlover

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He's your fellow Zig Forums brother so the way you see it does not surprise me.

but how can you look in a /\/igger's dumb black eyes and seriously believe that he's just as good as you? or that an all-knowing god would perceive him that way? because it's objectively false

Heaven, duh.
You think I or anyone else here is christian for the actual morals?
Like, of there were no afterlife and the only enrichment would be wordly by virtue of living a christian life as per the bible?


but what if it's all bullshit? then you did all that for nothing

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7

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their 'hearts' are as ugly as their bodies- they abuse animals, they mutilate their children's genitals, they rape/kill/steal on a whim. they're horrible creatures, you can't deny that

Says the one who wants to massacre children.

The tower of babel.
Do you believe in the bible? because that talks about a conspiracy as well, one about uniting governments.
You totally missed the point. The races are physically different, of course there is no exception for the people of God.

His speech about how it's a belief as well as a race.
That's wrong, they have a separate God they worship, but it's not like it matters if you're wrong, you've already decided that you're right.

Your deficient understanding of its story stems from your theological illiteracy.
Okay, now I understand: people look different and their blood types also differ; shocking.

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Remember that time the Jews made up a false religion about Christ saying the temple would be destroyed and then the Jews revolted against the Romans leading to the mass suicide at Masada making the Romans so mad they tore the temple down in 77 AD just like Jesus said

The absolute madmen


It's like saying: I haven't read any history and like it.

I would very much like to destroy statues of goat headed creatures that are called gods. I also would like any other type of statues that are seen as idols. I see no reason to worship: a cow, another human, a long dicked midget, u know….. pagan stuff.

Never forget the pagan genocide started and carried out by the peaceful Christians.

Yeah dude, we always allied with the muslims to praise our master, the juice.

Be honest, how old are you?

The only reason i don't repirt this thread is because it makes me laugh.

>>>Zig Forums
Seriously why do we entertain these guys

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Step your game up dude
Rude sage

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What is this shit
Karites oppose pharisseism since the beginning, they where just not given a name until the middle ages, but the movement and faith itself is older than phariseeism
Also paul did not create a diffrent christian faith, the doffrentce created is by ex-pagen believers and jewish believers. The ex-pagen gave up on the thaught values and paganised the faith. Paul endoresed non of that

Which is why for the last two thousand years of Christendom, we've conquered the entire world, but once we leaned towards secularism (which includes your LARP, Sven), we started bending over backwards for everyone who wants to play us for fools.

Imagine being this deluded.